April 11, 2013

Sephora The Sculptor Makeup Sponge Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Sephora The Sculptor Makeup Sponge

Sephora sometimes makes a tool that I absolutely becomes obsessed and fixated on. Currently the Sephora The Sculptor Makeup Sponge is that tool I’m crazed over. You NEED this!


Sephora Sculptor Makeup Sponge

Because it’s freaking brilliant. Far be it for me to get slightly obsessed over a mere makeup sponge but I can’t deny the Sephora Sculptor Makeup Sponge is kinda my best friend at the moment. We’ve been hanging for a week or so now and have been completely hitting it off.

I typically palm my BB Cream on or use fingers for other foundations and base products. Fingers work for me and I don’t really embrace brushes or sponges for foundation application. I also dislike sponges, sorry, they are kinda gross and difficult to wash.

That’s why it comes as a surprise to me I actually like this sponge. This is a slanted designed sponge that comes with its own stand (the stand has a suction cup back so you can slap it up somewhere on your mirror or tile in your wash room). Outside of the odd shape you probably think, well, “it’s just a sponge!” But wait! There’s more!

The odd design fits the contour and curve of my face easily but the joy here is the way the sponge holds foundation or BB Cream. This retains product on top of the sponge so it isn’t SUCKED into the sponge but kinda lays on top of it. It’s difficult to describe but the sponge doesn’t suck product in but merely holds it as you apply. It creates a beautiful airbrushed appearance on my skin and blends in product to a picture perfect finish. Even on flakier areas of my face it creates a smooth, soft appearance. Odd how a simple sponge creates such perfection but seriously, try it, I think you’ll be surprised how incredible it worked. I even tried it with concealer! I applied a bit of my concealer under my eyes using my brush and patted it into place using the sponge! The finish was absolute perfection.

You can also wet this and use it in powders for a super smooth appearance.

At $12 it isn’t exactly cheap but I must say there’s something special about the Sculptor Makeup Sponge!

Loves it and Muse Approves it.


This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Mai

    I almost want to chop off the top of my Sonia Kashuk sponge to see if I could imitate a similar effect. I do appreciate that it comes with a stand, I feel like it’s always difficult to store those weeble-like sponges!

    • the Muse

      texture is similiar but it doesn’t suck product up the way my beauty blender sponge does…plus it has a smoother rubbery feel. Not sure if that makes sense but it is better than the BB sponge imho!

    • the Muse

      I actually use the beauty blender sponge cleanser to wash it ;-D washes quite well with this!

  • Blee

    Muse, I hate my pink ( BB I have)sponge 🙁 But if this is a good as you say. Ill give it a try. I hate the pretty little pink one I have case it EATS my foundation. I have to use double when I use it. I too use my fingers when I apply it. And with the VIB sale 15% more off to give it a try. I like the look of the stand too 🙂

    • the Muse

      yup i actually used the beauty blender cleansing fluid to wash it ;-D

  • melissa

    adding to my cart now. I don’t wear liquid foundation too often anymore but it looks like art and K can use it for my tm and concealer. LOL 🙂

      • melissa

        Not for cheap stuff. I want a couple other things with the vib sale and this should put me at free shipping tool. I wish i could make it to the store to get the tote bag with samples but I have to work. Silly income needs. Ha.

        • the Muse

          damn what is it with real life getting in the way of our beauty pleasures? 😀

          • melissa

            I actually put in to leave early!!!! LOL I am working a bit this Saturday but begging didn’t help. We’ll see. haha. I have problems. Is there a 12 step program for beauty addicts?

          • the Muse

            damn it don’t they understand anything at all about beauty?! 😀 hell, they prob wouldn’t accept us into the program…we are in denial…we skip the 12 step and do not collect $200 and go directly to the mental institution at this point.

  • charlotte

    Definitely a unique design, and the price is way better than the BB. Curious to see how it compares to others on the market in terms of texture. I really like the storage system this one comes with. I have the SK BB, and it’s fine. I use it wet and do not find it absorbs much of the product and the firmer texture does not bother me.. a lot of people seem almost violently opposed to it though. One major advantage I’ve noticed is that it seems much stronger than the BB, I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and it’s in perfect condition with none of the tearing I have heard reported with the BB. I apply my makeup in the bathroom so it is no problem to wash it, I just use my antibacterial hand soap.. takes just a few seconds. I wring all the water out, give it a squeeze in a towel, and toss it in my makeup tray.. it’s always dry and ready to go the next day. None of my dense foundation brushes can do that, they are damp even if I clean in alcohol vs. water, and I have to be a lot more careful with them while they dry, so I never use them anymore.. it’s just too much trouble to have one clean every day and I can’t stand using them dirty.

  • Kasey

    Finally been looking for a sponge to use with my BB cream! Would love to try this out. But I’ve been reading that many people are experiencing that this rips easily or feels flimsy in that way…did you experience this? Just don’t want to spend the money if it’s not going to last long! :/

    • the Muse

      I read that too and no, I didn’t, I have it for over a week now and washed it after ever use and didn’t have any rips or tears…what in the world are they doing with it? lol! Seems ok to me so far?!

      • Kasey

        Thanks, that was my thought too! Well then I definitely think I might give this a go especially w/the beauty insider sale! 🙂 love reading your insight and reviews!

        • the Muse

          aw thanks kasey very flattered! looking forward to hearing what you think! really loves! ;-D

  • Arielle

    I haven’t used this one but I think I would prefer one that doesn’t suck up the product like the BB. I love that this has a stand! I hate that my BB has to be propped up on something to be able to dry.

  • Chelsea

    I love the stand! I might have to pick this up with the VIB coupon!

  • Tennyoceres

    Well looks like there’s another little item going in my Sephora shopping basket today. Gotta love my VIB early pass.

  • Audrey

    Arghhh, I wish I had seen this post BEFORE I placed my monstrous order online this morning. Very intrigued by this! Thanks for the review (yet again), Muse! :d


    Ohhh I have always wanted a beauty blender/ knockoff, but this one looks top of the line!!
    Thanks for sharing muse I will pick it up with the V.I.B. sale!

  • Jill

    I’ve been using this for a month now, with my Lioele and Missha bb creams. While they give me a beautiful finish with my fingers, this sponge makes it flawless! Especially with the Lioele because it’s thicker in texture. The only problem i’ve encountered with it, is that the holder made cuts into my sponge in the middle of it where it holds it in place. I have to be careful and squeeze it when fitting it into the holder so it doesn’t cut into it any further. I’ve never owned the BB sponge because of the $. I recently purchased a Cynthia Rowley sponge from Tj Maxx as a back up after this one. I hope it’s as good!

  • Wenz

    Just as I was about to pass on this sale but for one of the new UD liners…… hhmm this may call for an in-store pit stop!

  • Courtney

    Yeah, the beauty blender was overpriced and kind of grossed me out. Sold me on this one!! Thx!

  • Flavia Signori

    What an unexpected design! I thought this sponge was like Beautyblender but since you said it doesn’t suck the product… I can’t really imagine how it works, but you made me so curious that I want to try it 😀


  • ZG

    This looks amazing and it does not suck up product-what more can a girl ask for.. thanks Muse