August 25, 2016

Dior Poison Girl Perfume Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Dior Poison Girl Perfume review

I feel like I’ve been hearing about Dior Poison Girl Perfume for so long yet, hello, since January! Yet I had absolutely no outlet to purchase it. It got an earlier release in the Europe particularly at duty free shops but only just recently started trickling into the US. The good news is, Dior Poison Girl was readily available at duty-free shops in St Maarten so, I was able to finally purchase it.

Here are my thoughts and review.

Dior Poison Girl Perfume

Like Angel Muse, Chanel L’Eau, Stella McCartney Pop, and a host of other high-end fragrances, Dior Poison Girl was created to evoke the interest of millennials.

I’m liking this new direction high-end brands are taking because it means I get a more lighter more wearable, less overwhelming version of cult favorite fragrances like Chanel No 5 and Poison. I have personally never held any high regards for Poison but was put on instant high perfume alert when “girl” was thrown into things as that implied it might be sweeter, it might be lighter, and it might just be more wearable for me.

Dior had every intention of appealing to younger lovers when creating this fragrance. I think marketing towards millennials started as far back as Lancome’s introduction of Emma Watson as the face of the brand and later on Lily Collins and Estee Lauder making Kendall Jenner the face of not only their makeup line but also their Muse fragrance collection. It just recently garnered more attention since each of the new fragrances I mentioned above launched consecutively without a short time of each other. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself passing a display, and thinking, “Oh isn’t that Madonna’s daughter? Oh, isn’t that Johnny Depp’s daughter?” The promotional material for these new fragrances very much caters towards a more youthful generation of buyers.

But again, as I said above, this also works in the favor of someone like me who actually doesn’t really love historically cult favorite fragrances like the original Poison. Poison Girl makes things every so much more appealing from an ad stand point but also from a packaging one. Housed in Poison’s original glass burst bottle this raspberry colored juice is simply stunning. It reminds me of something a witch might have on her vanity! An alluring yet deadly love potion of some sort.

Dior dubs this a bitter yet sweet floral fragrance with a heart of bitter orange combined with a variety of different rose notes including Grasse and Damascus. Notes of tonka bean, sandawood, almond, and vanilla give the fragrance its warm, oriental finish.

Have no worry, Poison Girl isn’t a sweet, cotton candy tooth-achingly glorious fragrance. It’s all about complexity. Sure, there’s a burst of sweetness here on the initial mist but there’s a bitter twist to the fragrance that gives it a heady, sensual twist. This fruity gourmand develops into a warm enticing blend as it settles onto skin. I get rose and vanilla at first mist and at the dry down a bitter almond note. It essentials holds the key elements of the original Poison fragrance but has a certain sweetness that makes it lighter and less cloying than the original juice. Think of Lancome La Vie with a splash of YSL Black Opium and a hint of Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon and you’ll have Poison Girl.

The wear time is strong and long. Two mists will get you through the entire day. The fragrance adheres well to skin and doesn’t dry down into oblivion. And if you plan on wearing it in a warmer environment, look out, it intensifies and creates an aura around the wearer. This one is best reserved for evening wear in my opinion.

Dior Poison not your thing? Dior Poison Girl Perfume will be. This sexy gourmand has a youthful twist that makes it deliciously wearable and heady.

Dior Poison Girl Perfume hasn’t yet hit major retailers but it’ll hopefully be available soon at,,,

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Jane

    Original Poison is totally noxious to me, and I wrecked Hypnotic Poison with emotional associations (though I still think it smells amazing), so this sounds like it might be a nice find. Didn’t even know it was coming!

    • Isabella Muse

      Sorry, don’t be upset, I laughed slightly when you said you wrecked Hypnotic Poison with emotional associations! I can’t chicken mcnuggets anymore because of emotional associations…! Are we weird or are we weird!? 😀 On that note I will say, this is completely wearable compared to the original! Sexy gourmand for sure.

      • Jane

        I am laughing at ruining Chicken Nuggets! How’d that ever happen? I will definitely check this one out!

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh god, don’t ask! I tear up whenever I see Chicken Nuggets. It’s an awful story, if I told you you’d think I was an awful person le sigh! Needless to say chicken nuggets are off the menu for the next lifetime!

  • Tammy

    I loved the scent of the original Poison when I was in high school (’80s), but it didn’t seem like something for a teenager. Does it still exist? I’ll have to check this one out!

    • Isabella Muse

      It does indeed, one of their iconic fragrances! There are currently three formulations of it available actually four if you count this one 😀

  • Diana

    I tried this earlier this year when I was deployed overseas and loved it…I managed to find a website selling/shipping to US addresses and snagged a bottle. Love this one!

  • Anna

    Poison forever will remind me of the early 90s and my summers in Toronto with my Aunt and Cousin. She was also a Shalimar fan lol