May 22, 2013

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush 4

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush #101 ($24) is one of several new Pro Visionary Brushes that Sephora has recently added to their general catalog.

I must admit the Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush is a tempting little morsel of a brush simply because I adore the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57. I assume that this new brush is just as incredible as that one so yes, I was very tempted to check it out.

Here are my thoughts.

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush 2

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush (and most of all the new Sephora brushes) comes with a little plastic brush protector. This protects the bristles of the brush when not in use. This is actually a new design as the old one was a snap closure but this one you can slip the brush in and out. I actually like the snap closure better because bristles can get caught when you’re slipping the protector up and off. None the less, I think Sephora should sell these in a package of like five or ten, I’d totally buy them for all my brushes!

Although interesting the Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush is not nearly as great as the Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush. I didn’t feel like it quite got a handle on the entire airbrushed finish that the #57 creates.

The head of the brush is supposed to fit the natural contour of your eye. It has a slanted, curved design that does indeed fit right into the natural curve of your eye. But really, I don’t see the point of that design as I actually made use of the brush by swiping it back and fourth (on its side) under my eyes to sweep on concealer.

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush

One thing that’s really nice about the brush is it can take the thickest, creamiest concealer and sheer it out beautifully. Even denser concealers are no match for this brush. It creates this perfect even layer of product under eyes that’s smooth and perfect so you aren’t left with cakey concealer that creeps into finer lines.

The bad part is since it does sheer product out it gives a super natural appearance but also takes away from the concealing action. This is bad if you have darker circles you wish to cover. On the upside, I’m actually pretty fascinated with the natural, flawless finish it gives to my concealer. I don’t even have to pat anything into place or even touch my concealer, the brush pretty much does ALL the work.

Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush 1

I’d recommend the Sephora Pro Visionary Perfecting Concealer Brush for sheerer concealer application under eyes. It’ll work great on aging eyes as well since no tugging is involved to apply product. It is best suited for those who don’t apply a ton of concealer under eyes but stick with a sheerer layer. However, those with dark circles or a ton to hide you might find that the #57 works far better to get coverage under eyes and complete the look with an airbrushed appearance.

This little brush is available now at Sephora and

Anyone try it?

Love to hear your thoughts!

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This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • somayea

    Ah. I saw that when you posted it on Twitter! You know when rich people buy a yacht just because? I’d rather buy this if I ever became a multi-millionaire.
    If only the Doctor came with it.

    • the Muse

      LOL somayea exactly…that’s the logic! just because ;-D

  • AnniLau

    Have you ever done a post about all of your favorite makeup brushes? I’d be interested to see that.

  • Joy

    Because I’m a crazed concealer fiend, I immediately checked out this brush at Sephora after you posted your preview. Didn’t think it would work for me, the arc sadly does not fit my contours. So I’m kinda happy that it applies too sheerly for people with dark circles(and/or pasts) like me. Does that make sense? Guess I’ll stick with the Pro Airbrush.

    • the Muse

      hey joy! the pro airbrush is def a good one for those with darker circles ;-D I actually miss the point of it fitting under my eyes since I ended up using it by swiping side to side?! so odd…!

  • Sarah S.

    Thanks for this review! I think I’ll just stick with my #57 and save my moola.
    Also, I think you could pay a contractor/woodworker hired from the yellowpages far less to build you a custom Tardis… maybe try that avenue?

  • Joy

    Yeah, I found it odd too Muse! But I’m not that skilled in application so I was quite curious what you would think. Thanks Musey, for trying it so I don’t have to haha!

    • the Muse

      neither am I ;-D it’s an odd brush, I’m curious how exactly they expect us to use it. it actually sheers out concealer really nicely and perfects but if you have super dark circles or issues to conceal this isn’t your BFF! lol my pleasure ;D

  • AnniLau

    I thought I hit the ‘Reply’ under your comment “lol yes maybe because I NEED a tardis in my front yard.” Oh well.

  • AnniLau

    Ugh, I’m SURE I hit the one on your comment this time. Your blog doesn’t like me today.