May 29, 2015

Wen Puts the Lime in the Coconut In this New Cleansing Conditioner!

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wen lime coconut

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it up! Wen Lime Coconut Cleansing Conditioner and the other Wen Summer 2015 Cleansing Conditioners are on the loose at QVC today! Honey Peach and Mango Coconut get a repromote and the newest fragrance, Lime Coconut, makes an early Summer 2015 appearance in 16 and 32 oz sizes.

As a Wen junkie I’ll have to check out the Lime Coconut formula for myself! I have a feeling THIS one might just be a love.

Get it now at

Anyone smell it yet?

Do share!

P.S. Happy Friday peeps! I hope you have something incredible planned as the weather is looking up! I’m actually going to hit the Benefit Brow Bar in a bit! I’ve never been and I’m a little scared but please, my brows grow like weeds so if they frack them up I have nothing to fear as next week I’ll have a unibrow back again! The rest of the weekend is looking good for me and I can’t wait to hit the pavement.

What’s your plans like?

Anyone ever have do the Benefit Brow Bar thing?

What was your experience like?

Do share!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • diane

    I usually buy the Wen seasonal mists. I look forward to your feedback about this scent. I am so super iffy with coconut scents- most of them I don’t like. I hope the lime cuts it and/or it smells like actual coconut and not artificial coconut. The wen coconut mango was my least favorite seasonal. Text me as soon as you smell it please <3

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m keeping hope alive it’s a nice coconut scent! P.S. I was going to text you last night about the IT cosmetics TSV but it was like 1 am when I got home haha!

  • Robin

    I had a great experience! Mine were very natural looking when she finished. My regular salon person moved and the new girl made them too thin. Benefit Brow girl made them perfect. I kinda want to try threading, but I’m a chicken.

  • Nicole

    Mine is going to arrive shortly; I am even having it delivered to my mom’s since I will be here yet for quite some time yet taking her to her treatments. I look forward to it havin a sort of tart yet fresh and sweet twist.

  • Linda

    I have brows like yours, Muse. I went To the Benefit Brow Bar in Ulta a few months back so they could chainsaw them into shape. It was a mixed bag experience overall. The brow lady spent about 30 minutes on them – they were in worse shape than I thought. They were beautiful when she finished them. I’ve been able to keep them in shape myself since but I’ll probably go back in another month. The only bummer was that a loud obnoxious supervisor was there and kept trying to Upsell me all these benefit products. The brow lady was as horrified as I was. She kept grabbing products and slamming them down in front of me. “I bet you don’t have THIS?!” At one point she thought it would be funny to startle me and I nearly hit her. I do not react well to being started. She left the store a few minutes later and things settled down. I did find the brow lady’s chatter annoying. She was 25 years younger than me and we didn’t have much in common but I guess she had been instructed to keep making small talk throughout. “So what movies have you seen lately?” “So do you have any brothers or sisters?” Ugh. So for me the overall vibe was bad but my brows were done well.

    • Isabella Muse

      that actually sounds incredibly awful Linda. I had to cancel my appointment because something else came up yesterday but I rescheduled for Wed next week but I’m might cancel after hearing this. First off, I do not want to have my brows things and have someone trying to see me stuff ugh no please. Secondly, typically when I go my regular place it’s super relaxing, they have classical music on, no one talks, and it is all rather lovely I feel like I’ll fall asleep as the girl works on me. I don’t really wanna keep up a constant chat with someone as they do my brows, sounds awkward and also your face is kinda moving as you speak how is that good for someone using wax and tweezers on you haha! Thanks for telling me as I might skip it completely! She might have done your brows nicely but doesn’t sound like a nice experience at all especially the manager wow very very weird! Thanks Linda!

  • Molly

    I used to go to a Benefit Brow Bar regularly – the woman there was FANTASTIC and my brows looked amazing when I left. Yes, she made small talk, but nothing uncomfortable, and I only got asked “Do you need anything else today?” once each visit. And sometimes I did!
    Then she moved. Then I moved. The end.

  • Lauren

    I’m actually a huge fan of threading when it comes to my brows. I’ve got sensitive skin, and I gave up on waxing after a few too many times where the wax either gave me blisters or turned my skin bright red for hours. Plus, it’s harder to control the shape of the brow with waxing, since they’re trying to yank it all at once. I’d recommend getting on Yelp and looking for highly rated threading salons. If you were in the Miami area, I’d have a great recommendation for you, but you aren’t, lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hey Lauren! Threading is indeed a great way to remove unwanted hair 🙂 I have a great salon that does it here in NY with great results but typically I end up going back to waxing for some reason! Aw well, next trip to Miami I’ll be contacting you for the name 😀

  • Cindy

    I use the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta in Levittown. I really like the girl I use and she does tweezing only on me, not waxing because I’m very sensitive. It’s only been a good experience with Benefit. I also tried someone at Macy’s Roosevelt Field and really liked her but she left to another store, and I used someone else at that location when the person I go to at Ulta was on maternity leave. I used to go to the Anastasia brow studio in Sephora Times Square and it was awful. They would always give someone else my appointment. Then I used Anastasia brow studio in Nordstrom’s Roosevelt Field and the girl I liked left. The woman who I tried after her at Nordstrom had a very bad attitude because she was annoyed that the other girl left her with all of her clients, so I didn’t go to her again and tried someone else there and didn’t like her either. I still think Benefit is your best bet. It also depends on who you get – I got lucky and wound up with someone who knows what she’s doing.

  • Diana

    I’m actually interested in trying the Wen kids’ formula!

  • Dora

    No Brow Bar experiences but very curious about the Lime Coconut Wen. I have a Mango Coconut (from a QVC purchase) ready to go, but it’s not my favorite — too sweet and suntan lotion-y smelling. I am pretty sure I would prefer the Lime Coconut — let me know how it is!

  • Gillie

    Lime Coconut Wen sounds lovely, but it’s too heavy for my hair. 🙁

    Benefit Brow Bar, however, so nice. Their wax is one of the only ones I can tolerate well, with my sensitive skin. I like to go earlier in the day, too, because I feel like the wax is cooler (it might just be all in my head.) The last time I went, the brow expert used a cooling gel on my skin afterward, which felt great, and then covered up the redness with a good dose of BOING. My brows look so good – not significantly different than when I walked in, just a lot neater.