September 6, 2016

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts Review

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts

I picked up a few Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts that popped up at White Barn recently. I don’t think Bath & Body Works Wax Melts are available in stores as of yet as I personally haven’t seen them in stores but I did see them in attached White Barn stores. I actually posted about them in April as many youTubers and Instagrammers were posting about trying them out. This could be because they popped up in Bath & Body Works test stores and locations but I’m just assuming that.

At some point, Bath & Body Works stores will begin carrying them!

Let’s take a little look!

So, I noticed these in White Barn about a month ago but didn’t purchase any of them because none of the scents they had were appealing at the time. I went in store recently and they had a slew of Fall scents available such as Leaves, Autumn, Marshmallow Fireside, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, etc…this tipped me into buying zone since I have many of these already in candle form and I love them so, purchasing the wax melts was a no brainer. Also, I actually like wax melts a lot more than I do candles.

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melt

If you never used wax melts before it is fairly simple. Pop one into a warmer, light a votive under the warmer, and the bowl holding the wax will warm up and melt it. As it melts, it releases fragrance into the air. Simple! There are also electric warmers available if you don’t like the idea of lighting a candle in your home.

These are $4.50 each and are divided into four squares which can be broken up and used four times. I felt it the fragrance was weak using one little square so, I ended up using an entire wax melt. Yankee Candle Wax Tarts are 0.8 oz in size for $1.99 each versus Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts which are $4.50 each at 0.97 oz. Considering I used the entire wax melt it was a little expensive compared to the smaller and cheaper Yankee Candle Wax Tart. I also feel like Yankee Candle Wax Tarts are considerably more fragrant in comparison the larger and more expensive Bath & Body Works Wax Melt. Keep in mind their are also much superior Etsy Sellers like Bathing Garden who sale Wax Melts which much, much larger quantities and that are extremely fragrant for around $3.75 each.

I don’t regret the purchase in the least because I like many of these fragrances but I don’t think these are very strong. The good news is they are a lot stronger than Glade Wax Melts and Febreze Wax Melts.

To get the most from the melts I would suggest using an entire one in a smaller space with the door closed. If you’re trying to scent a huge open space I don’t think you’ll notice the scent as well as you would in a smaller space. I tried using a small chunk, didn’t smell anything, cut up another chunk, still felt it was weak, and ended up dumping all four pieces into my warmer. Burning the whole thing seems to have worked best for me but some people might love the idea of spending $5 for a one time use. I think the candles in these fragrances are actually stronger than the melts so, that $5 might be better used towards a full size candle.

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts are a novel idea but they need to be a little stronger for me to actually indulge again! I think I’m happier with Bath & Body Works Candles.

Anyone try the wax melts?

Do share!

As of now I’ve seen Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts at White Barn locations.


I purchased this item.

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  • kimkats

    I had heard rumor of these and was curious how strong they’d be. I think I may skip them, as I’m up to my eyeballs in wax tarts right now. Muse have you ever tried the Better Homes & Gardens ones that Walmart carries? Most of them are AMAZING – and I think they’re like $2 for 6 cubes, and usually one cube is plenty strong!! I have an embarassing number of them in my office… I use an electric tart warmer here and most of the time my office smells DEEEVINE!! πŸ˜€

    • Isabella Muse

      I have and I agree! about 99% of the ones I purchased have all been strong and gorgeously scented πŸ˜€ I love the LE ones they do too like Salt Water Taffy πŸ˜€ I use one in my office too πŸ™‚ Everyone that comes in asks what that smell is hehe πŸ˜€

  • Kelly B

    I bought some and love them! Many moons ago, BBW made wax melts and they were great. But alas, just like the oils, they did away with them. I have found them to be powerful. I use 2 at a time. The big selling point for me was that now I could fragrance my WHOLE house with the same scent. I love Yankee tarts but their candles have been slacking with the throw lately.

    • Isabella Muse

      No kidding! I don’t remember that but I do miss the oils πŸ™‚ I have to try a few of the other ones but so far I had to use four to get a good throw. I HATE yankee candle candles, they are so weak πŸ™ But the tarts are awesome!

  • kimkats

    I have had the Spiced CItrus Pumpkin one going for several days, and a bunch of people have stopped by and said, “Oh that smells so good!”

    obviously I need to stock up on this one since it’s LE.


    • Isabella Muse

      oh! haven’t tried that one! I have to stop into the evil empire and check it out. The mocha latte one is a fav of mine!

  • Ana

    I think Yankee tarts are way too strong, so these BBW ones actually might be good for me. I have an extremely sensitive and good sense of smell and can get overwhelmed by fragrance easily. I love the BBW Autumn candle and can only use it in the mini candle because it find the three wick too strong, so wish I could get it in tart form. The only thing is the closest White Barn is about an hour away from me. I wish you could order online from WB and I don’t get the mail please why they don’t have that available yet.

    • Isabella Muse

      They are def for you if that’s the case. My nose doesn’t pick of scent very well unless I’m right on top of it so, I’m not super sensitive and always want something stronger πŸ˜€ these might do you well! I agree! Why does WB not have a website?

      • K.C.

        I Purchased Bath and Body Works melts for myself
        and for a gift they are way to weak. what a rip off.

  • Bonnie

    Think I may have to skip these; I like mine STRONG. Going to check out that Etsy site now…

  • Tif

    I agree about the BBW melts being weak. I was really excited about the Marshmallow Peppermint, but the scent doesn’t last anywhere near as long as Scentsy. I’ll be returning the half dozen that I bought.

    What does LE stand for? Salt Water Taffy sounds like something I would love.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah, it’s pretty sad as I love the idea of them but they just aren’t all that scented! LE=Limited Edition

  • Rachael Smith

    So I just bought a few from B&BW a few days ago. So far I have only used Spring Leaves, I thought it was weak with one piece so I added another and it made my whole house smell lovely for the first day (I also have a very open house). The second day, I added another and burned the wax melts all day (8am-10 pm), it started to fade by the end of the night so the next day I added another and burned it all day again. Today, around 12 I changed it to Watermelon Lemonade because the Spring Leaves had practically not scent left. I again, am starting off with 2 pieces and so far it smells great. Since I have a pretty open house, I think it works better for me than others who have more walls/doors between each room. I also think for $4.50 a piece and it lasts about 3 days if you burn it for 14 hours then its fair. I’m sure if I turned it off more, it would last longer. The only other waxes I have tried were scentsy and I personally thought they were weak ( I tired Lavender and Jasmine) even after using half the bar.

    • Anna

      Rachel, I had the total opposite experience with BBW and Scentsy. Every scent I have ever purchased from Scentsy smelled wonderful and very fragrant. When I still lived at home with my parents, I purchased one that smelled like bananas and my dad thought I was making banana bread before he even walked into the house (he could smell it from outside). The BBW ones (even with 2 cubes in the warmer) didn’t impress me at all! My mom bought me Twisted Peppermint, Hot Apple Toddy, and Winter Candy Apple for Christmas and I wasn’t happy with the first two. I’m just getting around to using the WCA today (and I’m using the entire circle) in hopes that it’ll produce a stronger fragrance. We will see. BBW has amazing products but their candle/wax melt line is lacking. Their candles do smell excellent when burning, but for the price the candles burn too quickly. I received one that smelled like champagne in my 2016 Black Friday bag, and it smelled good but literally ran out after 3 uses at a 3-4 hour burn for each use. For $20+ for each candle (and even $12.50 when they’re on sale), they’re disappointing.

  • Anna

    I’m also someone who loves my melts strong! The stronger and more fragrant, the better! I received three B&BW melts as a gift for Christmas and needed to use 2 melts in the warmer to even smell anything and, still, I could only smell them within a 5 foot radius. You’d think twisted peppermint would be potent! And the price is astronomical for the quality!

    I found that Yankee’s tarts aren’t as fragrant as they were years before. I ended up purchasing two different scents months back for my husband (who loves the more masculine ones) and we were disappointed at the throw! In my experience, I’ve found that the best brands that never let me down are Scentsy, and surprisingly Walmart’s Better Homes and Gardens line. I have about 20+ wax melt scents from there and they all smell very fragrant while melted. And it’s awesome because they’re only $2 per container. I haven’t purchased one yet that didn’t live up to its expectations.

    Another brand that is excellent is Swan Creek Candle Co. and their herbal/drizzle melts. They’re $5.99-$6.99 per container depending on where you purchase them (Bass Pro sells them!) but the amount they give you is definitely fair and only one cube is needed to produce a strong fragrance. I like this brand because the fragrance is very natural and true to scent. They don’t smell plasticky or artificial or perfumy like some of the other brands do.

    • Isabella Muse

      I totally agree about Yankees, they are so not as strong as they were several years ago. For example, Christmas Cookie is very weak compared to how strong it was several years ago. Also, I feel like they crumble easily when stored. They used to be more solid. I’ll check out Swan Creek. I really like the Bathing Garden ( they have some really strong fragrances and the price isn’t too bad either πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    Hey girl! Question, do these evaporate? I stopped buying Yankee tarts because the fragrance would disappear but the wax does not evaporate the way candle wax does, and I hate throwing away wax, it feels like such a waste. I would only buy these if the wax evaporated. Thanks!

  • kaysky

    the scents aren’t strong enough, i actually didnt smell anything at all. i will be returning mine.

  • Christine D.

    Thanks for the review! I think I know the answer, but wondering if the yankee tarts work on the bath and body works melter and vice versa?

    • Isabella Muse

      um not really because yankee candle tarts are actually bigger than the bath and body works wax warmers. You’ll want to cut the tart in half or maybe even into fourths so it doesn’t spill wax everywhere. So long as you don’t overfill it you’re good to warm wax melts in any warmer you have be it in a yankee candle one or a bath and body works one or anything you buy in a craft store or online etc…! Just be careful because the bath and body works waxes are smaller than the yankee ones and that means the bath and body works warmer has a smaller well to hold the wax. Just break up the Yankee one if you use it in the bath and body works warmer ;-D If you use the bath and body works melt in a yankee warmer though you’ll be fine as their warmers have big wells! πŸ˜€ Hope that helps!?

  • Amy

    Can I use either B&B works or Yankee Candle melts with a Pink Zebra warmer? I love their warmers but their scents don’t last long. How long do B&B or Yankee’s melts last?

  • madge love

    i would like to see them in store im upset because i cant find them. love them.