August 11, 2016

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick Review & Swatches

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Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick ($7.99) is one of several new stick facial primers that are becoming so popular lately! This is Blur Stick that preps skin for makeup while blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines and also cubing shine and oil for a matte finish.

I had my reservations about a purchase because I really don’t need to mattifying my skin, it’s plenty dry already thank you very much! But I was fascinated my the unique idea of a facial primer stick that I had to try it for myself.

And I’m oh so glad I did!

Apologies about the photos in this review, I’ll be updating it shortly with better photos. My camera was being weird today!

If you’re admiring my smooth skin this morning in my reviews of the Tarte x Hrush Palette and Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick that would be thanks to the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick. I am amazed how smooth and even this made my foundation and makeup look today.

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick swatches

This comes housed in a chubby twist up that holds 0.22 oz of primer. The dome shape fits the contour of my face easily and a swipe, go, and blend method makes application a snap. I simply swipe it on, blend it out, and apply my foundation and makeup on top. The light peachy shade applies transparently on my skin but dare I say it adds a certain brightness to my duller, lackluster complexion. It pills slightly at first but blended it I had no issues. The light, thin texture absorbs instantly into my skin and leaves behind a smooth, soft surface for makeup to adhere to. I’d say it offers very light mattification so, if you have oily skin don’t expect this to completely curb shine and oil. I thought it made my skin look incredibly smooth and even and also allowed my foundation a good working surface to adhere to without causing it to cling to drier areas on my face. It also allowed my foundation to wear a little longer by at least an hour.

You can multitask with this little guy by applying it under makeup or even above for quickie touch ups or even on bare skin without foundation just to smooth and soften skin. I don’t have visible pores aside from smaller ones on my nose! When I applied this around my nose and blended it in smaller pores on my nose disappeared! So, if you need something to blur or fill pores this should work well to create a smooth complexion!

I absolutely love this little stick and thought it did a fine job making my complexion look smoother and brighter! I’d definitely repurchased.

Muse Approved.

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