September 27, 2016

Bath & Body Works Christmas/Holiday 2016 Preview


Bath & Body Works Christmas Holiday 2016 Preview has arrived and with it a new scent called Magic in the Air as well as your typical round up of Holiday Signature favorites and some exciting new ones like Gingerbread Latte! Latte is apparently a huge hit in the beauty world this year considering the Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe also have a Gingerbread Coffee Palette!

Here’s a little preview of what to expect from the Bath & Body Works Holiday 2016 Collection!


Sparkly sleeves! Lots and lots of sparkly sleeves which are useless but pointlessly pretty! Expect to see everything blinged out this year!

The Bath & Body Works Holiday 2016 Signature Traditions will arrive very soon and of course, Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Winter Candy Apple make an appearance along with new scent Gingerbread Latte! They’ll also be a launch of the new Snowflakes & Cashmere scent as well as Frosted Snow Blossom and Fresh Sparkling Snow.


Bath & Body Works Magic in the Air will also be available in the Signature Collection but also gets a perfume release as well for a limited time this Holiday season! Apparently this one contains notes of Almond Flower, Sparkling Persimmon, White Iris, Whipped Vanilla Bourbon, and Fluffy Sandalwood.


So far, that’s all the details I have but hopefully I’ll be able to share more soon!

Are you excited about the Bath & Body Works Holiday 2016 Collection?

Do share!


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  • Dee

    I always get excited when these come out. I LOVE Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel.

    • Jen R

      Dee, those are my two favorites as well! Definitely going to stock up this year because I’m always so sad when I run out.

  • Sarah

    Gingerbread Latte will be on my list to try. Something new. Not a real big fan of the old favorites. Maybe the new scents will be interesting. Oh, goodness more coconut. BBW loves to put coconut in every collection.

  • Stephanie

    Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel are my absolute favorites! I always get compliments whenever I use my Vanilla Bean Noel hand cream because of it’s lovely, but not overpowering scent.

  • breyerchic04

    Oh man i want soooo much of it! Plus about a billion Twisted Peppermint candles, they’re my ultimate headache relief.

  • Kay

    So I usually check the blog for new posts over breakfast, but I was in a rush today so I didn’t. Now I’m at my PC thinking “Hmm, I wonder if the Bath and Body Works holiday stuff has come out yet? *googles*” and lo and behold, a preview did appear! Oh Muse, you mind reader you! Unfortunately my Chicago trip is next weekend, so I think I might miss the actual release. At least I’ll still be able to stock up with the autumn/Hallowe’en goodies!

    My friend visits his sister in LA a lot, he’d be totally fine with grabbing all of these for me and bringing them here, right?! 😛

    • Isabella Muse

      lol 😀 Haha I’m happy to hear I popped up! Haha yes, I think asking him is a good idea 😀

      • Kay

        Top result! And yeah, I’ll try the idea out on him 😉 I mean, he can always ask his sister to go!

        • Isabella Muse

          ha love to hear that 😀 Sounds like a plan to me anything to get the bbw fix 😀

  • Penny

    I just jumped back on the Bath and Body Works band wagon after not using it for so many years I have lost count! I stocked up on Hand Soap, Lotion and Body Wash. I was so happy to see that Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon were still around! 🙂 I got a bunch of Pumpkin scented stuff and am currently loving the Pumpkin Cupcake! If anything remotely smells like Gingerbread then count me in! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise! I always buy the candles and the hand soaps but I typically avoid the bath and body stuff but recently jumped back on board ;-D

    • Tina Scheibe

      Juniper breeze is in some stores it’s our signature classics. Check online it should be there too.

  • diane

    fresh sparkling snow was out last year 😉 I’m excited to smell the Magic in the Air, it sounds warm and delicious!! I’m intrigued it is in an EDP since the mists never last long on me at all. I still miss Merry Marshmallow Kiss from a few years ago, that was my holiday fave. I still have a bunch in my stash!

  • Glenda

    For me it was the Red Velvet Cheer last year – I absolutely love that scent. It doesn’t look like its coming out this year…oh well. I’m all about the gourmand fragrances so I may like the new one.

  • Dana Piper

    My favorite Christmas scent in the body stuff is Winter Candy Apple. I use the body wash and the body lotion and the hand soap and candles. I wish they would bring back the Winter Candy Apple Shimmer Mist. Love the sparkles in it. Mine is almost gone. Love Tis the Season for candles and hand soap.

  • scribe

    Isabella: I will be interested in giving the new holiday stuff a sniff-test. But I thought the packaging, except for the new Magic in the Air, was rather lackluster. BBW has had prettier, cuter packaging in the past.

  • Macy Belden

    Do you know a release date or an approximate time frame? Cannot wait to try the new Magic in the Air!!

  • kaitlyn

    I’m thrilled that Winterberry Wonder is coming back! It’s amazing year round! I don’t need anymore because I stocked up on it on a sale, but I could maybe get just a small bottle… for my purse.. I’m a sucker for any pomegranate scents. 🙂

  • Mary Kate Sharpless

    New fragrance does not apply to the $10 off candle promotion!! I guess it’s not ALL CANDLES!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      Should be tricking into stores at the end of the month! I don’t have an exact date! Some test stores already have displays out!

  • scribe

    I picked up some soaps today because they were on sale for $3 each. Got 2 Vanilla Bean Noel, 2 Christmas Morning, and 1 Tis the Season.

    I don’t think I really will use them all up this holiday season, but I probably will use the Vanilla Bean through this winter. I will probably save some for next year.
    I tried the Christmas Morning – it is Christmas fir with a touch of cranberry. It is fresh and festive without being overpowering. Would like to see it expanded to include lotions and shower gel, and even candles.

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t gotten any yet but the Christmas Morning sounds lovely!!!!!!!! Will have to check that out 😀

  • Leslie

    What happened to Jingle Bellini, Strawberry Sparkler and Merry Mistletoe?
    Why hasn’t Bath & Body kept the good old scents and been adventurous in the new ones?

  • scribe

    At Candle Day 2016, I stood in long line for at least an hour or more, but was glad to get Fresh Balsam (new packaging), Winter Mint and Spruce, Holiday Berry Balsam, Tis the Season (new packaging) and Dashing Through the Snow, plus Gingerbread Latte Shea lotion, as free item, and a Christmas Morning pocket bac. I am obsessed with tree scents as you can tell!