April 12, 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Review & Swatches

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector

The new Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a pleasant surprise indeed. I’ve been testing this for the past month and I must say it impressed me as much as Clinique’s BB Cream did.

If you’re shopping CC Creams at the moment and you’re just starting to get on board with this new trend I do recommend a trip to your Clinique counter to check this out. It’s a promising product!

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector ($35) is available in six shades. This is a natural, healthy finish CC Cream that improves on already good skin. With a gel-like texture and a quick absorbing formula this sports an SPF 30 for basic sun protection and offers sheerer breathable coverage.

The water based formula is absolutely delightful to apply and use. The formula has a thicker, creamier texture with a gel-like consistency that gives skin a nice bit of moisture as it corrects. It is a sheerer formula so you’re not looking at full coverage it will however, even out skin tone, conceal minor redness, and perfect already good skin. I think of it as a my skin but with a better finish! If you’ve always wanted a foundation product that perfects yet still manages to look like your own skin, offering lightweight coverage this is surely the product for you.

Clinique  CC Cream Swatches

Clinique Moisture CC Cream Swatch

Medium Deep

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Swatches

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Swatches

Light Medium

Colour correcting optics act to aid a slew of different complexion issues like dullness, redness, swallow or yellow skin, or even blotchy redness. The cream corrects these issues and leaves behind perfected skin. I personally suffer from duller skin and this eases that creating a more brighter, healthier appearance.

I was concerned that Clinique might go the glowing or highlighter route with their CC Cream. It seems that many of the CC Creams releasing in the US are leaning towards being 2 parts highlighter and 1 part foundation product. No worries here though this is natural coverage with a good for you formula that does not contain shimmer, sparkle, or any glow-y bits and bobs. It acts more like a second skin product that provides moisture, minimal color correcting coverage, and basic SPF protection.

Clinique successfully created a product that allows your skin to look its best without overshadowing it with anything else. Think of it as a little helping hand to take already good skin and make it great.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Summer 2013

Love this stuff!

Do try it, I think you’ll find it’s the perfect lightweight product for Summer coverage!

P.S. The shades seem to run quite dark so I’d suggest going to a counter to get fitted correctly but it is also available online at Clinique.com if you know which shade would suit you!

If you tried it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Cj

    Rawr. I’m really tempted to order this and hope fair is light enough for me! It sounds fab.

    • the Muse

      they seem to run a little dark cj! I’d go to counter just to double check my sweet!

      • Cj

        I don’t even think we have a Clinique counter in my mall… But we have 3 walmarts… Ugh

          • Cj

            One day wifey one day. I at least should take a long vacation up there!

        • kiwikiwidragon

          Hey cj, I seem to remember you are in florida? Where abouts?

        • Tammie

          Let me know if Fair is light enough for you Cj…in my experience Clinique does not currently make anything light enough for me though, so I am not too hopeful 😡

    • Glenda

      I have very very sensitive skin and purchased this cc and it is great. I have fair to med skin tone and the med worked perfect. Probably the best make up I have ever found and I have used many.

  • susan

    so i jumped on the cc cream wagon and purchased juice beauty’s – quite a disappointment, but i will give this a shot. thanks muse.

    • the Muse

      mmm susan, I haven’t tried but I suspected it wouldn’t be good sorry to hear it 🙁 try this, it is sheer so just be warned but if you have fairly good skin already it basically takes that and just makes it perfect ;-D really love the texture and beautiful way it applies and just looks so natural and breathable 😀 good luck!

    • Alli

      This looks like something I’d like. I like the Nip and Fab cc so I think I’ll give this a try. Juice Beauty has been a disappointment all around. I like to check beautypedia and this site before I buy anything. Especially if its skin care because there are so many ingredients that sound good because they “sound” natural but end up damaging your skin in the long run. I’m SO off topic now … 🙂

    • the Muse

      no issues with oxidizing, wears for about four hours with minor fading in hour five.

  • Sas Spear

    I was the first to be tested and matched at our local counter, they were unpacking it when I arrived. Perhaps it was their inexperience with the product but the finish was sticky and didn’t dry down as quickly as I liked. I do agree about the sheer finish. Trying to build coverage only increased the sticky feel. The BB cream is a better choice for mature skin with any issues requiring coverage. Not the “correcting”I was looking for. I actually stopped at another store in the mall and purchased wipes to remove it once I got to my car.

    • the Muse

      sticky? really? I didn’t experience that…! odd. sorry to hear it 🙁

    • the Muse

      depends on your skin, I’m dry and this isn’t good to act as my moisturizer, I need to prep with moisturizer prior.

  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh – thanks Muse! I was hoping for a review soon as I saw this online in Sephora. I hate to buy products un-reviewed/tested, you know? So glad it doesn’t have that shimmering/pearlescent glitter stuff. I’m now going to go get a bottle! 🙂

    • the Muse

      totally know what you mean michelle ;-D ME TOO! I was worried as they did mention “glow” in the description which worried me but no shimmer no sparkle no glow thank GOD!

  • Kris

    I have oily skin. I’ve been avoiding this because of “moisture surge” in the title. I don’t want to end up looking like an oil slick. Would you still recommend for all skin types?

    • the Muse

      I would and I wouldn’t. It’s a dewy finish but it isn’t super moisturizing, perhaps for combination skin would be best suitable or drier Kris.

    • Chriss

      I have combination skin, and have and oily T-zone. I am on the fence about it. Some says it is great and other days meeh! I am stuck on whether to return or just keep. I have used it for a week and my skin is super dry.

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    It looks in the pic that it’s oil-free?! Is that true??? If so, I will have to have this!

  • Annie

    Hi Muse. Did you find that it had good lasting power? or did it only work for a few hours?

  • Emily

    Do you prefer clinique’s cc cream or bb cream? what are the differences between the 2?

  • Veronica

    Aww, shame, it’s going to be too dark for me. 🙁 While I do tan a tad in the summer, I never go darker than an NC15. Their new cream compact foundation starts too dark for me, too. Remember us fair ladies, Clinique! Show us some love again.

  • Tinkibell

    I’ve been waiting for your review of this! As soon as I saw it online I was hoping it’d be what I was looking for, and from what you’ve said it seems to fit the bill perfectly!

    I am rather fair, so I ordered it in the lightest shade. The lightest BB shade works for me so hopefully it will in the CC cream as well. *crosses fingers*

      • Tinkibell

        So this came in the mail today and I immediately jumped in the shower so I could get ready and try it! lol

        Just some info. for anyone interested…I have VERY fair skin, with blue/pink undertones. I have issues with redness on my cheeks and chin. I have combo-skin, which is a tad bit dryer right now. I don’t have any issues with wrinkles or even fine-lines yet even though I am going to be (gulp) 40 in June. (THANK GOD for AMAZING genes passed from my Grandma who is in her late 90’s and looks like she is in her 60’s!)

        I got this in the Very light (the lightest shade). At first I was worried it was too yellow or peach, but I put it on and did the rest of my make-up. I only used my HG powder over it (Almay smart shade in 010 light). I did like the look, as it toned down my redness and did give my face a lovely “glow” with NO glitter!

        I am very pleased with this CC Cream so far! It was exactly what I wanted! I COULD use a bit more coverage on the red areas of my face (cheeks and chin) but this plus the powder do tone it down enough for me, and give me a MUCH more even toned appearance. I LOATHE full coverage foundation as I have rather sensitive skin and just have never liked the feel of it on my skin, so this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I am usually very sensitive to the smell of ANY sunscreen product, and although I noticed that smell with this, once I had applied it I honestly was not bothered at all.

        I’m sorry this is so long! lol I just wanted to try and put in as much information as I could for those out there that might be interested and have similar coloring/skin type as I do.

        • the Muse

          tink SO helpful thanks for the comment 😀 VERY very helpful! and so glad you like it!

  • Alys

    I second what Emily asked. Really want to know so I can figure out which one to buy 🙂

  • Joan

    I am liking this new Clinique CC Cream also. I’m able to wear it with just a loose finishing powder brushed on over it with a little concealer where needed and, of course, blush. Still don’t really understand what the difference is between BB creams and CC creams though.

  • anna

    Hey Muse,
    Just got a sample of this and agree with everything you said. Its really a nice product and I like the moisturizing aspect and the gel like consistency of this product. I was pleasantly surprised by this. And, I agree it runs a bit dark…I got the light medium and its fine for me now but may be a bit dark for me in the winter months. I am a true neutral light medium leaning medium in summer months.

    I am awaiting your review of the IT cc cream and will decide on which one fits the bill for me. I have mature skin and like the brightening dewy aspect of the Clinique. I think the IT may have more coverage though.

    For Emily, I have tried the clinique bb cream and find it a bit drier, more matte in finish and a tad more coverage than the cc cream if that helps you at all.

    • the Muse

      hey anna, yeah, the color was a little disappointing le sigh! seems they wanted to make it more summer friendly with the darker colors perhaps. That will be this week so stay tuned ;-D

  • Phoebe

    So, forgive my ignorance…but what exactly ARE BB and CC creams??? I know they’re the hottest new thing, and they’ve been popping up everywhere seems like, but is it like, concealer? Or foundation? Or some strange futuristic space-dust concoction created by purple aliens? Color me confused. X)

  • Phoebe

    Thanks Muse! 😀 might have to see what all the fuss is about sometime soon 🙂

  • rhonda

    well I bought some yesterday and I am over the moon with it. I am 54 with good skin but it can be a little blotchy and a little red sometimes . I went to the counter as I wasnt sure which colour to buy, I was given excellent advise and shown how to put it on. it goes on far better with a brush, than with fingers, and you will use far less this way. The coverage for me was great and it really did even out my skin tone. I have had it on all day and it still looks as fresh as when I put it on this morning. Contrary to what others have said , I was advised to buy one slightly darker than my usual make up. the consultant tried 3 colours on me and it was the best one by far, I am using the light medium, so I would advise go to the counter to make sure you get the best colour for you. £28 seemed a little expensive at first but after using it I think it is worth every penny. Go get some its fantastic.

  • Celine

    I’m in the market for a lighter base for the warmer weather to be coming. How would you compare this to their moisture surge tinted moisturizer?

    • Tinkibell

      Celine, I personally found the CC cream to be a bit sheerer, and a tad more moisturizing then the tinted moisturizer.

      (I used the moisture surge tinted moisturizer all last summer)

  • Celine

    Hmm, what to pick! I have redness problems, so I do want something with a little more coverage, but I also have very dry skin so moisture is good too haha. I will have to sample them both.

    • Donna

      Was very displeased with the results of this at the Clinique counter. Was told I had very dry skin and to use a few other products to moisturize it then try this. Now have a nice smooth face and this product is still patchy with coverage, leaves streaks and leaves me looking like a crumpled fall leaf.

  • Ashley

    Got a sample of this last night at my makeup counter.
    Very impressed. I’m fair so I got a sample of the fairest shade.
    Very impressed with coverage. I like Clinque, but didn’t care for their BB cream, or any of their foundations that I got samples of.

    This, however is impressive…will definitely add this to my “stash”
    in the future. After I use up some of my other products first.

    Wearing it today, it is lightweight, does what it says, and in my opinion is just a wonderful product.
    Of all the cc and bb creams I’ve tired I have to say that my top 3 favs: 1)Clinque cc cream 2)Dr. Jart Water fuse bb cream spf 25, and Estee lauder bb cream are the best!
    Sheer natural coverage with spf to boot! woohoo!

    • the Muse

      great review ashley! 🙂 thanks so much for sharing and so glad you love it ;D

  • Pelagius

    Hey Muse! I found this last night at my Air Force exchange and decided to give it a try. Love shopping at the Exchange because it so easy to test and sample! In the store, as always, I had to remember that the lighting in there makes everything look lighter on my face than it will outside, but last night I forgot! I tried the light and the light medium on. So I bought the light medium but when I got to the car in the waning sunlight I could see that it was too dark. I am a neutral cool, fair but right on the border of medium/moderately fair. I tend to use a lighter foundation and make up for it with the blended face powder, transparency neutral. So I went back and exchanged for the light. The thing is, if someone is truly neutral, like me, the light medium would be great if it isn’t too dark. I put a sample of the light and the light medium on cotton balls, and the light looks a little more pink, just every so slightly. Because I’m neutral, it is hard to find a neutral shade that isn’t either too gold or too pink, so I have to lean to the pink side, since I look much better in cool colors than in warm ones. Since I have blue undertones I try to avoid yellow, gold, or orange bases. So far I love the feel and coverage of the CC cream; it sinks into my skin, leaves no tell-tale lines, and I don’t need foundation anymore. Generally I don’t like a foundation that’s heavy; I used moisture surge tinted moisturizer for a long time and then went back to Superbalanced Make-up which is almost perfect except for difficulty matching shades and because it doesn’t have moisturizer or sunscreen in it (and that means layering more products on, so I lose the nice smooth finish). The Clinique BB cream didn’t work for me because it left my T-zone oily in no time flat. So I can’t wait to see what happens with the CC cream; so far so good!

  • Katie

    I just went and got the CC cream and tried to apply it. Any tip for a beginner? I have really dry skin so the counter person did say that I would need to combine it will moisturizer but how? Do I just put the moisturizer one first and then quickly get the CC cream on? When I put it on it just kinda stuck to where I placed it.

  • brenda andriese

    Hi there you lovely muse! Would you say this product can be used as a primer? I can imagine I’d use this alone in the summer and maybe as primer underneath my Even Better Foundation.

    I thank you in advance for your answer and…. thank you so much for this review.

    Love from The Netherlands.

    • the Muse

      brenda, honestly, it would be wasteful to bother…it’s just too much product using it as a primer, it has offers sheerer/medium coverage already adding it and another foundation into the works makes for some heavy coverage and defeats the purpose of the lighter formula. I wouldn’t buy it just as a primer hun. That’s overkill :-/ If you want more to correct I’d recommend going with a korean CC Cream as they are lighter, correct skin, and weightless enough to be worn in conjunction with another foundation/bb cream hope this helps!

  • Kelsey

    Thanks for the review!
    I was wondering if you have heard how it was for sensitive/prone to break out skin? I have combination skin as well.
    Thanks so much!

    • the Muse

      hi kelsey I haven’t heard too many complaints about it for those with sensitive skin…you might want to test it on counter prior to committing to a full size.

    • Katie

      I ended up returning the cream. I noticed by the first day my chin broke out. I then waited till it cleared up and tried it again. Sure enough I broke out again. The sales person was super understanding and said while it doesn’t come back often it does get returned.

      • Jackie

        I have used Clinique’s Moisture Sheer Tint in Neutral for nearly 10 years. They discontinued it and brought out the Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer which I do not care for, not to mention the color range is weird.

        I’m at the end of my last tube that I had stockpiled. Boo-hoo!

        I think I’ll get a sample of this and see how it compares. If it’s lightweight, moisturizing and provides a little coverage and more anti-aging benefits then even better.

        Oddly, I’m such a huge Laura Mercier fan, but their TM seems patchy or drying on me.

  • shanh

    hay muse which one is better clinique cc cream or loccitane bb cream? only those which easy to find in my city, im confused which one have better coverage and can dismiss my acne scar? does clinque have lasting power longer than loccitane? i really need ur help. Thanks before

  • Melody

    Hi Muse! Happy Holidays, beautiful! I just got a deluxe sample of this and UD Naked BB cream and I love the finishes of both. My skin is like yours in light medium (no redness), combination, bit dry, etc. but when you say you often have trouble with dull skin I’m still googling trying to understand what exactly dull skin is and if I have that. Personally I think your skin always looks fabulous.. Can you help shed some light on this? I’m torn between the blurring effect of the UD Naked BB and the thicker coverage for some very fine lines apparently only I can see 😉 starting to develop.. But wondering if I too have dull skin. The Naked seems to make mine look fresher as Clinique I would have to moisturize first.. Thanks sweetie if you can help define dull for me 🙂

    • the Muse

      Happy Holidays dear 🙂 I guess it differs for everyone but for me it’s more about a lack of a healthy glow…My skin looks very tired without a little bit of foundation or BB Cream to brighten it up. UD Naked BB is a perfect way for me to brighten things up and get a more universally even skin tone 🙂 I don’t want a ton of coverage just a hint that will brighten my skin up and restore a little luster to it 🙂 hope this makes sense?! It’s just a lack of radiance and health really…kinda like I haven’t had much water to drink or not enough sleep 🙂 typically dry skin suffers from it the most!

  • Pelagius

    Hey Melody! “Dullness” means that skin cells are not turning over. Someone young like you and the Muse will see the results every so often; a little build up of exterior skin cells ready to shed will happen but it isn’t an ongoing thing. To counter that, a good exfoliating product will help. At my age, I use something in my Clinique moisturizer every day (Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus) to keep my skin turning over, and I use their toner daily as well. Some people use a clarisonic brush, but even a washcloth will help. The trick is to be gentle and not bring on the redness! But sometimes there’s not time and you need your foundation to perk things up. Some foundations, in traditional formulas, don’t do that, and when used with powder, will often just exacerbate the problem. Good luck!