December 10, 2015

Stop, Read My Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume Review

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume

Did I get your attention? My review of Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume really is worth your time I promise. Especially if you want your hair to smell so good that people in the line at the bank and the post office tap you on the shoulder and ask, “Excuse me, what perfume is that you’re wearing?”

And you can reply all snotty like, “It’s not a perfume! It’s just my hair!” with a whoosh of your head.

Yesterday I got my Lush Fragrance order from the UK and I happened to pop a bottle of Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner Hair Perfume in my cart because I’m mental and I feel like the one from the UK smells a LITTLE tiny bit stronger than the one from the US! I’m also mental because I had just recently hauled a few bottles from the UK but it felt like a good idea to get another one.



Let’s take a minute and watch this video before we continue on with my review.

Now that that’s out of my system, let me tell you all about Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy!

It sucks.

Well, it sucks at first use. If you like creamy, heavy conditioners that coat your hair in oils and silicones well, this isn’t your formula. Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy is runny as hell and isn’t your traditional conditioner formula. Let me tell you, when you have long, wavy hair like mine the last thing you want to put in it is a weak, runny conditioner. You want something heavy, something that will easily remove tangles, something that will weight hair down slightly so it doesn’t frizz up.

Happy Happy Joy Joy is like detox for your hair after it has been on crack for the last several years. It’s difficult to get past the lack of silicones and you’re going to feel like your hair is a knotty old mess your first time out of the gate using it. But stick with it, I promise your hair will love you for it after a month or so of using it. Your hair will feel lighter, softer, and you’ll have a heck of a lot less build up.

But the lack of silicones isn’t why I rave this little conditioner! It’s the fragrance! This is a strong orange blossom fragrance that smells identical to the Lush Frozen Perfume I recently reviewed. It also smells like a sweeter version of Lush’s Retread (which is a thicker conditioner but doesn’t have the same throw as Happy Happy Joy Joy).

I should tell you, I don’t like orange blossom fragrances but this gets me every single time. It’s a little sweeter than your typical orange blossom fragrance and I think that’s why I like it so much. It also has a hell of a linger and throw. Use it once a week and I swear your hair will smell like orange blossoms for the entire week. It also has a hefty throw so that people standing near and far will ask what the heck that is you are wearing because damn it smells fine!

Lush isn’t kidding when they call this a “hair perfume”! Truly it is!

Like I said, the formula takes some getting used to as the lack of silicones will likely scare most folks with longer hair! But once you get used to it you won’t only love the formula but the amazing way it leaves your hair smelling is what I really adore!

Loves it!

A BIG Muse Approval.

Get now at or at your local Lush store.

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  • Sissi

    Oh a new design? At first I was not sure if I clicked the right bookmark lol! I have never tried Lush because I find the price tags always kinda heavy but it sounds nice.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha yes it’s still me just with new cloths 🙂 Oh this is lovely and worth the $$ imho!

  • Sarah

    I was given a sample of this at Lush a few years ago. When I first put it on in the shower I thought “YUCK! It smells like herbal bug repellant!!” and it didn’t help at all with my knots and tangles. Throughout the day, I kept getting whiffs of some amazing scent and I kept wondering…what is that smell?! It was me! Lol Happy Happy Joy Joy makes your hair smell amazing!!! Unfortunately it isn’t thick enough for my tastes so all I do is mix it in with my normal conditioner and I am obsessed with it! It’s expensive but if you buy the small bottle and just mix it in your hand with your normal conditioner, it lasts a while. I love to use it in the summer with my Bobbi Brown Beach perfume!

    • Isabella Muse

      ha Sarah 🙂 fab story! And so true, it’s very weak in regards to detangling but once your hair gets used to the lack of silicones you’ll love how you have a great hair day everyday courtesy this formula ;-D OH that’s a great pairing! BB Beach and this=divine!

      • Jessy

        I’ve used silicone (and all cones in general) free conditioners and shampoos for well over a year and that works for me. It depends a lot on the formula and your hair type I guess. My hair is kinky-curly (think of the curliest person you know, I’m curlier than that) and silicones actually make my hair more frizzy, my curls don’t clump and it looks awful. As for this, I’d love to try what Sarah suggests, adding a little bit to my regular conditioner. The down side of an all natural hair routine is the lack of nice fragrances in the products. Will definitely give it a try!

  • Codename Duchess

    Love the concept of this product, but the lack of silicones is a deal breaker for me if I wanted to use it as my regular conditioner. My hair isn’t just long, it’s super fine and I’d worry about having more breakage if my hair started tangling more, even if the effects are temporary. My hair is in great shape, and I want to keep it that way!

  • Iris

    I didn’t know they made a hair perfume! I love using products like this and will look into this!

  • Lauren

    You had me at “smells like Retread.” Love the Retread fragrance but is too pricey to use regularly after I lost my Lush employee discount and I love Jungle’s fragrance but is too much trouble to work into my hair every wash. I am definitely ready for a new liquid conditioner from Lush, I never liked American Cream.