January 9, 2013

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm Review & Swatches

Here’s a little cheap thrill for you! The new NYC New York Color Cosmetics Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm for a mere $2.99! Available in 10 shades these fruity little balms give lips a hint of color, shine, and are oh so cute.

Take a look!

I picked up these darling little Glossy Lip Balms at my local CVS and honestly didn’t expect too much from them but wow, they surprised me.

They have a delicious sweet apple taste and provide a nice hint of color on my lips with a little shine and they provide moisture so my lips feel soft and smooth through the wear. What more could I possibly want for under three bucks?

Color, shine, and moisture? Total cheap thrill!

These have a moisturizing core in the shape of an apple with a color balm stick that surrounds that core. The texture is a heavier balm but it isn’t uncomfortable and wears quite nicely for three to four hours providing color and moisture with a little hint of a shine through that wear. The color is actually the most surprising part as they aren’t terribly sheer and you can see the nice tint they leave behind…I wouldn’t call it medium or full coverage but it is noticeable color on lips.

Apple Blossom, Applelicious Pink, Apple Blueberry Pie

Caramel Apple and Chocolate Apple

Caramel Apple

Appleicious Pink

Apple Blueberry Pie

Apple Blossom

Now the flavor is very nice but it starts to morph and begins to taste a little unpleasant as the wear progresses. It went from apple to kinda perfume-y within the first hour but faded completely after that. Just a warning for those sensitive to flavored/scented lip balms.

Chocolate Apple

Applelicious Pink

Apple Blueberry Pie

Apple Blossom

Each balm is a swivel up design with a flat slanted head for application. They glide on like butter on my lips….! Some shades were better pigmented than others but almost all five shades I purchased gave a very nice tint.

I say buy ’em! You don’t need all ten shades but one or two is well worthy of your cash particularly if you like no nonsense lip products that give healthy color, a hint of shine, and provide nice moisture through the wear.


Available now at drugstores.

Tried ’em?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Tammie

    Blargh! I keep stalking Rite Aid (they are the only ones around here who carry NYC) but nothing yet, I want these badly!!!

  • amy

    I like Caramel Apple & Chocolate Apple. Do they all taste/smell the same?

  • Daisy

    Very pretty colors on you, Ms. Muse. Do they have a “clear” one just to be used as a treatment for dry lips?

    • the Muse

      aw thanks daisy sadly no πŸ™ a clear would indeed be nice just to treat dryness!

  • Lulle

    I hope I can find them at my drugstore… Fingers crossed, I have to go tomorrow, we’ll see!
    I think I’d take the Chocolate Apple.


    Looks like a good balm!
    I’ve never been disappointed with NYC, especially the price point!

  • Angel

    Hi Muse! Wow, I was totally blowing these off until I read your review. Plus, at under $3, who cares if I hate em. Does the Caramel Apple have a pinky/mauve tinge to it? It looks like it could be MLBB.

    • the Muse

      angel you should totes get at least one, they are well worth it for a mere three bucks, nice color, good for quick moisture and tint on the go ;-D mmm no caramel apple is actually the sheerer shade…if you want purple-y pink try out Apple Blueberry Pie, it isn’t mauve but it has some purple/pink to it.

  • reen

    nyc has good lip products, i actually use their lips stains as a lipliner (they have fine felt tips) and it works great! long lasting colour…a little dry but chapsticks fixes that! thanks for the review of these new products!

    • the Muse

      hey reen I really like the lipstains too! aw thanks ;-D glad you’re enjoying the review!

  • Alzn

    These are so cute. What mascara are you wearing in these photos? Your eyelashes look really lush and pretty!

  • kimkats

    These are too cute to pass up! I think the only place I can find NYC is at two of the WalMarts around here – not all of them (and certainly not at the one closest to me..>Grrrrr) but I will have to make a special trip to scout for these – they look great!

  • Sasha

    Has anyone been able to find these in Houston, TX at either CVS or WMT? Can’t find them at all – or online.

  • Dea

    They are cute and I like this kind of product; a bit of color, some TLC and cheap to boot! However the after taste is seriously nasty. You start off with sweet apple and within 30 seconds you get this horrible artificial waxy taste and smell. And it stays for a really long time. After giving these a fair go, I gave up and binned them. Not worth the money – even though they are really cheap!

    • the Muse

      mmm yea dea I experience the same, not waxy though…it kinda went from apple to an odd perfume taste for me. I mentioned it in my review…! I applied clear, flavored gloss on top and this helps πŸ˜‰

  • FrΓΆken Frodig

    They seem really nice, except for the taste after a bit. Just a hint of colour and cheap ;)is my cup of tea. Too bad NYC isn’t available in Sweden.

  • Michelle

    I picked three colors up today while I was in Kmart. They had a brand new display with none missing so it took all I had not to get one of each color and give them to friends and whatnot. I swatched them when I got home and they look really good. I am looking forward to wearing them soon.

  • Siobhanne

    Just bought two and I’m going back for more! Moisturizing and good color pay off.

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    I am obsessed with these! Wearing apple blossome today – have the caramel apple as well. Now just need to locate the other shades which seems to be quite difficult around here!

  • Erin

    Don’t you just love these?!!!!! I am 54 years old and find that regular glosses and balms are for teens and 20-somethings(been there done that). These are the perfect shades and just the right amount of color and shine. I haven’t found the taste or scent offensive and the staying power is great. I purchased Chocolate Apple first then Caramel Apple, both of which I love so much that I bought out my Walmart and Kmart of both shades in case this item is ever discontinued; perish the thought!! I also purchased Apple Blossom and Garnet Gala and combine shades according to my mood and wardrobe for the day.

    • the Muse

      i do erin so glad you love ’em too and you’re right many are for younger girls ;-D so glad you’re loving these!

  • Adam

    These didnt work with me … I have two of these and everytime i use them it wears off easily and leave my lips dry and dark.. I dont know if it is an Allergie but it really mAkes my lips dark it is strange.

  • Cuddles

    These HAVE been discontinued but they have all the shades right now at Dollar Tree for $1.

  • Karen Paulsonj

    I found one of these at Walmart, Sacramento, CA, and decided to try it. I love it (I had the lightest one) Golden something. I tried to find more & Walmart no longer carries them so I went on the net and found a three-pack thru Amazon for $14.99 and ordered it immediately. I love them. Walmart made a dumb mistake – no longer carrying them. They are terrific. I have light skin, kinda dry, so these are perfect for me; and they last for an hour or so – depending on what I’m doing, and then I just put it on again. Terrific product. I love NYC products.