February 20, 2013

Lancome Blush in Love Review & Swatches

Lancome Blush in Love

Lancome Blush in Love Powder Blush launched with the Lancome Spring 2013 Collection. This is Lancome’s fresh, youthful take on makeup because really, I know you’re thinking “Oh Lancome, that’s my grandma’s makeup!”.

But with Emma Watson modeling for Lancome the past two years or so the brand has started to gather a much more younger generation of makeup users. And with cute offerings like the Blush in Love Palettes why wouldn’t they?

I love Lancome’s makeup but yes, sometimes it does feel a little more mature and grown up. So it’s refreshing to see a more youthful and “fun” collection from the brand.

Take a look!

These darling little blusher palettes come housed in a flip top sturdy cardboard box with a magnetic closure. Inside you’ll find a tiny ribbon pull which allows you to pull out and fully remove the mirror from the compact. Nifty packaging right?

Lancome Blush in Love Powder Blush

Lancome Blush in Love Spring 2013

Lancome Blush in Love 8

Each blush comes in two shade selections in a harmony of two colors. Pommettes D’Amour (my fav of the two and the one I’m wearing in my FOTD below) is made up of a bright neon pink combined with a smaller coral peach and Peache Joue-Joue is a true dusty peach combined with a pale almost light beige pink.

The blushes sport the Lancome logo in the middle with “in Love” printed on the small square. The larger surrounding square has smaller imprints of roses. Sadly, the Lancome and “in Love” logo disappear on first use however, the lovely rose embossment has stuck around for me after several uses.

The blush was created to suit a range of skin tones and to be universally flattering on most. Unfortunately, I feel they are best suited to lighter skin types as they do run sheer. Pommettes D’Amour is well worth picking up if you fall into the medium range but unfortunately Peache Joue-Joue is a shade you’d have to be very fair to enjoy as it is very sheer with very little pigment. Sheer isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me which is why I delighted in Pommettes D’Amour. It gives my cheeks a peachy pink glow. Odd as you’d think with this much neon pink in the mix that it would be pinker on my cheeks but it actually looks way more peach. Peache Joue-Joue felt like like a face powder for me with very little color pay off (it actually swatches richer than it applies!).

Lancome Blush in Love Pommettes D'Amour

Lancome Blush in Love Swatches

Lancome Blush in Love Pommettes D'Amour Swatches

Lancome Blush in Love Peache Joue-Joue

Lancome Blush in Love Peache Joue-Joue Swatches

Lancome Blush in Love Peache Joue-Joue Swatches Blended

The formula on the blushes is soft, silky, and super easy to blend. They are incredibly finely milled and a true luxury blush. The wear time proved excellent and lasts well into an eight hour period for me.


I do have to give them a slightly poor rating due to the fact they are a whooping $49 each. At this price the sheerer formula is borderline absurd. Estée Lauder Pure Color Powder Blush at $28 would be a far wiser purchase should you want an excellently formulated blush with great pigment and ease of use.

Lancome Blush in Love Face of the Day

Cute these are and the formula is heavenly however, at near $50 Lancome might have to rethink their price bracket especially if they are trying to garner the attention of twenty somethings who are unlikely to splurge that much on a blush.

Sorry Lancome! I love these but I don’t love the price. It’s just cardboard packaging with no brush..for near $50 bucks I want the works and some more.

These are on counter now.

Did you indulge?

Would you?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Louise

    Wow that is expensive for a blush… I wonder how much it would retail for in Australia. It looks so cute but I don’t like the idea of a cardboard box. Looks and probably feels a bit cheap in comparison to the price.

  • Sylvia

    When I first saw a picture of these blushes I was ready to buy, but then saw the price. I just can’t pay that for this product. I hope Lancome rethinks their approach!

  • amy

    Lancôme was one of my first “big girl” brands back in high school, and I always felt so sophisticated wearing it. It was also priced more reasonably back then. However, they still do amazing GWP/PWP offers, so splurging a bit on occasion is much more palatable if you can catch one of those deals. I agree on the marketing vs. pricepoint, though; with so many other brands marketing to a younger demographic, they need set competitive pricing.

  • Majick

    I have a b-day code for Lancôme where I get an eye shadow palette and lipstick in the color “groupie”. The eye shadow is 5 colors in the taupe family. If I actually got to choose my colors it would almost be worth ordering ( for the gift and free ship you have to spend $49).

    I just love all the “birthday gifts” that all the companies send, if I accepted them all I’d go into hock for sure LOL- yeah, thanks for the “gifts”. Wish sephora was closer, it’s not worth the drive for their freebie so it always costs me at least $50.

    Ok, done b~+€#ing – my DH made me creme brûlée and that is the best gift (aside from the Majorca leather & pearl jewelry that was a combo valentine/bday gift). Go Me… I’m just a tad spoiled. 😃

  • Wendy

    I used to adore Lancome products, however, in recent years, they have priced themselves out of my budget. I love these, but there is no way in heck I’m paying $50 bucks for it.

    Sorry Lancome…..

  • Susan

    Ouch! I like Lancome products, but $49 bucks for one blush…. not so much!!! If they’re trying to interest a younger generation of makeup users. They need to rethink their stragety. The new spring lineup of products from Physician’s Formula, with the cute packaging of the 2 blushes and the colors look so similar. I’ll stick with those for now. Thanks for the review. <3

  • Pamela

    I’m glad to read your positive review as I just splurged on this. The Neiman Marcus beauty event was too nice to pass up since I’ve been wanting a few things from Lancome and was waiting for the right GWP. I agree that $49 is pricey for a blush in a cardboard box; it’s only worth it if there’s a bonus.

    BTW, have you tried baume in love? I’ve heard mixed things about this.

    • the Muse

      hi Pamela which shade did you get? 🙂 I liked the Baume in Love a lot I actually have a review scheduled which should be going live tonight or tomorrow (have to add photos) however, I wouldn’t recommend hauling all the shades, one is plenty as they all look the same on lips.

      • Pamela

        I got Pommette D’Amour of course. The bright pink looks a little shocking in the pan but the reviews all say it gives a great subtle glow in real life.

        I did not buy baume in love but in any case I get to try it because one is included in the GWP. I guess one is all I need.

        • the Muse

          that’s a GREAT GWP if they included a baume in love! You’re going to love it Pamela. It has a moist balm-y texture and a shiny finish with just a hint of tint.

  • Cassia

    When it comes to Brazil it will be like 250 each so stop complaining lol By the way, love your website, it always helps me to decide what to import and what to not import.thank you gorgeous!

    • the Muse

      yeah 🙁 that’s bad! ugh! aw thanks Cassia 🙂 <3! so glad you enjoy Musings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo!

  • lily

    YIKES! I’m 24 and have never thought of Lancome as an older persons brand…if something has been around long enough I only look at that as a plus. I get all my Lancome stuffs from the cosmetic company outlet for 20 bucks or less (just bought a few color design lipsticks for $5.50 each) so I cant ever imagine giving 50+ dollars on a blush. My foundations are 35 bucks or less, and I have 15 blushes that need some good lovin’ before I buy any more. I dont get their pricepoint because Lancome isnt THAT good a quality. Chanel blushes dont even cost that much!! And thats around the same pricepoint as Tom Ford and both are much more high end than Lancome.

  • Shabby

    I love the pink, but the price is too much for me. I was even considering it. Tsk, tsk.