March 9, 2015

Disney Frozen Elsa Hair Accessory, Makeup Bag, and Nail Polish Collection

soho frozen makeup bags

Soho Frozen Elsa Makeup Bags, Frozen Elsa Orly Color Blast Nail Polish, Ardell Frozen Elsa False Lashes, and Scunci Frozen Elsa Hair Accessories are launching at Walgreens now! There’s a ton of cutesy goodies launching around Frozen this Spring including a new Frozen Elsa E.L.F. Cosmetics Makeup Collection I told you about in a prior post.

Have a look at the offerings below!

I have to admit, although it has a major fandom, I’m not a huge Frozeneer fan girl! I do however, love the looks of the art and think Elsa is cute as a pie with her big beautiful blue eyes! I also have in my possession a ton of the makeup goodies that Peripera released in Korea like the Frozen Magic Glam Tint, Frozen Snow Pride Up Powder, and Frozen Wholly Deep Liner Kit.

ardell frozen elsa false lashes

soho frozen makeup bags

disney frozen elsa makeup bags

frozen elsa makeup bags

frozen elsa orly nail polish

frozen elsa scunci

orly frozen elsa nail polish

It seems with each new Disney collaboration the offerings get bigger and bigger and bigger…! Nail art, nail polish, makeup bags, accessories of all kinds, makeup…! It’s pretty crazy.

Elsa gets the royal treatment with collaborations happening between Orly, Scunci, Soho, E.L.F., and Ardell which cover everything from sparkly hair accessories to lipgloss and beyond! Hell there’s even a cute Q-Tip cup featuring Olfa, Anna, and Elsa for $1.99!

Needless to say the drugstore is currently Frozen over for Spring!

So head to your local Walgreens to check out the Frozen offerings.

Anyone grab anything from this cute collection of goodies?

Do share!