November 29, 2012

Lush Big Conditioner Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Lush Big Conditioner you are so over due my dear friend! Many years of using Big Shampoo has taught me one thing, DON’T use it more than once a week or even once every two weeks. Fact, it makes my hair like straw. Holy cow it is so drying! But I love how it clarifies and gets my hair so damn squeaky clean.

Mind you, let’s not forget how BIG it makes my hair. It creates so much volume and fullness!

But for so long I had wished I had a conditioner that I could follow up with after using Big. I’ve used American Cream with it and the combo is great but I love the idea of a Big Conditioner.

Now Lush has one!

Lush Big Solid Conditioner is a recently launched solid conditioner. Yes, solid! Sounds weird I know but fans of Jungle will get right on board with this unique creation. To use it, simply wet your hair, wet the bar, and slide it through the locks of your hair. Now rinse! Done!

This bar is a cross between a solid conditioner and a body butter as it has a soft, slightly squishy texture. The formula was created to add volume to hair as well as shine. It’s scented like vanilla, jasmine, and tonka absolute that leaves your hair smelling very sensual and soft. Indeed it smells just like Big Shampoo!

The conditioner is very lightweight and as you stroke it across hair it seems like it isn’t leaving much of anything behind. I definitely recommend spending some time stroking it through. My own very long, curly hair needs a fair few strokes. Shorter hair will find two or three swipes will do you well. Longer hair, well, you’ll need to stroke it a few times, say around 6 to 10 times at the least. It won’t have the same heavier feel a bottled conditioner brings and you might feel like it isn’t even working. Even as you rinse you might feel like your hair is still tangled up. But after combing out my hair it proves softer and fuller without being frizzy or too poofy (Big Shampoo gives me a bad case of poof!).

This is an excellent travel conditioner too as you can carry it on board without airport security freaking out on you!

I’m not a huge Lush Solid Conditioner user and def prefer bottled. However, from time to time I do enjoy a nice slice of Jungle and now Big which works as a great companion to the shampoo of the same name.


If you need volume and shine, Big Conditioner is your guy!

Tried it?

Do share!

Available now at

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Leigh

    Oh lord. THE POOFS THE POOFS HOW I LOATHE THEE! as child who swam for several years and then started again in high school, Muse-chan, I feel your pain! either shampoos did nothing for my hair or they made it worse! Until I found my beloved Paul Mitchell. I think I might try Lush’s stuff though and maybe do it once a week for a deep condition as winter sets in. Any Recs? I have to be careful though, usually my hair decides to throw either a royal poof or grease fit when I try to veer away from my PM Tea Tree and it’s bad hair city for a week! 🙂

  • Audrey C.

    Have you tried taking a teensy chunk and working it into a paste with some water? I wasn’t a fan of Jungle either until I tried that trick — much more moisturizing! My fav is still American Cream, though. 😀

  • Kim

    How does this compare to Jungle? I have long dry hair, and Jungle just weighed my hair down and made it look greasy. Is this conditioner lighter than Jungle? (I hope I hope).

  • Melissa

    My hair tends to get weighed down and limp with heavy conditioner, so I try to be careful with conditioner choices. Do you think this one’s safe for me? You mentioned not feeling anything at first, so I’m wondering… Thanks for your advice!

  • Magali

    This is the first I’m hearing of a soli conditioner, so unique. I’ve never tried anything by Lush but hearing all this talk about it is so tempting!

  • Danielle

    This is certainly interesting. I need really good, mositurizing conditioners but not so much volume unless I’m doing a vintage pin-up look (victory rolls, barrel rolls/suicide rolls, etc). Sounds nice though.

  • Jen

    Must have! I love Big, but it’s too drying for the winter…this may be my fine hair savior!

  • Shirel

    Hello there! I read your blog a lot but this is the first time I’m commenting 😀 so first of all let me say you run a great blog and my question is about the BIG perfume, Lush is bringing it out again this year and I wanted to hear your option on it, does it smell more like the shampoo(salty) or the conditioner(soft vanilla)?

    • the Muse

      thanks shirel so glad you enjoy it. it’s more salt, spot on for ocean salt and big combined. are they releasing in the UK? Hadn’t heard about a fragrance round but haven’t been on the forum recently either 🙂

      • Shirel Gar

        Yup there’s a perfume round on the 7th and these are the ones being made:
        Rose jam- 25 pounds (getting because of all the rave reviews)
        Comforter- 20 pounds
        Twilight- 25 pounds
        BIG- 22 pounds
        Cream candy- 18 pounds (only new one in the batch)
        Snowcake- 22 pounds

        • the Muse

          thanks for the info shirel ;-D I didn’t even know! awww all ones I have already le sigh but could stock up on more snowcake and creamy candy! beware of rose jam, it’s STRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! ;-D

  • ribbonroses

    Big shampoo is drying for you? I wrecked my scalp using Aussie shampoo and conditioner and I found Big didn’t cut through the oil enough…. So I’m on a Big hiatus and using I love Juicy and Veganese, which are fabby 🙂 I’m totally trying Big shampoo/conditioner once my scalp is mended though 🙂 xxx

    • the Muse

      never tried the aussie shampoo but big man it makes my hair like hay ;-D I have to use it to clarify but not daily ;-D

  • Melissa

    I was just at lush and sniffed this but I always shy away from lush hair care because it’s so bad on colored hair. I wonder if the conditioner would fade color too? I didn’t love jungle and ended up using it to shave with.

    • the Muse

      hi amy I actually listed most of my favorites right in this post 🙂 use those daily!

  • Liolia

    As for me shampoo Big is a really awesome shampoo, it makes your hair very clean and dones some volume. So, a i was totally sadisfied with the shampoo i ‘ve bought also the conditioner, big 2. But I am disappointed… usually I have moisturised hair, but this conditioner makes them a little bit dry, it is also difficult to rinse it out of my hair…

  • Isabella Rosselinni

    Just used my big conditioning bar this morning. Smelled like baby powder,struggled to get it lathered and through the hair. Using the bar in my hair directly matted and tangled it,running trough with emulsified product in hands, got it in o.k. I washed my body with rose jam body wash,pumiced my feet and last thing out of the tub combed it through my hair with wide tooth comb and did a cool water rinse out. Left my hair pretty soft and shiny but extremely flat and life less. I dont think Big will be my big go to for a body building conditioner. Smells great though.