September 6, 2016

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin PocketBac Holder Looks Like An Orange?

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin PocketBac Holder

So, I admit when I saw this Bath & Body Works Pumpkin PocketBac Holder I was like, wait, is that an orange? It totally looks like an orange right? Turns out it is a pumpkin!

I told myself I would not buy anymore Pocketbac Holders and I stuck by that promise to myself! Why? Because they changed the shape and size of Pocketbacs and now my old holders are obsolete. Not completely, I can always buy the old Pocketbacs on Ebay but I hate they just changed the shape of Pocketbacs without considering the old holders.


Anyway, I won’t rant anymore but I will tell you about this cute Bath & Body Works Pumpkin PocketBac Holder!

So, this one will set you back $9.50 and I must be totally naive because it had a Pocketbac inside when I picked it up and I was like, “Oh ten bucks isn’t bad because it includes the Pocketbac!” So, away I went to the cash register to buy it only to be looked at like I was crazy when she rang up the holder and Pocketbac separately. I politely said, “But aren’t they a set?” and she looked at me like I was absolutely insane and snapped it wasn’t a set. I was embarrassed a little bit after that because she was making it out like I had put the Pocketbac inside the holder to confuse her or something. Ummmm ok! Oh well!


This is the first time I’m seeing a holder like this as it isn’t really one you want to tote around since it is twice the size of a normal holder. For me, it’s something you want to display on your desk or vanity. I like it because I use a lot of antibacterial gel throughout the day at work since I’m shaking a lot of hands, etc…it’s nice to have this at my desk as it looks cute, makes me smile, plus it holds my gel securely inside.

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin PocketBac Holder3\

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin PocketBac Holder2

I got Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte with it and I have to say that’s a really great one to pick up as it has a strong, lingering scent on my hands!

This is cute but the near $10 price tag might put people off it! I think it’s adorable even if it does look like a little orange πŸ™‚

It’s available now for a limited time at Bath & Body Works!

They are disappearing pretty fast so, if you want it, grab it. They had one in a store I visited and I showed my friend and he wanted one. So, we went back to that store to see if they got more in stock, no luck. After that we visited 5 other stores without success! If you see it, grab it, it’s a hot one πŸ™‚

I purchased this item.

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  • ruth

    Orange you glad to see me, Izzy?? =D
    I still have the old style pocketbac Bat with the light up eyes from years ago and refill it with the hand santizier from Target since the size is the same, but it doesn’t smell quite as nice.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL corny πŸ˜€ I started keeping my empties too so I could refill and use my old holders. Sucks they resized these πŸ™

  • ruth

    Doesn’t she kinda look like she wants to gently reprimand you for your overdue library books? I hate to disappoint her with my tardiness but I’m late for everything

  • Kay

    Aw, she’s cute! But if she’s meant to be for autumn/fall…seems a little bit summery to me? Maybe it’s the flower on the specs! Can’t believe the sales assistant was so snippy with you though, geez, heaven forbid someone makes a mistake.

    Kind of related – I totally missed the pocketbacs when I was browsing the BBW site the other day – I love them! I’m going to buy so many when I’m over there XD

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL right? She does seem very Summer-y! Aw it’s ok! Maybe she was having a bad day lol! Ugh they are addicting!!!!!!

  • Clivia

    I have the pineapple and the orange. I am patiently waiting for the strawberry. I just snagged this one off of ebay. I work at home and love seeing them on my desk. The orange and this one looks very similar. Only major difference is that the orange has sunglasses.