March 22, 2016

Hit or Miss: Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

liquid lipstick

Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are really, really huge at the moment, Every brand and their mom is vying to create the most pigmented, lightest, and longest wearing liquid lipsticks around. I’ve been trying to review some of the newest ones such as Too Faced Melted Matte Liquefied Long Wear Matte Lipstick as it is one of the formula’s that I was asked after the most since posting about it’s launch earlier this month.

Are Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks a hit for you?

Or a miss?

I actually don’t like them. There has to be a ton of irony here considering I am reviewing them so much lately. The reason I don’t like them is many of these formulas are drying and I already have drier lips! But that’s actually not the only thing that bugs me about these formulas as really there are some that aren’t drying.

For me, I just don’t like having something on my lips for 12 or 14 hours straight. I know, I’m odd or weird maybe but I just don’t like wearing something that I can’t remove anytime during the day. Many of these formulas are budge-proof. I mean you can set a fire off in front of your face and your lipstick would survive it. That are meant to last through long meetings, gab fests with your friends at Brunch, smooching your boy (or girl!), eating, drinking, etc…etc….And that’s awesome for some people as there are makeup lovers out there that just don’t want to bothered with reapplication.

Personally, I’m not that makeup addict.

I like to have the option to switch up my color if I want or maybe replace my lipstick with gloss after it wears away or maybe not even bother replacing it at all. I also feel like my lips look freshest when I can reapply versus wearing the same formula for 10 or more hours.

I’m just not a Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick kinda girl so these are a miss for me.

How about you?

Hit or miss?

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  • BabyBeans

    I agree. The color might technically last but they dry your lips and don’t look fresh. I’d rather have a formula that wears off gently and can reapply easily.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’ve tried a lot and some are ok but most don’t really like very fresh after 10 straight hours and you can’t really touch them up because adding more on top just makes things drier and sloppy.

  • Carol G

    They are a miss for me as well. I agree, I feel as though they are drying. I’m sure there are some out there that are pretty comfortable, but I am really just a gloss/lip balm person so I’m not thrilled with something being on my lips for 10-12 hours like you said. Great question, Muse. It’s always fun to read people’s answers.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m glad I’m not alone, Carol. I just feel like wearing something from 9 to 5 or longer is just too much. At some point, I wanna scream to have it off me 😀 Thanks chica!

  • Jay

    Miss for me three. I own quite a few, and I do love the Dose of Colors version but I much prefer a traditional lipstick or gloss. I can only wear liquid lipsticks for about half the day before I switch to something else. They only look good in pictures & look dry IRL, they feel damn drying, and reapplication can be a beast.

  • Inatay02

    I LOVE liquid lipsticks. I have to force myself to use my traditional style lipsticks sometimes, but each time I do, I regret not using a liquid one. I work in retail so I talk ALOT. This means I drink a lot of water as running around my store talking to clients all day gets me dehydrated. I love that I can put on a liquid lipstick and powerhouse through my 10 hour (sometimes 14 hour) day and never get embarassed while passing a mirror because my lipstick has migrated somewhere it shouldn’t be. I do love a satin and gloss lippy look, but in terms of all day reliability; liquid lipsticks all the way!!

  • Cindy

    I’m the opposite. I prefer matte lipsticks to liquid lipsticks but I’m the type who makes SURE the lipstick doesn’t wear off and looks NEW for 12-16 hours, I’m not kidding! I wear red and other bright colors most times so it has to STAY. I have a few liquid lipsticks and so far I like Kat Von D’s the best but there’s nothing like a matte lipstick. The trick is Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone underneath. I used to use Paula Dorf’s Perfect Illusion for lips but it was discontinued. NOTHING has come close except Ultimate Ozone. I will swipe what little wears away with the tube after eating sometimes but other than that, it doesn’t move at all.

  • Kimmwc03

    I’m loving it right now. I’m sure I’ll change my mind soon though. I’m currently loving Ofra’s version (and Julep’s), which is whipped so it’s a little more forgiving. However, I still love Kat Von D and Anastasia liquid lipsticks.

  • Heidi

    Even if a formula lasts and feels comfortable it never feels fresh to me after a few hours, and while I don’t have super dry lips it just feels off to wear a long formula like that for hours. The ones that dry and lock in place, I do sometimes wonder what exactly is in it, too, that makes it set on lips in particular for that long around beverages and lunch. Plus it’s always made me happy to touch up with a new balm or whatever.

  • Audrey

    I’m actually a lover of both. I love me a good creamy, shimmery lipstick that I can change up throughout the day. But I also have a baby that I love to cover in smooches so having to wipe off makeup from his face or avoid lip kisses (a.k.a. use only nose sniff kisses) is annoying…so liquid lipsticks it is! I find most brands to be moisture black holes that leave me with shriveled bootie lips lol. However, ones from Girlactik and Jouer Cosmetics apply like a dream, you barely feel them throughout the day, and they wear off gracefully. Not like latex paint chips! Yes, they’re pricier, but what’s the point of paying $6-$9 for a crap layer of rubber on the lips? I do sneak in days of lipstick wearing and settle for nose sniff kisses on those days though 😉

  • Rina

    I love it! My fave, hands down, is Revlon Colorstay! Lasts forever and beats every newcomer hands down for longevity, affordability and color collection.

  • Dora

    I feel like it depends on the formula and sometimes even the shade. I have one shade of the new Revlon Ultra HD lip color and LOVE it — doesn’t look or feel dry at all. But I’ve been less successful with others — the L’oreal two-step one (with the separate balm) is atrociously dry and crackly. The Kat von D is OK, but I don’t love it. Ditto Stila and Too Faced. I don’t mind touching up my lipstick and prefer the feel of it to liquid lipstick (as long as it doesn’t travel or feather). I don’t love the look of bright red lipstick on my coffee cup but I feel like that’s also something I can deal with.

    • Iris

      Yep, agree with you on the L’Oreal one cracking if you don’t re-apply the balm constantly. And forget it if you eat or drink.

    • Thiel

      It definitely changes from product to product; even within the same line the lighter colors might perform completely differently from the darker! I do find a lot of the older formulas like the nyx soft matte lip creams and OCC lip tars to be much less drying and much more consistent from color to color. I think a lot of these newer versions just haven’t been road-tested enough to get to that level of consistent quality.

  • lisa

    Totally agree, not interested in something stuck to my lips all day long, I like changing up colors through the day too!

  • Lauren

    I’ve never found a liquid lipstick that I’ve liked. The closest I’ve come is Dior Addict Fluid Stick, and that’s more of a long-wearing gloss. I’m not a fan of matte lips, as my lips are already dryer and matte finishes just emphasize lines and cracks. I prefer a “wet” look, since I think it adds the illusion of volume, and my lips need all the help they can get, lol! Plus, I tend to rub my lips together, and that doesn’t go well with matte finishes, usually.

  • amy

    I’ve never actually tried one, LOL! I also haven’t had any interest, for several reasons:

    1. I don’t care for the unsanitary packaging of these. I also don’t do lip gloss for the same reason, but at least I can find alternative packaging, or use a lip brush if necessary.

    2. I *always* remove my lip product, regardless if it’s balm or lipstick, before eating or drinking. I don’t like leaving lip product behind on utensils/glasses, and trying to maneuver around a bite is just not attractive… I guess I’ve worked in the food service industry too long, but I’ve seen too much, LOL! It’s just simpler to wipe, eat, reapply…

    3. I like matte lips, but I can achieve the look with other products. There are also matte lipsticks in a more traditional format that can also be layered with gloss, and therefore more versatile.

    I just wish Revlon would bring back their original ColorStay lipstick… They stayed on for an entire waitressing shift (Graveyard on the Sunset Strip!), didn’t feel dry, and were easy to remove. Also, a simple swipe of lip balm refeshed it, if necessary!

  • blee

    I admit that over 10 years ago I was all over the stay last all day drug store ones when the came it out. BUT the ones today are better IF I was an all day stay. And some days I am. 🙂

  • Rachel Runyan

    Mostly a miss, but it depends on the formula. Most of the long-lasting ones tend to be too dry and/or thin and patchy and I avoid them. I like Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks best. Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kat von D are pretty good, too. I hate the ColourPop Ultra Mattes, for the most part. I find them to be really inconsistent from color to color.

    I prefer more creamy or even mousse-like formulas. They may not be as long-lasting, but the comfort and look is worth the trade-off to me. I like Too Faced Melted & Melted Metallic, Nyx Liquid Suede Cream, Ofra, and ColourPop Ultra Satins best for that kind of formula.

  • Pamela

    The liquid long lasting ones never worked for me. I’ve tried ever long lasting lipsticks there are from low end to the highest end. The only one I like is the drugstore brand Revlon Colorstay Ultimate suede. I use tons of gloss with it and it stays on all day. I apply gloss a few times a day, for instance after eating. The liquid ones always feel so sticky! Am I not supposed to say what I use? I just thought maybe this isn’t my place.

  • Anie

    I am so used to the feeling of dry, slightly chapped lips that liquid matte formulas don’t really bug me. I tend to like the dryer ones because they don’t move (I make way too many odd facial expressions so any colored lip product ends up making me look Joker-ish), so they’re good o wear when I need a lip color on for many hours without worrying about it disappearing or feathering.

  • Thiel

    I also have very dry lips but I really love the long wear aspects of these formulas- some days I just don’t want to have to worry about it, you know? I’ve figured out a way that works well for me to get the matte look and longevity from these formula without the dry flakiness. I first exfoliate my lips (always a must!) and then apply a decent coat of lip balm, preferably a denser, waxier one Luke Burt’s Bees. Then I put eyeshadow primer on my lips. It deals in the balm and gives the lipstick a better canvas to adhere to. There are some formulations that will give you desert mouth regardless, but I’ve had good results with everything from nyx liquid suede, milani amore matte lip cream, and the hard candy lip creams. Plus, although it stays transfer resistant, it’s much easier to remove at the end of the day and it doesn’t stain your lips!

  • dia

    I just bought my first liquid lipstick a couple weeks ago and I love it! It’s Stila’s Amore. My lips are on the drier side so matte probably isn’t the most flattering formula for me, but I also have a job where I wear a respirator mask on-and-off all day, so it’s great to finally find something I can wear without it smearing all over my equipment!

  • SuziL

    I have tried SO many liquid lipsticks (Stila, Hourglass, Too Faced, Kat Von D, Sephora, NYX and more) and, as of yet, they’re not living up to their promises. I am a high school teacher. I drink water and tea and talk quite a bit. I like reds, wines, and berry colors. Maybe I habitually rub my lips together or something, but liquids don’t stick (and no, I don’t wear balm or moisturizers under them). The worst of them rub off in patches, pill up, or crinkle like old latex paint. Some of them leave the “red ring of death”. None of them stick beyond the dry areas of the lips, often gunking up at the border where the inner, moist part of the lip begins. Some of them seem to dry out and get tighter and tighter the longer I wear them, until I feel like I have a permanent pucker. Most of them look awful by lunch. I have had the best luck with stains (YSL Glossy Stain and the dupe Sephora stain) and heavier, matte/staining lipsticks which tend to wear off more evenly. Right now I’m really liking Laura Mercier’s Velour Lover’s Lipcolor, which wears off leaving a stain, and also a dark matte color from Lipstick Queen’s Saints and Sinners line, which also wears off well. I’ll also give a nod to the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipcolor. I’m always looking for the magic formula that will stay on, and can honestly say I have returned more lipsticks than I’ve kept. Right now, I’m trying the fat Urban Decay Ozone pencil as a primer… we’ll see how it goes.

  • Jeanine McAuliffe

    I have the driest lips known to man BUT I LOVEEEE them!! I am very curious what liquid lipstick stays on you that long? Ok without piling! I have tried almost all (abh, hourglass,colourpop,ofra,etc.etc.) and I gotta say The Balm lasts the longest without budging or piling for me. I brush my lips with a dry toothbrush first and apply aquaphor or a seriously moisturizing lip balm first!

  • Zovesta

    Hit. I love my red lipsticks so much, but honestly, wearing a traditional one, even when I line first, apply, blot, apply, and then blot off again… it just seems to come off and feather and ugh =( I’d rather wear a liquid, then reapply with a traditional if it wears off during the day.