December 3, 2013

Wet n Wild Powder Play 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild Powder Play 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes

Wet n Wild Powder Play 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes in Art in the Streets, Floral Values, I’m His Breezey, Tunnel Vision, and The Naked Truth are five new permanent eyeshadow palettes that the brand has coming out this Spring 2014. I ran across the palettes at my local Harmons for $3.59 each with a dollar off coupon on each palette which brought the price down to $2.59!

I admit, I was excited. It’s so rare I get excited about budget makeup but Wet n Wild has been good to me with their 8 Pan Palettes and even their 6 Pan ones and yeah, even though they are frosty, some of the Coloricon Trios are pretty tasty as well!

So how were these new Wet n Wild Powder Play 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes?

Wet n Wild Powder Play 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette are kinda combination of the six pan and trio palettes combined into a 5 pan design. Each palette features five shades of eyeshadow for the lid, crease, liner, brow bone, and base to create your look. As always Wet n Wild gets a little crazy with their shade selections for brow bone highlighters….I mean I don’t think that you’ll be inclined to highlight your brow bone with light blue, royal purple, and silver unless you’re Mimi. Why jebus why?!

Outside of this weirndess the palettes are designed quite well and the mix of colors are quite good contrasting shades that work well together to create a fairly nice eye look. For example Tunnel Vision is the perfect selection of smoky eye shades. Outside of Art in the Streets (this is the only matte palette in the group) which is a strong mix of primary color shades that will create a rainbow look I’d say all the colors in each of the palettes work very well together. There isn’t anything more annoying than getting a mismatch of colors that don’t work well together.

Prior to Fergie becoming the spokes model for Wet n Wild the brand started a slight slide in their releases. I think they had a few repetitive moments and things started to get a little boring. When they launched Fergie’s Collection things started really going down hill and the formula and consistency of the products just wasn’t as great as it once was in my opinion. This is particularly the case with the Photo Op Eyeshadow Palettes which were very dry and chalky.

Wet n Wild Art in the Streets

Wet n Wild Art in the Streets swatches

Wet n Wild art in the streets eyeshadow swatches

Wet n Wild Powder Play Art in the Streets 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet n Wild Floral Values

Wet n Wild Floral Values swatches

Wet n Wild Powder Play Floral Values 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet n Wild i'm his breezey

Wet n Wild i'm his breezey swatches

Wet n Wild Powder Play I’m His Breezey 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet n Wild the naked truth

Wet n Wild the naked truth swatches

Wet n Wild the naked truth eyeshadow swatches

Wet n Wild Powder Play The Naked Truth 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild tunnel vision

Wet n Wild tunnel vision swatches

Wet n Wild Powder Play Tunnel Vision 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

The Wet n Wild Powder Play 5 Pan Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes are an exciting release because this was more of what we knew but in a new rendition of shades. GREAT! I’m excited.


They aren’t that great.

Wet n Wild made a fairly good choice here and lessened the sparkle and frost factor on these shades. But in changing that we run into an issue where the formula is more like the Photo Op one in the fact the shadows are dry which translates to pigmentation issues and a good deal of chalkiness and even a very powder-y texture that doesn’t wear well on lids. Some shades were better than others…when I say shades I’m referring to single colors in the palette not the entire palette itself. For example, Tunnel Vision had a fairly nice round of colors but the base was chalky and dry with the lid shade being chalky. The Naked Truth, my favorite color combo, had issues with little pigmentation due to a drier texture. And so on and so fourth. Needless to say the formula, texture, and pigmentation was inconsistent across the board.

I love the idea of these. I love I only paid $2.59 for each. I love Wet n Wild is doing something new.

I dislike that they somehow are missing the mark though with these releases. The formula didn’t need changing. They had something that worked and worked well and they should have stuck with that.

wet n wild the naked truth face of the day

wet n wild the naked truth fotd

The Naked Truth

Other bloggers or even yourself might feel differently about these new palettes but I personally thought they weren’t nearly as great as past releases from the brand.

Unfortunately, I’d recommend a skip!

But if you tried them I’d simply LOVE to hear your thoughts!

I got mine at Harmons so you can check out Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well as Christmas Tree Stores.

I purchased this item.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Carressa

    I agree with you about the formula and the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind. The formula did not need changing.

    • the Muse

      agreed! It’s great they are trying something new but they didn’t need to change something that already worked well!

  • Em

    You are such a snob. I have them and think they are great quality for the price you are paying. If “Chanel” was written on the packaging I bet you would be suddenly all for it.

    • the Muse

      hi em glad you like them. I actually have reviewed a good deal of Wet n Wild products which I have liked but the formula has gone down hill dramatically. It’s great you enjoyed them, that’s the point of Musings, everyone has a different opinion and I welcome anything you have to say however, You probably aren’t a regular reader here because I cover a wide range of products here that are both high end and low end both of which get poor reviews if the products aren’t worth a purchase. I like to think people come to my site because I am honest about how I feel about products both high and low end. As I said great you liked them but I personally felt they were chalky and the formula was NOT at all on par with what we’ve seen from Wet n Wild in the past.I don’t think you can honestly contradict that and say you feel like these palettes are the same formula and quality as the six or eight pan palettes that WnW has released in the past can you? they aren’t comparable in the least in my opinion and are quite dry. But again, all that matters here is you liked them so that’s great. Just try to be a little more mature and friendly when you’re leaving comments here though because writing off an opinion other than your own as being snobbish, well, that’s just not very mature. We’re all adults here, we can express ourselves without resorting to name calling. Enjoy the palettes!

      • Kaylyn

        Very well said Muse! I am a long time reader and greatly appreciate all you have done and continue to do for your readers.

      • J

        This is the most impressively sweet, mature, and totally bitchy response to a rude comment I have ever seen. I’ve always adored your blog but I think I just feel even more in love.
        You are awesome.

        • the Muse

          aw thanks J! Em is very welcome to stop by again and share her thoughts I’d love to hear anything she has to say but high school comments of “OMG you’re a snob” just aren’t helping me or any of my readers who look to other readers thoughts and mini reviews with a comment like that. I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me because if we all agreed on everything this would be a mighty boring beauty forum but the point is to relate back to me and to others why you love the palettes not to throw around silly comments that don’t help anyone.

        • Tara

          I couldn’t have said it better so I’m just going to give a big 2ND to your comment. 😀

      • Ali

        I agree with the muse on staying classy. I always look forward to your honest opinion on a variety of brands (drugstore and high end). Keep up the good work!

      • Jolie

        Wow, your response was very mature. I know I definitely would not have been as gracious. Nothing in your review sounded snobby at all, or like you were putting Wet n Wild down just because it’s from the drugstore. Her comment was uncalled for and unreasonable.

        I’m very glad to read your review. I was interested in the quality of these palettes, but it’s good to know that I can potentially skip out on them.

        • the Muse

          She’s very welcome to say whatever she likes Jolie I just wish it was more helpful to everyone here that reads the review. “You’re snobby I like the palettes” isn’t really helping anyone. Something along the lines of, “I don’t know why you didn’t liked them and I liked them because fill in the blank with her thoughts” would be so much more helpful to everyone reading this review as you’d have my negative thoughts and her positive ones. It’s always great to hear the pros and the cons of a product before a purchase and she has an open forum here should she wish to return and express her thoughts on the quality of the shadows. If you try them Jolie love to hear your thoughts 🙂

        • the Muse

          thanks milly…! she deserved a reply, perhaps she’ll give us more info about why she loved the palettes. I’d be very interested to hear her opinion!

      • Lori

        I’ve been a long time reader of your site and have never felt the need to comment but I have to say that your review was spot on and your reply to EM was handled with much class. Pls keep up the honest reviews that we all have come here to read and love. I can say that you have saved me much money and I have found some really outstanding products that I would have never tried without your reviews. Your reviews and honest opinions good or bad, are value to me an thousands of others. Stay classy Muse 🙂

        • the Muse

          thank you lori! 🙂 I’m happy to have you as a long time reader! and thank you this comment is totally uplifting 🙂

      • Elizabeth Maiorana

        Hi darling Isabella,

        You do a superb job and are deeply appreciated by all your subscribers- you most certainly have been nothing but honest and impartial in your reviews of all cosmetics and I have been with you for several years by now although I am a rare-instance poster. Very impartial and greatly appreciated, thank you for all you do!!

        xo Beth in Pgh :-))

        • Isabella Muse

          aw beth thank you very very much! I’m so glad you enjoy Musings and I’m flattered you trust in my reviews <3!

    • Nat

      Em, I hope you take time to actually look through Muse’s reviews – you would see that she covers a very wide variety of brands, everything from super inexpensive to top of the line. If you did, you would see that she is very fair and honest when she gives her opinion. It doesn’t even appear that you read all of this review – if you had, you would see that Muse even said that earlier palettes from Wet n Wild were better, so she’s not bashing cheaper makeup. 🙁

      • the Muse

        thanks Nat! I def am not bashing. I started this blog on high end and Asian makeup reviews because at that time that was something I enjoyed. This blog and all of you taught me how to love not only high end makeup but also everything else in between 🙂 I’ve run into drugstore products that just aren’t that great but hey, I’ve run into equally bad high end products too! so hopefully I’m covering a little bit of everything here on Musings and Em, you, and everyone else run into some post, product, or review that you do find helpful and informative 🙂

    • Maddie

      I think it was extremly disrespectful or you to treat the Muse the way you did. I’m happy you shared your thoughts (about the palette) but you honestly to not have to name call or express your feelings in such a negative way. The Muse may choose to not approve this comment because she does not want things to be blown out of proportion, and I completely respect that decision. I just mainly want to let her know that she has readers who value her opinion and who will always support her. Everyone will have different opinions about things and the Muse simply shares her true opinion with us, and we are very lucky to have her spending so much times sharing her opinion with us. Please remember this and word your thoughts in a kinder way next time.

      • the Muse

        thanks maddie! I wish Em would have taken time out to explain why she liked the palettes it would be much more helpful to everyone to get a different review on the palette versus my negative one versus “You’re a snob!” Em, if you’re reading I welcome you to give us a mini review of what you loved about these! It would def help many!

    • Angel

      The muse always has both high and low end products. You should read the whole blog before making yourself sound crazy.

      • Maddie

        You put this as a response to my comment. I assume you’re talking to Em, but if I made it sound like she didn’t review high and low end brands I didn’t mean to. I am a very avid reader of Musings.

        • the Muse

          oops maddie that prob was a mistake on Angel’s part 🙂 you def did not sound like that at all <3! thank you for being such a loyal reader!

          • Maddie

            I didn’t mean to make it sound like it was Angel’s fault. Just wanted to let her know. No problem, Musey. 😉

          • the Muse

            oh I def don’t think you were replying directly to her 😀 prob just a miss hit on the keyboard no worries my dear 😀

    • Sophie

      Em, you shouldn’t say stuff like that, it’s insulting. Isabella reviews tons and tons and tons of products and she sure knows how to compare quality. I agree with Isabella who thinks like many other beauty bloggers or make-up artists that these releases are not that great. The other 8-color pans have a waaaay better pigmentation. Their eyeshadow singles are amazing (brule, nutty, kitten, panther…)
      Just not this new collection… 🙁
      That’s it, that’s all ! -:)

  • Emi

    I reviewed (or really just swatched) these yesterday, and I agree with you – these are very skippable. Wet n Wild can do so much better!

    Also, your swatches are way more pigmented than mine – do you swatch over primer? I know some people prefer to (since most of us wear primer daily anyhow).

    • the Muse

      Hey Emi! PHEW thought it was me for a sec there 🙂 yup, not the quality I expected from Wet n Wild at all. no they actually swatch a little better on primer but that would kinda defeat the purpose of the review 🙂 I just used a sponge applicator to swap them on my arm so that picked up color a bit better…!

  • Quinctia

    Damn, I was hoping they might improve their formula. They’re really giving themselves a bad name. I suppose I should just focus on picking up some of the Black Radiance shadows that are still the good formula. (Same parent company as WnW.)

    However, at the low retail, since I’m a sucker for purples and it seems to be the best swatched, I’m probably going to pick up the purple palette from this set.

    I am so thankful I picked up a backup of the Lust 6-pan. I have so much eyeshadow, but I’ve dented several of the shades significantly. Actually, I’d recommend anyone who missed out on the 6-pans to pick them up from All Cosmetics Wholesale if they’re making an order from that site anytime soon. Last I checked, they still had all four of them.

    • the Muse

      me too 🙁 I haven’t tried the Black Radiance ones because they the colors looks so similar to shades I already owned in the WnW eight pans but if they introduce new shades I’ll be on it 😀 The purple actually was one of the better ones so you’re safe there! ACW is awesome 😀 great site!

  • Rebecca

    Ugh, it’s too bad the texture isn’t very good. I really like the colors on “Art in the Streets” and “Floral Values” – I may still pick up one eventually just to try it. Maybe. I’ll probably pass on the light blue as a browbone shade though, lol.

    • the Muse

      it’s so cheap why not rebecca!? you might love and hell you can use under a cream shadow, that’ll make it a bit more workable! 🙂 LOL agreed that’s a big pass 😀

  • Anne

    Thanks for the review Muse! I know I can count on your honesty regardless of the brand. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • the Muse

      thank you Anne that kind of trust goes a long way and don’t ever think I don’t appreciate it greatly 🙂

  • Lindsay

    Hi Muse! I wanted to say I think you’re great and so NOT snobbish at all. In any of your reviews, high or low end brands. Wet n wild is so hit or miss and I always turn to your reviews before I purchase things bc I’ve found we share similar view points on certain products (ie dry, chalky shadrows which are simply a no-go for my dry lids). Anyways, I love reading your reviews and opinions even if they differ from my own some tines. You’re the first beauty blogger I ever started following and introduced me to the world of beauty blogging. So thanks for all you do, you’re the best!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks Lindsay! jeez 🙂 <3! I'm glad to hear we share a similar opinion, yak yeah, dry here too so def not good for me!

  • lyz

    First of all that other person is so rude. Ironically they sounded very snobby in their comment. Anyway, I don’t understand why they give you a larger amount of browbone than eyelid. Especially since the browbone colors are nuts. I might grab Art in the Streets one though, mainly for that yellow shade.

    • the Muse

      I think they might weight in at the same size lyz (can’t confirm though) it just looks bigger because the way they designed it 🙂

  • Elisa

    Muse, one of the reasons I love coming here is for your wide variety of high, mid, and low end brands. I love that your reviews are honest and that you don’t care whether it says chanel or jordana on the label – a high quality cosmetic is a high quality cosmetic regardless of band name. Bravo to you Muse.

    • the Muse

      thanks Elisa I have to blow my own horn for a moment and say I LIKE my blog because I cover EVERYTHING. Literally ALL beauty…Japanese, British, drugstore, high end, mid range, very low budget, bath, body, skincare, everything…..I don’t cater to any one brand and I like that I can offer all of you variety when you visit me here! 🙂

  • Justine

    I’m so sad these palettes aren’t as high quality. I swear whenever it’s high quality and LE, I can’t find it, but when it’s just average, I have no problem! lol! Thanks again for the review. You always do an amazing job, and I always look forward to reading your blog!

  • Erin

    Well Muse ~ I am up in the middle of the night & can’t sleep, so of course I’m surfing your blog as you are so enjoyable.

    I feel compelled to respond to the above comment. You are always extremely fair on reviews from high-end, drugstore, Asian market, BBB, etc. . . If you can name it, you have most likely reviewed it. I have never left a comment here but I so appreciate your honesty & hard work to keep this beauty blog running so smoothly.

    Have a great Wednesday ~ now go gloss those lips girlie 🙂

    • the Muse

      omg erin! same prob with me last night. I got in late, crawled in, and twisted and turned most of the night! yak! Hope you grabbed some z’s! I try girl I try! 😀 lol right back atcha my friend!

    • the Muse

      thanks Tina! I just wish Em would take time out and reply about how thoughts on the palette that would be way more helpful to anyone reading the review as you’ll have what I disliked about it and maybe some of what she loved about it! It’s always great to get a positive and negative aspect before deciding on the purchase but unfortunately her one word sentence, in my opinion, didn’t really help anyone. I’m all for criticism but intelligent criticism is always a good idea!

      • casta

        I didnt like the ones with chunky glitter because they were powdery, and well, had chunky glitter. But there were a couple of matte, buttery, highly pigmented shades in the naked truth as well as a third greyish sheeny taupe that I think were were worth the palette purchase for $3.99. Even tho bright colors and black n grey palettes arent my specific cup of tea, the pigmentation alone is worth $4. True that wet n wild has spoiled us with past color icons, but instead of sticking it to WNW by completely riding them off, because they have slightly less quality than the orig color icon is not gonna bring the originals back.

  • Chelsea

    1. Bravo with the wording of your response. I read this site for both high-end and low-end, and most other reviews I find often match yours in tone, and my own experiences are usually the same. And have you even reviewed Chanel lately, if at all? Because I don’t remember anything.

    2. What was your last experience with a WnW collection or new release that was up to the standards of their old (read: good) formula? All reviews I’ve seen and any items I’ve bought have been on that downward spiral of quality. Was it pre- or post-Fergie? Can we give her back to them and ask for the old stuff instead?

    • the Muse

      aw it’s always great to hear that chelsea! I have 🙂 I reviewed a few lipsticks earlier in the month! I’d say a little before Fergie and worst after Fergie. LOL poor Fergie getting the blame for WnW’s poor quality 🙂 I actually recommended some of the good products in this post and pointed to the reviews. the six and eight pan palettes and even some of the single shades were WONDERFUL! it’s just more recent LE releases and the Centerstage Collection (and now these) that really reflects a different formula and quality in the palettes!

    • casta

      Pre fergie, the color icons were mac worthy…now the colors offered arent as desirable to me, but are still good quality (Naked Truth) and are worth the mere $4 for at least 3 buttery, blendable and pigmented shadows out of the 5 in this palette.

    • the Muse

      aw hugs Gwen! right back atcha!!!!!!!!!! I’m lucky to have such a beautiful lady such as yourself as a reader 🙂

  • Jane

    I was just watching MST3K last night and pondering Pearl’s eye makeup. Play In The Streets is the answer!

    WNW frequently disappoints me such that I just don’t buy it anymore. It is seductively inexpensive though.

    • the Muse

      pearl does a mimi well LOL ;-D but it actually looks cool on her 😀 it really is so budget friendly but sometimes I question whether to put the $3-$4 to something I will end up liking versus indulging in their offerings that aren’t really great and I end up tossing in the do not use pile 🙁

  • TwirlyGirly

    Although I have not as yet purchased any of THESE palettes, I absolutely agree with you, Muse, regarding the change in the quality of WnW shadows overall. I did purchase a couple of the early Fergie eyeshadow palette releases and the difference between those and the 8-pan Coloricon palettes in the permanent range was quite obvious.

    I often wonder – do cosmetic companies employ people to read the top blogs that review makeup to see what their customers are saying? If not, they SHOULD! After all, they are in the business to sell product. Obviously, if a particular formula is being panned not only by the bloggers, but also by those who follow the blogs and leave comments, they need to pay attention to what is being said.

    I also take issue with the comments made by the above reader. While there are “Brand Whores” in the blogosphere, Muse is NOT one of them. Muse DOES review drugstore brands, and I have found her reviews of those products to be both fair and accurate. Muse has recommended MANY drugstore product brands over the years – search “Wet n Wild”, “NYX”, “Maybelline”, “Cover Girl”, etc. on the blog and you will find plenty of reviews – many positive and “Muse Approved”.

    It is because Muse is NOT a “Brand Whore” that her blog is the ONLY makeup blog I read every. single. day. I cannot afford a lot of high end cosmetics, and I depend on her reviews to help me make my decisions as to which products will get a portion of my (limited) cosmetics budget.

    • the Muse

      Morning Twirly.

      It’s a shame. They really had something going for a moment there. Originally the line was kinda bad in my humblest…way back in the day but it improved dramatically in the last four or five years. Some of the six pan palettes are solid gold! And the LE palettes released Holiday 2011 were fabulous. But let’s be honest for a second here, sure these only cost under three bucks but that doesn’t mean they deserve a huge rave. They aren’t anywhere near the quality that the six and eight pans are. And remember these are going to be added to the perm collection which could mean they’ll replace the current eight pan offerings which, in my opinion, would be a damn shame. I really like how they removed the frost factor from these because the trios and even some of the eight pan shades are a bit frosty however, that didn’t improve the overall quality. They are dry and just because they are under three dollars doesn’t mean they deserve a rave. Unfortunately being budget friendly doesn’t get them a pass in my opinion. You’re going to come across people that possibly disagree and that’s perfectly fine but express it in a mature way and at least take time out and list the reasons you do like the palettes without resorting to a single sentence of “Hey you’re a snob!” that isn’t really helping anyone reading the review. Em is welcome to express her feelings but it would be great if she could do so in a helpful way for all.

      and thanks 🙂 I appreciate your loyal readership Twirly!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Muse, I happen to think that you are often spot on with your reviews. I adore high end brands and I also happen to adore drug store brands. I usually run out and buy most WnW things and lately I have just been incredibly nonplussed. I think that they are consistently missing the mark with their eyeshadow palette releases and they would be better served if they went back to the formula of the original 8 pan palettes and just make new and exciting colors. Is it really that difficult? I wouldn’t think so. It breaks my heart to walk past a WnW display and not be tempted to purchase one of each because I already know that they are just not as good as they used to be.

    Thank you for doing all of the work and research that you do for your readers. I value your opinions greatly and I think of you as a friend in my beauty world that makes me laugh out loud and nod my head in agreement with most things that you express. Keep on doing what you do. It is much appreciated and looked forward to!

    • the Muse

      Hey Michelle.

      What the heck happened? I don’t get it. You’re not supposed to have a great run and suddenly slide down into oblivion. At one time anything WnW did was an instant buy and a success for me in many cases. Ok, I admit some shades were a tad TOO frosty but in many cases it was easily blended away. The eight pans were delicious! and so were the six. But suddenly I’m scared to buy anything WnW because it disappoints 🙁 sigh….! so sad! I hope they start reading reviews and taking all this into account. They have a damn good thing going and they can continue on that path with a little change here and there.

      Aw my pleasure my pleasure! Comments like this keep me working harder and inspired 🙂 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gwen

    I think we can all agree, we love our Muse. I read the reviews on the products that interest me from the cheapie to the fabulously expensive and I have never been disappointed (as I am sitting here looking quite fetching in my new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light and my Wet and Wild Balm Stain stick in Rico Mauve)…that’s the point, she reviews everything HONESTLY. Let’s just all play nice, and Em, please do come back and have your eyes opened a little more.

    • the Muse

      thanks gwen 🙂 I try girl I try and I’m happy to hear you’re liking that Hourglass Powder! Girl you’re the hottest look soon to be grandmother EVERS 😀

  • Joy

    A standing ovation to the Muse for a reasonable & gracious response to an immature comment! One of the many reasons I adore this blog is the lack of preciousness about high end products, which strengthens the idea of having fun with makeup, regardless of price points. I think a blog will always end up embodying the personality of the writer, and Musey let me tell you, having read your blog for a while, I can tell that you are a lovely human being <3 <3 <3

    Back to WnW, its like the company lost its way. With the great success of Color Icon in the past, the next logical step would be to enhance brand recognizability and take it to a broader market. Which I guess they tried to do with the Fergie thing? But I'm speculating that the cash outlay for the Fergie promote meant cutting back on other costs, to the detriment of product quality. I hope they change course soon. WnW was like a lovely little jewel of a brand, giving good value for money.

    • the Muse

      thanks joy appreciate that. I don’t think I single out any one brand because it is expensive I do however if I LOVE that brand. Regardless of the price point if it is good it is good if it sucks it sucks! 🙂 aw thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3! I think Fergie was a smart choice, it's appealing to younger girls however, the quality just totally alienated people who were already fans of the products. I mean in paying Fergie did they run out of cash to create good makeup? I'm utterly being serious here because it can't exactly be cheap to hire someone on like fergie, you have to cut back somewhere perhaps that cut back was in the formula ha...!

  • kimkats

    Aw, poozle…. I was hoping that they would have returned to their former knockout formula…. I may still indulge in the Naked Truth one just cuz I really like the colors, so no big loss if they suck on me… ‘Course it’ll be eons before they show up here so no immediate need to go in search of ’em…

    Nice review Muse – thanks for the warning! If I waste my money, I have only me to thank! 😀

    And your reply to Em’s immature stomping-her-little-footsie-because-you-didn’t-agree-with-her post was priceless.

    Ah jest luv yew!! 😀

  • Sarah Chicago

    I don’t understand! Don’t they swatch their own products? Don’t they WANT their shadows to be pigmented?

    It’s like when fancy/expensive Urban Decay lets there be shades in a huge palette that have terrible payoff. Do they not notice this??

    Great post, though!! 🙂

    • the Muse

      I do wonder…! I do wonder! or when PR teams just cry across social media how great something is and it’s like wait, did they really try the same product I tried?!

  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    What a shame! I was excited when I saw you post this yesterday and I was waiting for your review. I thought I’m His Breezey would be my next blue palette after Blue Had at Hello (8-pan). But it was a disappointment. Your swatch alone showed how drying it looked like. =( Oh well. At least because of honest reviews like this, we aren’t fooled by the colors or packaging. Thanks, Miss Muse! =)

  • Meg

    Such a bummer! I was excited about the glitter singles they have coming out but heard those aren’t great either. Some of the colors in these look pretty but so much like colors they’ve released in trios and the 8 pans before – and those of course had much better color payoff. What’s wrong with you, Wet n’ Wild?! Makin’ me sad! lol

    • the Muse

      you know I am too but they are likely going to be the same formula as the Halloween Palettes which I loved! but the problem is they dry out FASSSTTTT! 🙁 sad sigh!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I always get so excited when I see bright vibrant colors on a drugstore level, but womp womp. Way to get my hopes up WnW. :'[

  • ZG

    Thank You for reviewing this. It sucks that the color payoff is not there in these palettes. Come on Wet and Wild – we waht ya ba

  • Joanna

    Agreed! Their formula did not need changes at all. It’s such a disappointment for me. Btw you are rocking that red lips 🙂

  • Maki

    I think WnW has gone the way of many other brands (not just makeup but food, products, etc.) that once they have you hooked and used to consistent and good quality, they cheapen out somehow to boost their profit margin. Because you’re used to good quality they know they’ll get your money regardless because as soon as you see it you won’t question the quality, you’ll just buy it if you like it. Sadly the only thing they understand is money and unless we stop buying and start making comments when they do this, they’ll just keep going.
    I haven’t purchased any of the WnW products related to Fergie because I just don’t like her, and I’m unimpressed with the stuff they’re releasing under her name, but I did pick up the above blue palette simply for the colors. Even if they aren’t the best, with a little work if the color is something you love, it’ll work for the price, ya know? So I don’t why that person took it so personally that you didn’t like them, that was weird. Heaven forbid you be honest and let people know that the quality of something has gone down before they start shelling out their money. I thought that was the point of this blog, research. You know who rarely gets a good review anymore from other honest beauty bloggers? MAC. Somehow they are still going though and don’t improve on the quality, it’s nuts!! It’s as if anyone involved in buying high-end products doesn’t even bother to do their research at all.

    • the Muse

      excellent point Maki! You’re right not only makeup for other products as well! That’s true, it is workable with a cream base of some sort, not the best quality but still you can def use some sort of primer to make it look better 🙂 MAC has gone down considerably in quality since I started collecting it. The quality just seems to have suffered somehow. Some LE releases are good but most aren’t that great and that’s so sad. I agree 🙁 further testing needs to be done before they launch this stuff!

  • Rochelle Eber

    Muse, those comments didn’t even merit a reply. You can’t argue with ignorance and stupidity. I love that everytime I go to research a new product that I’m not sure isn’t even out yet, your review comes up in the search. You’re awesome!!! I agree that it’s silly for Wet ‘N Wild to change their formula when their color icon shadows have been so well reviewed. They were just a touch too soft and powdery, but other than that almost perfect, especially for the price. They had great pigment. I’m sad that what they are touting as improved is a step backwards. I was even unpleasantly surprised at the new Nakeds 3 palette. The lighter shades I swatched in store were lacking in pigment, and mostly all of the lighter half of the palette wiped right off my hand.

    • the Muse

      aw it’s ok rochelle! Everyone is entitled to say what they like just do so in a civil friendly way 🙂 thank you SO much! I’m so glad you find Musings helpful! in regards to naked 3, that could be because SO many people swatched it before you…all the oily from a variety of hands probably morphed the formula a bit!

  • Tara

    The Naked Truth looks gorgeous on you! You worked those colors! 😀

    These 5-pans have left me really disappointed though. It’s such a shame because I looooooove Wet ‘n Wild sooooooooooo much and was really looking forward to these. I thought I was going to buy them all but I ended up being meh and not getting any. Oh well, money saved to buy all those gorgeous new Fergie Vicious Varnishes! 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Tara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, sad sigh! they just aren’t what I expect from WnW! AGREED! Those are worth the haul imho! Great formula and so long wearing!

  • Loevens

    I totally agree with you. These are not the best. I only have the palette “naked truth” as it initially appealed the most to me. I’m not pleased with it. The shadows are very dry indeed and I find that no matter how I use these shadows it all looks the same on me. They do tend to look really muddy on my lids when I try to blend them out, so not super pleased with these.