February 10, 2016

Does Your Signature Fragrance’s Formula Suck?

fragrance sucks

Ok, so I admit I may or may not have more than one signature fragrance. You ever have that issue? For me it’s kinda like concealer….I know for a fact that I have an HG (holy grail) concealer that I love and use daily. So why do I keep hunting for the next great thing? I think I just love the thrill of the case. Finding something new to love, something that might just be a better formula than what I currently use.

For fragrance the game goes the same way for me. I have a lot of different signature scents. Dianne Brill Perfume, Lush Snowcake Perfume, Guerlain French Kiss, oh gosh, there are just too many to list but I’m always looking for the next best thing!

But what happens when your fragrance formula sucks?

So I LOVE Diptyque Oyédo and I consider it one of my signature fragrances but oh my god it doesn’t last at all! I’ve come to the conclusion I could tip an entire bottle over my head and it still would disappear an hour or two after! I wish they’d do it in a perfume formula, something stronger and longer wearing PLEASE!

I can always use my little trick to make my fragrance last longer but I sure do wish that Oyédo was strong all its own especially for the $125 price tag ouch!

How about you?

Do any of your signature fragrance formulas suck?

Share which ones!


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  • danadoo

    I feel that way about my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle! I spent like 90 bucks on it, and at the rate i’m going it will be gone in a month! I heard that there’s an awesome body oil in this line, so i may give layering it a try.

  • Carrie

    That’s me with Tokyo Milk Tainted Love! It’s one of my absolute favorite scents but it has such a short wear on me 🙁

    • Isabella Muse

      ugh isn’t the worst when you love a fragrance and it just doesn’t last?!

  • Molli

    Everything I’ve ever tried from Demeter Fragrance Library fades away on me really quickly, which breaks my heart because they have some unique stuff! I was especially hoping their Grass would be a good substitute for Gap Grass, which I really miss.

    • Isabella Muse

      I couldn’t agree more. Demeter is such a fab of mine but it has absolutely no staying powder. As soon as you mist it disappears! POOF! Gone!

      • kellly

        I went nuts when Demeter came out with their white teas and immediately got the oils since I thought they would have the most oomph. When they arrived, I couldn’t smell ANYTHING in them at all. I was so disappointed, I ended up sending them back.

  • Kristin

    I love Tocca Stella (and I swear my proudly Sicilian self did not know it was inspired by Sicilian orange groves until *after* I fell in love with it!) but it just doesn’t last on me. However, I came across the solid scent at Marshall’s, and layered with the perfume: bam. It lasts.

  • Dia

    DKNY Pure Verbena – they just call it “fragrance”, which I’m thinking is weaker than an EDT. Not only does it not last longer than a couple of hours, but it’s been discontinued 🙁

    Any suggestions for something similar? A fresh green citrus…

  • Kim

    I have that problem with all the Jo Malone fragrances. I am madly in love with the Wood, Sage and Seasalt, but cannot justify purchasing it when it will be gone within 2 hours of applying.

  • Lauren

    I’ve had the strangest experience with Tom Ford Santal Blush – the very first time I wore it, I only sprayed it one time and it was so ridiculously strong the entire day (one of my friends even told me my perfume was too strong). Every time since then, it doesn’t matter how much or how little I wear, the scent fades on me within 3 hours. Really wanted to be more impressed with it at a price point this high as it smells INCREDIBLE..and it’s the perfume Taylor Swift wears 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      ha no kidding for me Santal Blush wears quite long! Sorry about that, sucks as that one is $$!

  • Keri

    Tocca’s Simone. It is such a lovely fragrance but had no staying power whatsoever!

  • Charlotte

    Totally agree with Diptyque!! My signature scent for years was their Tam Dao …I adore it so much but it never lasted. I have oily skin which doesn’t help but even if I spritzed in my hair and on clothes, it still faded rapidly.
    I am using their 34 at the moment instead and that lasts much much longer (almost too long in fact as I’m not as ‘in love’ with the scent) but I’d love to buy Tam Dao again. They do do a parfum in that but it is SO expensive!

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise, Tam Dao doesn’t last on me and don’t even worry about the parfum, as it has the same staying power as the EDT in my opinion! 34 isn’t really my thing 🙁 I had a sample of it but I couldn’t justify a larger size, just don’t like it for some reason!