June 12, 2014

Obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot

Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot Perfume Oil

I happen to be obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot! I recently tried out the Sparkle Mist Me in this delightful scent and was already familiar with it because it’s a scent that was introduced in the Grinch Holiday Collection. I was happy to see it return for Summer 2014.

This is a must have!

I LOVE this scent. The Sweet Spot is a blend of melon, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, sour mandarin, and a dash of sweet sugar. I don’t really get the melon in this scent or the pineapple but it has a delightful the strawberries and peaches play so nicely together giving this a a sweet edge add a tart yet sour bit of mandarin with a dash of sugar and you have a tart, slightly sour, sweet fruity scent. It reminds me of some sort of sweet yet tart fruity candy!

I really love the Fortune Cookie Soap Mist Me Body Sprays but they don’t last very well on me! I am enjoying the perfume oil considerably more since it has a higher content of fragrance oil and has a longer linger and a better throw! These last on me for a good several hours as with the mist it disappears on me within an hour of spraying it on!

Sweet Spot is right up there with my favorite BPAL Fragrance Oil, Sugar Skull (they aren’t dupes for each other! They just both really unique candy-ish scents).

Even if you dislike sweeter scents or fruity ones you’re bound to enjoy this one!

Absolutely love it!

It comes with a huge Muse Approval.

Do try it!

As for me I’m off to just buy everything that Fortune Cookie Soap makes in it thanks very much!

Get it now at fortunecookiesoap.com.