April 11, 2013

Etude House Eagle Owl Missing U Hand Cream Review

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream

If you’re a friend of mine you probably know that Etude House Missing U hand Cream follows me around wherever I go. It’s in my makeup bag, my tote, my purse, in my desk drawer, on my end table, in my wash room, on top of my desk, even in my kitchen….!

I LOVE these hand creams. Not only are they cute but they keep my cuticles nice and soft which results in no hang nails. If you’re a friend of mine you also know my terrible habit of picking my cuticles and peeling hang nails and gushing blood all over the place like a bad horror movie. What is about hang nails that makes you just want to pick them? Ugh! Not good!

These little hand creams are my solution to avoid picking.

Take a peek!

Etude House Eagle Owl Missing U Hand Cream

Etude House launches a range of Missing U Hand Cream seasonally. I reviewed a few for you a while back ago which are long since used up. They are currently available in new designs all the time and Etude House actually donates proceeds to the sales to some sort of Animal Protection Association.

There isn’t a ton of product inside these little pots but I find its just the right size for keeping around for quickie application of your hand cream. Plus, hey, they are all kinds of cute.

Eagle Owl is one of my favorites. He’s supposed to be scented in a “berry cherry” scent but for me it’s more of a nail salon style hand cream scent which is very fresh and slightly floral. The formula of the hand cream is made with shea butter with a thicker consistency of a cuticle cream. It’s very, very moisturizing but absorbs easily and leaves even the driest hands soft and smooth.

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Eagle Owl

If you have to chronically apply hair cream because your hands are dry or you just want to keep those hang nails soft and smooth to keep you from picking them this is an excellent little cream to take care of the situation.

Loves this!

They are actually only a few dollars each so I’m always asking a friend of mine that lives in Korea to get me like ten of them when I need to restock and ship them over. Even on Evil-bay sellers sell them for as little as $4.99-$5.99 each which isn’t too bad at all. After I use the hand cream I wash them out and use them to store my vitamins or other small do-dads.

Muse Approved.

I purchased this item.

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  • kimkats

    OMG! SO squee! I see amazon has ’em too and I need to order some other stuff from there soooooo….. Guess what else is goin’ in the cart! Plus, I am always looking for a good lotion that doesn’t stay greasy so I can slather it on at work. And these are just too cute to say no to….

    Sigh… You’d think at my age these wouldn’t appeal, but wth…. I’m too old to grow up! 😛

    • the Muse

      hehe kim! I am ALL about the cute 😀 It’s not greasy at all, very rich and absorbs easily so I bet you’ll love 😀 I never grew up, growing up is overrated ;-D

  • Miss_Silk

    Soo cute! Have you tried the Missing U balms that look like eos lip balms? They look soo cute and are shaped pretty much the same way but the print is like a bird’s egg ^^

    • the Muse

      i have! loves! 😀 I love the EOS balms anyway so when Etude House did one you know I hauled hard lol! 😀 they are a little smidge smaller than the EOS ones too which I like!

  • Mallory

    Did you get all of them from this line? I absolutely love the smell of the apple scented one. It’s my favorite!

  • melissa

    I love owls. i love hand cream. I need two. I have to restrain myself a bit because I am waiting for the lush chat party but these are so cheap I can justify it lol.

    • the Muse

      awwww he’s going to love you forever ;-D who doesn’t want kawaii hand cream from our loved ones? 😀

  • April

    Goodness! How cute!!!! I am regretting forever that I didn’t grab these cuties while I was in Korea. It’s never that far from where I am, which is Japan. But still. Amazon is still a bit expensive. lol

  • jessica

    what do you think compared to pet hand cream from face shop? They’re very cute too! This kind of shape is a bit hard for travelling in your purse, coz it’s too round, can you fit it in everywhere? What is the size of it?

  • Burcidi

    I have the cuticle-pulling habit too, I also have skin allergies to most hand soaps and I use a ridiculous amount of hand cream. I’m afraid I’ll use these up too quickly but I’m going to give it a try anyway.