March 18, 2015

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray2

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray ($6) is a new permanent makeup setting spray that launched with the Hard Candy Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Makeup setting sprays at the drugstore are a trending at the moment as L’Oreal released Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray a short time ago for Spring 2015.

I’m a not a huge, huge lover of setting sprays. I love facial mists with a passion but actually setting my makeup with a mist kinda freaks me out. It makes me feel like I spent a ton of time on my makeup and I’m proceeding to mist myself with water right after. It’s a weird concept to me! But none the less they are very, very popular and makeup lovers adore them so I’m always willing to give them a try and see if they work for me.

Up until now I’m not a huge fan but maybe, just maybe Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray could change my mind.

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray4

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray comes in a 2.2 oz so it is a budget option compared to products like NYX Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray which is 2.02 oz in size at $8, Urban Decay Setting Sprays at $30 for 4 oz, and L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray at $17.99. Out of many makeup spray options, Hard Candy does win the budget friendly award coming in at a mere $6 bucks.

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray doesn’t have a ton of the same ingredients as many setting sprays I own and have used in the past. It does in fact contain alcohol which isn’t a fab ingredient in skincare but it isn’t drying of that’s your main concern. It does contain Ethanol (listed as SD Alcohol 40-B on the ingredients) and this is typically an alcohol that is drying but I didn’t experience any issues. Sensitive skin might be averse to Ethanol so you want to be careful here.

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray

Ingredients aside, the spray actually does work fairly well! I spray it in an X on my face after I’ve applied all my makeup (blush, foundation, etc..full face). It sets quickly but I hate, hate, hate how it intensifies the look of my blush and just makes my makeup look wet. However, it does dry down and sets very quickly so that little weird issues disappears quickly enough. It doesn’t tighten it doesn’t nor does it leave behind a film. My foundation lasts anywhere from six to seven hours depending on what I use. For example BB Creams wear for a good seven hours on me, some of my favorite foundations like Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation I can get a nice five to six hours from, other foundations I own are sometimes shorter at four hours. I decided to wear it with one of my foundations that wore the shortest time to see how it would hold up with this. I also purposely wore a concealer that faded quickly as well. I sprayed it once in an X motion on my face and once again straight down my face from the middle of my forehead right down to my chin in a quick burst. I gave in a few seconds to allow it to set and headed out for the day.

It did great! My foundation looked fresh through a seven hour period, my concealer looked excellent, my blush remained vibrant, my makeup looked as good as it did the first time I applied it! I mean sure, I looked a little tired at the end of the day but my makeup still looked nice. I’ve used it a few times last week and was happy with the results each time. I STILL dislike the fact it makes me look like I was caught in the rain on the initial mist but after the set my makeup looks fine again!

One warning for those sensitive users as it does have a cucumber fragrance. It isn’t super strong but it is there!

All in all for six bucks it performs quite good! I was impressed and makeup setting sprays are something that fail to impressed me.

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray is available now exclusively at Walmart and

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray3

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Krystle

    I am ride or die for setting sprays for dry skin. Much better than powders for colder days or just whenever. Once I got over the fear of smudging your makeup, setting sprays have become HG for life. My favorite is the Kat von D spray.

  • TwirlyGirly

    Setting Sprays aren’t meant to extend the wear of your makeup…”Finishing Sprays” are. For a really excellent description (including demo!) of the difference between “Refresher Sprays,” “Setting Sprays,” and “Finishing Sprays,” EnKore Makeup did a 2-part series on YouTube (back in 2010):

    The videos explain the types of ingredients that are in each of the three kinds of sprays, and the function of those ingredients. It also shows how to test your spray, to see what type of spray it is.