July 18, 2013

New Pop Beauty CC Cream with Color Adapt

Pop Beauty CC Cream

Looks like Pop Beauty CC Cream could prove promising as it has a color adapting technology! You know how much I love my Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream so count me curious if the new Pop Beauty CC Cream can stand a chance at adapting to my skin tone correctly.

All of the latest CC Creams releasing in the US including Clinique, Lumene, and other brands come in a few shade selections. The general idea of the CC Cream was to start out white with tiny color adapting capsules which burst upon application and adjust to your skin tone. Granted, in most cases this never works but I’m seeing many Korean brands that do actually embrace the technology and successfully work as I’ve tried many of them!

Pop Beauty’s new CC Cream embraces this technology so count me curious if they are successful with it!

This comes in a single shade selection with color beads that burst and adapt creating your perfect match of color. The formula is formulated with flower extras and promises a super hydrating finish that prevents aging, perfects skin, and protects it (but no word on the actual SPF value?!).

It’s $26 and available now at Ulta and Ulta.com

I look forward to trying it.