May 17, 2016

Until There’s a Perfume, Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Body Cream Will Have To Do

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Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Body Cream

I just don’t get why Carol’s Daughter hasn’t yet created a Black Vanilla fragrance of some sort. I won’t be greedy and ask for a perfume but at the very least a fragrance mist would be oh so welcome.

I mean if I can scent my hair with this delicious vanilla scent why can’t I scent my body with it!? I mean there isn’t even a body oil formula available in the scent and Carol’s Daughter has several body oils available.

Can someone please put me through to Lisa Price so we can discuss these very, very important issues?

In all seriousness, my heart breaks that Carol’s Daughter makes such great hair care but doesn’t concentrate nearly enough on their bath and body collection. They have such wonderful fragrances. Does anyone remember ? Or the Pearl Perfume?

I think Lisa has created some truly beautiful and unique fragrances in her hair care line and some of that does flow into her bath and body goodies but with so much concentration going to hair care we aren’t always getting the full experience from her body line. Sadness! L’Oreal did purchase Carol’s Daughter in 2014 but so it doesn’t appear any efforts have been made to release any major new releases. Hopefully at some point we will see something new and exciting from Carol’s Daughter.

At this point I have to get my Black Vanilla fix from the hair care collection and some of the body line. I still can’t help but wish they had some sort of fragrance mist available for now I’ll pair up the Black Vanilla Body Cream with Stila Creme Bouquet.

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Body Cream2

With great sadness I have to say Black Vanilla Body Cream isn’t as heavily scented as the hair care. When I wash my hair with Black Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner and follow up with the Leave-In Conditioner, my hair smells gorgeous all day! To the point that people actually ask what perfume I’m wearing when in fact it is my hair! The body cream is lighter in the fragrance department but it makes a nice base for vanilla perfumes and fragrances. It pairs up nicely with Creme Bouquet or even Katy Perry’s Mad Potion.

This is a very, very thick body cream and it takes a little elbow grease to get it to absorb fully but it isn’t sticky or tacky and it leaves skin very well hydrated.

If you haven’t smelled Black Vanilla you’re so missing out. Apparently it’s a combination of vanilla, toasted coconut, and sheer musk but I never really smell the toasted coconut note! I get very full on creamy, sexy vanilla from the scent. It’s just so gorgeous and begs to be turned into a fragrance of some kind.

Maybe some day!

For now, I’ll get my fix from the hair care and the body cream.

Are you a Black Vanilla fan girl?

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Jenny H.

    I tried the Black Vanilla conditioner and shampoo, but they weren’t a good fit with my oily roots (I’ve got dry ends though, and finding hair products that takes care of one without aggravating the other is a pain). But I loved, loved, loved the scent! So I re-purposed the shampoo as a body wash. 🙂 I might give the leave-in conditioner a try on my ends, hopefully it’s not too much for my dumb combo hair.

    Sadly, I can’t use this body creme because it’s got coconut oil, which I recently discovered will break me out. 🙁 Hopefully this will do well enough that they’ll bring out this scent in the body oils or better yet in a EDT! Until then I’ll keep hunting for a perfume that smells similar.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh I see that not working out Jenny 🙁 It’s def a good one for drier hair but not oily sadly! Hey, they do have it in a hand cream! And I think they have a body lotion (not sure if those have coconut though). Oh god I wish they’d bring it out in an EDT or EDP I’d be in heaven!

  • LP

    Does anyone remember the Brown Sugar Body Scrub? I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with it and has tried the Black Vanilla products and sees and similarity. I’m hoping the Carol’s Daughter store in NYC has it. I’d like to check the Ocean cream. Hoping it’s like something they had years ago.

  • Dana

    I bought a little travel size of the Black Vanilla spray leave in conditioner because you rave about the fragrance so much and berry vanilla scents are my jam. After I finally had the chance to smell it I realized I’ve smelled it before, indie brand perfumers black raspberry vanilla. I’ve bought so many different indie perfumes and a lot of black raspberry vanilla seem to have this scent, more often if they have musk in the description . Sorry for no specific recommendations but maybe next indie purchase get a sample of black raspberry vanilla if available.

    • Isabella Muse

      any recs for an Indie brand that you feel has a good dupe Dana?! Curious minds :D!

  • diane

    you can dab the black vanilla oil on your pulse points! it will linger a bit =)

    • Isabella Muse

      I still need a perfume! Please someone anyone! Give me a Black Vanilla perfume! 😀

  • Anna

    Although it might be less scented, I am still interested in this product =) The texture looks delicious and so soft. Sadly, this brand is not sold were I live =(

  • Fawn

    Hmmm they way you describe it reminds me of bbw vanilla noir. I will have to get my hands in this stuff to smell it