June 28, 2016

Why I Wish Lush Kitchen Would Come to the US

I purchased this item.

Lush kitchen

I order from Lush UK quite often. Why? Well, one reason would be the fact they have certain products we don’t carry in the US. Secondly, the prices are much more cheaper. For example, I can order all my favorites plus pay airmail shipping and it would still be cheaper than purchasing all the same items from Lush here in the US. Crazy right?

In recent years, shipping has gone up but I actually don’t mind. Why? Because I’ll do an order and it’ll get here via UPS within three days (four or five at most if customs is curious about what’s inside the box).

But all this is irreverent to my post as I really want to discuss why I wish Lush Kitchen would come to the US.

As you can see from my photo above that’s a Ginger Shower Gel and a Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion. I actually recently hauled six each of these from the Lush Kitchen in the UK. Vanilla Dee-Lite for reasons I can’t fathom was discontinued. Aside from Stila Creme Bouquet, Lush Vanillary, is thee perfect gourmand vanilla. It’s positively delicious! Creamy, decadent, almost cake batter-like, and gorgeous! You can still, thankfully, get Vanillary Perfume from Lush here in the US but Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion which has the same scent has been gone for a while from both the US and the UK.

Now Ginger, is another fragrance that I absolutely love. It’s not for everyone and it has been described as smelling like an ash tray. Yup, truth, I get that! But personally I love it. It smells like old Hollywood to me. I picture Marilyn Monroe, Faye Wray, and Joan Crawford smelling like Lush Ginger! It’s also a fragrance that’s near and dear to my heart because it’s one of my first Lush fragrances. Sadly, Ginger Perfume, Ginger Soap, and Ginger Body Lotion are long gone. I have a stock pile of Ginger Perfume that hopefully last me until Lush decides to re-release it (if and when, of course!). I can’t say I remember Ginger Shower Gel. It might have been available at some point but I don’t remember it. Recently, when it popped up at the Lush Kitchen in the UK along with bottles of Vanilla Dee-Light I whipped out my debit card mighty fast and placed an order.

Three days later, I had six bottles of Ginger Shower Gel and six bottles of Vanilla Dee-Light Body Lotion gracing my bathroom!

What’s Lush Kitchen anyway?

If you don’t know about it, let me explain!

Lush Kitchen is a spot on the Lush UK site where they release limited edition or repromoted products from the past. This is where they do limited edition perfumes, shower gels, and lotions. It’s also a spot where they bring back old favorites like Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion.

It’s a fantastic project in my opinion as it helps Lushie fan girls and guys to get their hands on some of their favorite long gone products. Or it also introduces us all to some new products that they brew up in the kitchen!

Since it’s introduction, I felt sure we’d see it here in the US. Sadly, the idea has yet to come to fruition here in the US (or Canada since that’s where Lush North America’s factories are located). I surely hope at some point Lush Kitchen does come to the US. I don’t mind ordering from the UK as they ship fast to the US but it would be nice to see it here in the US. Why? Because sometimes I don’t want to order a big bulk of product. When I do an order from the UK I feel the need to order a good deal of product to justify the shipping costs. If it was here in the US I’d be quite alright ordering a few items but not stockpile like the beauty apocalypse was about to go down.

But word to the wise, keep the Lush Kitchen bookmarked at some of the products launches are not to be missed (hello, Vanilla Dee-Lite!!!!).

What are some of your fav long gone Lush products?

Do you hope the Lush Kitchen makes its way to the US?

I purchased this item.

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  • ruth

    My favorite is Avo-wash & they only make it for special occasions like store openings or anniversaries. Luckily, my best friend works IT for Lush and sent me a couple of bottles last year for my b-day. I treasure them like they’re my precious. If you ever find The Comforter as a potted lotion, snatch it up! I finished my pot and kept the lid on it so i could smell it even after it was gone. I have a problem =D

  • MM Curator

    I KNOW! I really wish they’d come to the U.S. too…I also wish they’d send out an email every day or something that would notify me when new products are added to the lineup. I check it pretty regularly but the really popular items sell out so fast – I know a few times they’ve had Ma Bars, which is my second all-time favorite product, and every single time they’re sold out by the time I check the site.

    • Isabella Muse

      Me too! WHY!? I don’t get why we haven’t gotten it yet. I’d also love it because if I wanted to buy say just one product I wouldn’t feel bad about the shipping costs from Canada to US compared to UK to US. Don’t get me wrong, in most cases, Kitchen items are a stock up but sometimes I just want one maybe two but I don’t want to swallow the shipping for so little product. Sad sign. I check it daily if possible 😀

      • Laurel

        I’m pretty sure a few months ago there was a tweet from Lush that they’re coming to the U.S.! I think they are planning to open one by two years from now–that was either from the tweet or when I talked to Customer Service. I really hope I’m not remembering that wrong or having a fever dream of SO MUCH LUSH!!!! 😀

        • Isabella Muse

          opening a lush kitchen?? Or you mean opening a Lush Kitchen online? Technically Lush Kitchen isn’t a store, it’s just an extension to the regular online store. They tweeted about opening an actual Lush Kitchen store!? That would be crazy cool but doesn’t seem logical!

          • Laurel

            Unless I’m going nuts I have such a strong memory of people freaking out that Lush tweeted they were opening a kitchen (I don’t think store–I must have gotten that wrong). If I could scroll through all the Lush tweets I’d try to find it! I think people on Instagram were talking about it and posting photos of the tweet. Maybe I’ll try to call customer service again and see if they’ll say anything! I sure hope I’m not wrong or that it was fake!

          • Isabella Muse

            yeah, would be on site I think! Seems weird to open a store for exclusives only 🙂 I remember speaking to Lush PR about a year ago and it was mentioned kitchen might open but nothing came about sadly!

      • Laurel

        Called Lush just now (I know, I’m a Lush nerd!) and asked if the Kitchen was coming to the U.S. and she said she’s not sure but there is supposed to be one coming but she doesn’t know when or where. Here’s hoping!!! 🙂

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m confused. You mean they are opening a Lush Kitchen on the website not a store right? Because Kitchen isn’t an actual store in the UK. Seems weird if they open a Lush Kitchen just for exclusives!???

          • Laurel

            I don’t know–AAH LUSH WHY? Just give us your glorious products! 🙂

  • Kay

    I hope it comes your way soon, it’s crazy that the kitchen isn’t in the US yet! Almost as crazy as discontinuing Vanilla Dee-Lite 🙁 seriously, I’ve never met a lushie who didn’t love that body lotion!

    (This post reminded me to check the kitchen – Sonic Death Monkey, woohoo!)

    • Isabella Muse

      I find it absurd that they axed Vanilla Dee-Lite. They always have a knack for doing away with some of their best products 🙁 It doesn’t make any sense at all to me! And yeah, Kitchen is kind of old news you’d think by now the US would have gotten it. AND YES Sonic Death Monkey hehe I order some!

      • Kay

        Right? I’d love to know the reasons for some of the discontinuations, they always seem to be products which sell well! I still haven’t forgiven them for Yummy Yummy Yummy…

  • Pau

    Vanilla powder puff was my absolute favorite lush product, and the one that got me hooked on lush! I hate that they discontinued that one also :'(

  • Sandy

    The Comforter is one of my favourite, I didn’t know that it ever came in a lotion. I’m so sorry I missed that one! I had a powder that I really loved that had sparkles in it and smelled like candy but I can’t remember the name of it and they don’t make it anymore. They also changed the scent of the Charity Pot lotion and I don’t like it as much anymore. I had gone through 2 pots of the original one and I typically never finish a body lotion! I will keep my eye out for the Lush Kitchen in the US although I am in Canada and always lust over they stuff they come out with. Great post!

    • Isabella Muse

      candy fluffy powder 🙂 I noticed the scent change on Charity Pot too, still smells nice but not the same 🙁 Sad sigh! Hopefully kitchen comes to NA soon!

  • joi

    Oh I wish they would bring back that vanilla dusting powder. I just don’t get how they could killl that one.

  • Codename Duchess

    My very favorite long gone Lush product was the original B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful shower gel. Not the one they sold at the B Never shop, but the one at Lush. I used to have a huuuuge stock pile of that stuff. It smelled soooo good. I also really loved the Gentle Lentil shampoo bar and the Mange Too massage bar. I used the latter as a body butter a la King of Skin.

  • Kelly

    I can get Karma for just under $17 in the US but $18 Lush UK and cheaper shipping (or no shipping if I go to the shop]. I don’t like that Lush UK has better scents and the amazing kitchen too. I absolutely hate it when they discontinue things! Why get us addicted if they’re only going to snatch it away!

  • Sarah

    Necro-posting (again):

    Ginger was the shit, wasn’t it? I’m still hoarding my last two Ginger Kat bubble bars and two Ginger bar soaps from a Forum Party they did yeeaarrsss ago. I don’t even use bar soap, and I can’t read the expiration dates any more… but I know they’re surely goners. DON’T CARE.

    Passed along an old ass Flying Fox Temple Balm from the UK that “expired” in 2009 to a friend. Strongly urged her not to use it, but she misses the shower gel pretty hardcore. It still smells heavenly. I know they’ve created other things in that scent, but Godiva would stink up my hair by days end… I couldn’t use the shower gel either, even if I adored it, because it’s go sour on/with my body chemistry.

    I suspect LUSH just takes the “most popular” fragrance and pretends to give us something new by putting it in another form… sneaky lushies! I know there’s more to it, but it really seems like they nix the stuff that’s truly different. Makes me miss RETRO that much more

    I missed my baby face opportunity this week holding out for Twilight shower gel. I just can’t justify more than one package (a week). I made that mistake with 3 packages 2 (or 3?) weeks ago… whenever they had Tea & Sympathy. Fairly unassuming bomb, but oh so lovely herbally scent… waiting on the 8 I ordered (mighty impatiently, I might add).

    • Sarah

      Totes forgot: what magic do you possess that gets you 3 days shipping?!? East Coast habitation?

      • Isabella Muse

        The shipping from UK to US is faster than the Canada to US lol! I dunno how but it arrives FAST! Sometimes it get held up at customs though so might take 5 to 6 days versus 3. Depends what is inside. I find if I order fragrance it takes longer vs ordering other items!

    • Isabella Muse

      Ginger was amazing. This this day I still have some left over ginger soap in my beauty fridge (five bars) as well as several bottles of the perfume. Not many people liked it so I’m always thrilled to meet someone who does 😀 I’m not a big FFT fan to be honest but around the Summer they tend to bring it back on the kitchen 🙂 give your friend a heads up! I agree! I think a lot of the scents end up smelling like something from the past 😀 LOL omg lots of lushie goodness for you! By the way, they also have potion that almost always comes back around fall and the holidays! That’s another I miss and I’m obsessed with 😀 Still have two bottles of fever perfume 😀

      • Sarah

        Potion! Yyeessss! I had the lotion back then. Hanging on to some Holiday bubble bars, too.