April 13, 2016

E.L.F. Eyeshadow Primer Goes Pro

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E.L.F. Pro Eyeshadow Primer

So I’m like the only person around that isn’t really a huge fan of E.L.F. Eyeshadow Primer. I’m sorry, forgive me?

For fans of it you’ll be happy to know that E.L.F. Eyeshadow Primer has gone Pro! Well, maybe you’ll be happy, maybe you won’t because my mentality is, “Don’t fix it, if it isn’t broke!” So E.L.F. Pro Eyeshadow Primer could be a potentially great thing or a bad thing…! You’ll have to try it and see! Of course, it’s a little bit more expensive at $4 versus $2 for the original! Let’s hope it isn’t a case of Wet n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer!

They market it as a primer that locks on color and prevents fallout as well as creasing and fading with a lighter texture that intensifies eyeshadow color as well as Kaolin Clay to absorb excess oil.

Whatcha think?

Worth a try?

It’s available now at www.elfcosmetics.com.


P.S. So I started this week’s episode of Gotham but didn’t finish it. But I want to say, Nygma’s jacket! It just needed to be green and my life would have been complete. I’m a huge massive geek for the 1960’s TV series and if you asked me who my favorite villian was from the series it would have to be Frank Gorshin as Riddler. I dunno if it’s because I grew up watching reruns of the show or what but anytime I think of Riddler his face comes to mind. But nowadays Cory Michael Smith has my heart!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Ruth

    I’m so far behind on Gotham (I haven’t even started watching yet. oops!) But loved the ’60’s Batman too! All of the villains were amazing but loved both Julie Newmar & Earth Kitt as Catwoman. Ages ago, my big brother and I were discussing the best Joker and we decided they’re all pretty nifty and we couldn’t pick “the best” because they were all so different and unique.

    • Isabella Muse

      They were fabulous as Catwoman 😀 and I had the biggest crush on Burt Ward when I was like 8! I got the complete DVD set as a gift when it came out and I sat and rewatched the entire thing! 😀 I’ll tell you one thing, I am dying to see how Jared does as Joker 😀 Cannot wait!

      • Ruth

        that is so cool! a few years ago i was at baltimore comic con and they were selling bootleg copies and had a tv so we could see the quality. I was entranced, it was just as good as i remembered. the trailers for Suicide Squad looks amazing! I think Harley is going to steal the show. Jared’s Joker looked even more unhinged than Heath’s, and his was bananas!

        speaking of shows, have you been watching Lucifer? I’ve really been enjoying it! Tom Ellis is delicious but he’s also really fantastic in the role. you can see him switch between the jolly persona and the entity that ruled and punished those in hell. totally recommend!

        • Isabella Muse

          I remember rushing home from school to watch it. It was on channel 9 at like, 3.30 pm or 4! I was convinced I was batman when I was 8 lol! I so hope they don’t screw it up because batman vs superman was such a fail 🙁 No! I’m mad at myself for not watching past the first episode, it wasn’t quite as good as te comics and I was like um no! now I regret it! Might have to binge!

          • Ruth

            you gotta watch. I didn’t read the comics so i don’t have anything to compare it to, so there wasn’t any let down because of the differences. sandman is probably really good, but i’ve read some of neil gaimen’s other books, and i had a really hard time getting through them. I think he’s just not for me.
            and of course you thought you were batman, so did i! it came on in the summertime here and that’s when i’d go inside, grab some lunch and watch batman & the addams family.
            haven’t seen B vs. S yet. I’m (finally) in my last class to graduate from college & it’s algebra. i’ve been just mostly doing the maths and not so much pop culture. super behind in all of the fun things!

  • Jay

    I know it’s only $4 but it’s DOUBLE the price! They get away with it because the overall price remains low, but it’s BS to me. I’m over ELF. Loreal is on the chopping block too if their products creep any closer to $20 lol.

  • Rachel R.

    I’m not a fan of the Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer. I think it’s just “ok.” I liked their Mineral Eyeshadow Primer quite a bit better, but it doesn’t seem to be on the website any more. I would give the Pro primer a try, though, for $4.