June 27, 2013

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara Review

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara 3

Products like Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara all start running together after a while. This kinda reminds me of the recently launched NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara don’t you agree?

Plus I have to question how many editions of ScandalEyes Mascara does one girl need? They all seem like the same mascara after a while….!


Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara 1

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara supposedly lifts and plumps every single lash with it’s gravity defying curved brush. Jeepers, it feels like someone went to the moon to create this mascara.

The brush is a larger, chunky bushy curved applicator which creates more clumps than it does any real length or fullness. Supposedly the formula contains collagen and keratin for strong lashes and gives lashes more than 12x the normal volume and 70% of a lift.

I don’t really love all these massive sound applicators. I find they add more clump than anything else but on occasion they do work fabulously. In this instance I find the applicator creates a good deal of clumpy action. After a brief learning curve to avoid all that clump I was finally able to swipe easily through my lashes and not have them stick together. Yay me!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara 2

Funny enough and dare I say, surprisingly enough, all the drama you’d expect from a brush this large is simply not there. No curl, no majorly volumized lashes, and definitely no length. Granted, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt as it doesn’t promise length but curl and volume? No way!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara Before and After

If anything at all it produced mediocre whimper-y looking lashes than I went into the application with. True story.

On the upside it wears fairly well for me without flaking or smudging.

In the end Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara boast a big name and big packaging but the results are really, really tiny.

I’d recommend skipping it.

The drama isn’t here unfortunately.

Tried it?

Loved it?

Hated it?

Do share!

Available now at drugstores.

I purchased this item.

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  • Cindy Ramirez

    The first thing I thought was “Wow this looks like NYC Big Bold Curl!” Glad I checked your review on this first, I’ll pass. Womp womp. I’ve always got hope for cheapo mascara to be my new HG, but not today.

    • the Muse

      mmmm cindy yeah, total dupe right?! ;-D try gigalash, I’m kinda in lurve with it at the mom!

  • Amy Amethyst

    I don’t understand why they keep making the brushes so big. Maybe some ppl like that but I just find it doesn’t work for me. The more slender brushes get to my lashes so much better! I just ordered a mascara from Honeybee Gardens so I hope I have good luck with it.

  • lil’eve

    im with you guys over the brushes. maybelline stilleto has a smaller brush but with me it produced lashes where there are none.

  • Devon

    I was not a fan of the regular Scandaleyes, the new Showoff, or the waterproof and returned all of them. But…I ended up getting this one anyway. And actually, I really like it. The brush is big and awkward, but I found that if you apply on the fronts of the lashes of both eyes, then go to the backs, then back to the front (and repeat) and let it dry a little between coats, the volume gets massive, as does the length. This is a keeper to me. Nothing beats the Extra Super Wow lash though…for $2.97 it can go up against any luxe brand!

    • the Muse

      hey devon will keep trying ;-D it didn’t quite work out to the drama I wanted!

      • Devon

        [Have you heard anything about Too Face’s Better Than Sex mascara yet? I hope you can do a review soon! And w/a name like that, there is a lot on the line!!]

        • the Muse

          yup posted about it last week 🙂 hope to do a review soonish ;D

  • Joanna

    Right now I’m using Maybelline’s One by One waterproof mascara. Very much recommend- I can put layer upon layer to get naturally lush to dramatic lashes and it keeps my lashes separated. 🙂 Though I recall reading that you prefer natural bristle brushes as it has a synthetic one.
    What’s your fav drugstore mascara at the moment? You like MAC Gigalash as a high end mascara, but is there a cheaper alternative you like to use? I like to buy drugstore mascara as I have to throw it out after a few months anyway when it dries up or flakes on me, and I end up throwing away wasted product. I might try the MAC mascara though based on your good review. 🙂

  • sara

    Well I have bought it recently just to try something new n it does work for me…it isnt that bad,i have used it twice n the experience is going good so far..