March 26, 2014

Crest Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Crest Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste

Crest has a new line of flavored toothpastes this Spring as you know. Crest Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste being one of those three flavors available now at drugstores.

I dunno about you but I kinda like the idea of a Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste flavor! Takes me away from the mundane mint and gives me a little twist of lime. I like a little adventure in my toothpaste….

So what did I think of Crest Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste? Did it give me the adventure I craved?

Ew…don’t like this at all.

Crest Be Dynamic Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste seems like a fun idea but I disliked the flavor in a major way. One of my main issues isn’t the flavor though…

This really doesn’t foam up well so I kinda came out of the experience feeling like I didn’t even wash my teeth. On top of that the flavor was just awful. It tastes very much like a medicine of some sort. There’s mint and a bit of a salty lime flavor which gives the toothpaste incredible bitterness. After I rinsed my mouth I felt like I had just sucked on a Halls cough drop…it left a really awful taste in my mouth.


Between the lack of foam and the horrible flavor my teeth and mouth felt less than clean.

My advice?

Skip this flavor.

I did purchase the Vanilla Mint so I’m hopeful that’ll be better! I wasn’t adventourous enough for the Mint Chocolate flavor and that might be a good thing as if Lime Spearmint is anything to go by I’d likely hate it.

Anyone try these new flavored toothpastes?

What was your experience with them?

Do share!

Available now at drugstores or online at as well as and

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Crystal

    I tried the chocolate mint and I didn’t feel like it cleaned my teeth either. It almost felt gritty and uncomfortable to brush my teeth with. It’s going in the trash. I was curious to see your review of this one because I looked at this flavor too. I won’t be buying it. Thanks for the review!

    • Isabella Muse

      thankfully not gritty with this one but it didn’t foam or lather up much so I kinda felt like my teeth weren’t getting clean?! Avoid it…it tastes like cough medicine or cough drops or something it’s kinda gross!

  • amy

    bummer, but I’m weirdly eager to hear how the vanilla mint works out!

  • Cj

    I tried the chocolate, not only was it disgusting, somehow it actually made my teeth feel dirtier, I actually had to brush again with my old toothpaste.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL DITTO I felt like my mouth was still suffering from morning breath so had to follow up with my regular toothpaste!

  • Madeline D

    awwwwww man!!! I saw the title and freaked out, how I would have loved for this to be an awesome product. Spearmint lime sounds heavenly. Let’s just hope this sparks a new trend for other brands to start mastering the tasty toothpaste options. Thank you for always giving us the most authentic reviews 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      it really does! I was thinking tart with a hint of mint…but it tastes like cough drops! yak! that would be brilliant if they did Madeline 😀 aw thanks 🙂 my pleasure as always!

  • jann

    Thanks for the review. It sounded good in theory but maybe the flavour just doesn’t go together. I vaguely remember Crest doing this a few years ago and they called them Crest Expressions. They had a cinnamon flavour, citrus and vanilla. I don’t think they sold that well.

  • Ashley

    I tired the lime spearmint,& it doesn’t leave your mouth with a fresh feeling afterwards, which is what toothpaste is supposed to do. My favorite crazy toothpaste flavor is Cinnamon by Crest, even though my dermatologist told me to quit using it because it can trigger some form of adult ance that can only be treated by taking an oral pill, that hurts your stomach and makes your skin super sensitive and you can’t have diary and it causes severe birth defects. I can’t remember the name, but its awful, so I don’t use the Cinnamon flavor toothpaste anymore, cause the side effects and taking that medicine was awful.

  • Katmary

    I don’t recall who did it before (perhaps Crest with Jann’s recollection?) but a mint and vanilla came out before and I really liked it. I think I’ll wait to hear how others like this version first since 2/3 haven’t gone over well! There’s an actual chocolate mint plant and I was hoping Chocolate Mint would have that scent vs. say mint with cocoa. The plant leaves are great in desserts and I’ve grown it for some time. I’m not a big lime person but was still curious to hear how others liked it, but I think I’ll pass on this entire collection- too bad as I love Vanilla Mint!

  • Jane

    I’m the outlier on this one as I really digged the Lime Spearmint flavor. It was light and not over-powering and cleaned my teeth as well as any other toothpaste/gel. I

  • Karyn Kirke

    I thought it might taste like a mojito, but it was just unpleasant. Did no one taste test this stuff before mass producing it????

  • Nat

    I commented on this before in another post but it didn’t save, oh no!

    Anywho, I have the Be Adventurous (choc mint) and I LOVE it! It tastes a lot like chocolate Velamints (before they were pulled from the market and reformulated with Stevia – apparently they don’t taste as good anymore). I hope they make it a permanent part of their line! 🙂

  • ggggg

    Crest made the Expressions line a few years ago and the Vanilla Mint was out of this world. I used that EXCLUSIVELY for years. When they discontinued it there was a big backlash on the Crest website and users were begging them to bring it back. Now years later it’s back and I, for one was beside myself when I saw the first post about it here.

    I ran to the store to get the Vanilla Mint but was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the price for the amount you got. What a ripoff!!!! The original Expressions came in a large tube and was the same price as their average toothpaste. Although my heart was aching for the new paste, the practical person in me could not bring myself to purchase even one tube. I just could not send that message to Crest that they could overcharge for FLAVORING a toothpaste and get away with it. $5 for a measly 4 oz. was not right – it just wasn’t right, and for something that was done before. Shame on you, Crest. I’ll wait another 2 weeks till I see it in the clearance bin and scoop them up then. And I’m sure they will be there, I only see full displays everywhere I go, not one box missing.

  • cat

    Haha. I’m sorry you hated this but it made for a very funny review.