June 11, 2014

Celebrate Lunasol’s 15th Anniversary This Summer!

Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014

Lunasol is turning 15 and they are celebrate with two limited edition Lunasol 15th Anniversary Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes as well as Lunasol W Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Singles!

You’ve already been privy to the Lunasol 15th Anniversary Palette I featured in another post but here’s more details on the 15th Anniversary Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes and W Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Singles!

The Lunasol W Lighting Eyes Collection for Summer 2014 not only celebrates the summer season but also Lunasol’s 15th Anniversary with new, exciting, and limited edition makeup palettes, shadows, and more.

Two of the items I really wanted from this collection were the palettes and single eyeshadows so I did indeed buy those and will review them for you shortly!

Lunasol 15th Anniversary Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
Available in a warm coral and a cool beige color selection these five shadow palettes add a three dimensional look to eyes with shimmery, sparkly shades of shadow!

Lunasol 15th Anniversary

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Singles
These limited eyeshadow duos featuring a bright color as well as a sparkly clearer shade that contains brilliant pearl pigments to create a sparkly look for Summer!

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes

There are also nail polishes, mascara, and gloss available with the collection but the stand out pieces for me were the shadows. Although I must admit the palettes are quite reminiscent of Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes especially the colors in the cooler beige palette! But I am looking forward to the coral as this seems like a unique color selection!

I’m looking forward to trying the Lighting Eyes Singles as well because Lunasol does, from time to time, create a nice single eyeshadow! It’s a welcome change from all the palettes they do.

The collection launched recently in Japan and online retailers are starting to carry it! Gooddealer.com is a good place to start on a purchase!