December 30, 2014

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes Review & Swatches

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes

I might not have liked the Lunasol AHKAH Collection Cheeks but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes Eyeshadow. This limited edition Holiday 2014 eyeshadow was released in two shades selections that will be available in Japan for a limited time.

The collection is a collaboration between Lunasol and Japanese jewelry creator, AHKAH!

Let’s take a look at the Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes!

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes6

I’m a massive fan of Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow, these are my HG eyeshadows (wish they came in a few more shades!). So I was instantly excited about the Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes as just looking at the promo images you could tell these were going to be very much the same formulas as Lighting Eyes.

Guess what?

They are!

I only grabbed up the EX01 Beige Gold shade as it was the most appealing but there is also a pastel pink one that seems intriguing enough. If I’m lucky perhaps it’ll still be in stock and I can also purchase it.

The shadow comes housed in a pale pink metallic case with clouds gracing the cover and both the Lunasol and AHKAH emblem decorating the front. Inside you’ll find a small mirror and a striped powder eyeshadow that mimics the design of the blush from the same collection I recently featured and reviewed. The shadow is made up of three shades that include a light golden brown, a slighter darker golden brown, and a light gold. All three shades are heavy on the shimmer and have minor fall out during application. Strangely enough here the lighter gold dominates the palette when applied on my lids versus the brown shades. They add a slight depth to the gold but for the most part the shade is a beautiful sparkling beige-y gold!

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes Eyeshadow

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes (EX01 Beige Gold)

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes swatches

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes Swatches (EX01 Beige Gold)

The texture of the shadow is silky with a certain creaminess which is fairly traditional for Japanese eyeshadows! It applies like a dream with a tiny bit of sparkly fall out but nothing that doesn’t easily clean up. I like how natural and pretty the shade is, nothing too over done. I didn’t have issues with creasing or fading and the color wears strongly for a solid 8 hours.

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes fotd

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes eyeshadow fotd

All in all a most excellent shadow. I’m a little regretful I didn’t get a backup OR pick up the other shade! I’m having a friend who lives in Tokyo locate the other shade but I think I MIGHT also need a back up of this color. One can hope she finds it for me!
did have the collection earlier in the month but not sure if he still has it available you might wish to check there (which I’m going to do shortly because a backup is most definitely needed of this fab shade) if you want this! If not a good replacement product is the permanent Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow.

Lunasol AHKAH Collection Shiny Eyes gets a Muse Approval!