September 14, 2016

What’s the Most Exciting Holiday Makeup Release You Can Remember?


If you go back through your makeup past what’s the most exciting makeup release you can remember? Nowadays, Holiday Makeup Collections are cookie cutter versions of each other. Each year brands release a slew of existing gift sets but sadly, if you’re a long standing makeup fan they likely don’t excite you as much as they once did. When did the magic go out of Holiday makeup? Are we burned out? Or are brands just churning out the same old humdrum makeup collections that fail to appeal to us.

For me 2007 was truly a year that stands out as a great year in Holiday Makeup! The Givenchy Diamantisimme Collection released and with it a tiny box that resembled n engagement ring box that housed the sparkly Prisme Solitaire Precious Diamond All Over Powder. This was also the year that Guerlain released their Holiday Collection and for me, it was one of the best seasonal releases they have done to date.

A lot has changed since 2007. Givency’s Holiday Collections haven’t been as glam and Guerlain tends to repeat variations of their Meteorites in different packaging. The magic seems to have dwindled away for me. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s the brands.

I think Tarte and Too Faced are too brands that fall victim to launching a lot of the same things year after year after year. Tarte really corned the Holiday market a few years ago offering a variety of different sets at Ulta, QVC, and Sephora. You got a lot of bang for your buck when purchasing one of their gift sets. The prices haven’t changed too much but the size of items have become smaller over the years and gift sets and palettes aren’t nearly as great quality as they used to be!

For me, 2007 was one of the most exciting Holiday seasons particularly from brands like Guerlain and Givenchy.

What’s the most exciting holiday makeup release you can remember?

Something you were really excited about and simply couldn’t wait to get your hands on.

Do share!

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  • Robin

    I still look forward to ‘Stila s holiday releases. Their lip glaze sets were on my annual buy lists for years.

  • Christian

    I am fairly new to the make up world and I only started stalking releases last year (thanks to you Muse, I know exactly what’s coming out). However, last year I was so excited for the KVD mi vida loca remix! I love colorful shadows so I ordered it as soon as reviews were up! I still use that palette almost every time I do my makeup. I was very excited this year for the UD moondust palette! I love it so much and wondered how holiday 2016 could top it. Sadly, none of the holiday releases interest me. I might buy the bite beauty lip set because I’ve always wanted to try that brand. However, eyeshadow is my favorite makeup and all of the holiday palettes seem neutral and boring.
    I am sad.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I dunno if I should feel bad, Christian! 😀 I might be making you broke now! The Bite Set is worth the haul, there lipsticks are fabulous and this is a very good introduction to the brand! I agree! Lots of neutral shades this year. I remember when the Holiday collections were all about glitz golds and sparkling silvers with pops of red lipstick! Nowadays, everyone sticks to nudes!

  • Gali

    I love to see all the advent calendars from various brands. Packaging is usually unique, and sometimes you even get nice value.

  • Kay

    MAC glitter and ice in 2011 is the only full collection I remember being super excited about – the store display was so beautiful and just reminded me of the perfect, suprise white Christmas I woke up to one year! It also brought to mind a winter trip to New York when I was a teenager, when all the holiday lights had just gone up *happy sigh*

    I was still at university so the brush sets and palettes weren’t an option once I got what I really wanted from it – the silver lipstick and two silver dazzleglasses! The glosses remain my seasonal go-tos even though I probably should have finished/thrown them away by now. Wow Muse, this post has really got me inspired to go for more icy looks this winter! 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      I couldn’t agree more, Glitter and Ice was a gorgeous collection! It really captured the spirit of Winter! I remember the paint pots were gorgeous 😀 Haha, awesome! Post them! I want to see what you create 😀

      • Kay

        Oh yes, they were so pretty! Haha, if I create anything I’m really proud of I totally will 😉

  • Yolanda Hanna

    I haven’t been in the makeup game that long so Holiday releases are still exciting for me. The palettes not so much but the various sets that come out like Philosophy and the lip sets. Also the brush sets!

  • Joyce

    Muse you’ve read my mind! I was just telling my husband yesterday how holiday collections are blah this year. All the stuff that’s released so far–not interesting. They all seem like poor quality also! I told him “I keep waiting for the real collections to come out because these things are junk!” What I love about holiday releases are value. Tarte used to be great at releasing 5 eyeliners for the price of 2 or something.

    And what’s with everybody releasing baked highlighter trios? It’s like they all sat down and agreed to put out the same cheap nonsense across the board.

    But back to the original question… I think Wet n Wild’s older Color Icon releases were exciting for me. Night Elf is still one of my favorite palettes of all time. I used to really look forward to MAC Summer collections every year!

    • Isabella Muse

      Good news right? We save $$ lol 🙂 I agree, Tarte’s sets were much much nicer in the past! Oh wow, the Urban Decay Baked Highlighter isn’t great :-/ yuck! And Stila did one too, not sure how it is! But yeah, a lot of baked highlighter everything! I really like Night Elf too, but I hate the rerun, which they’d do something new!

  • Angela

    Totally agree! I am only excited about one or two sets this year. Kind of a bummer!

  • Rachel B

    I agree that Holiday 2016 hasn’t been very exciting so far. I’m looking forward to theBalm’s offerings. I thought they did a great job last year with both palettes. I think the Buxom lip gloss sets and the Bite sets are still consistently interesting and good values. The last time I was truly excited was for Lorac’s Sweet Temptations sets from a few years ago.

    • Isabella Muse

      I agree! The balm looks good this year! I think BE did a good job this year too, some very nice sets/palettes and yeah, the Lorac Sweet Temptations was a beautiful selection of sets/palettes!

  • Tifany

    I still get pretty excited for Bobbi Brown’s holiday sets…this year, I’m adoring the gold packaging!

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise! Even though Bobbi’s quality has changed considerably I STILL get excited about her Fall/Holiday Collections!

  • AJ

    In 1979 I was seventeen and in my senior year of high school. I grew up on a farm but always painted my nails and wore makeup, like the unique weirdo I was. For Christmas, my Santa mom gave me an Elizabeth Arden kit that included lipsticks, eye shadows, and other amazing goodies. Even though I never wore lipstick at that age and time, that’s when my love of all things painted started. It also included the best tray that I used for years and years. Yeah, I’m pretty old, so I really need makeup now, which is just an excuse but a good one, don’t you think?

    • Isabella Muse

      psssffft girl, make is for all ages 🙂 You don’t NEED it but it sure is nice to have right? hehe 😀

  • Tracy

    I was going nuts for Laura Mercier’s holiday sets 2 years ago, especially the caviar stick eyeshadows. Bobbi Brown can have nice limited edition pieces. But I don’t like bulky palettes, so Too Faced and Tarte’s over the top sets don’t interest me. Also, I’m all about skincare giftsets, which are often a great deal.

    • Isabella Muse

      I agree skincare gift sets are awesome and LM has some fantastic gift sets with usable makeup items like the Caviar Sticks!

  • Lisa Smith

    Mac’s “A Tarten Tale” It had my favorite nude lipstick of all time, “The Fairy Glen” I really liked “Courting Lilac” too. Also discovered Pearl Glides with this collection. I still love and use (new ones of course) “Lord It Up” and “Black Swan” O Goodness, I just realised this was 2010 when this collection came out!

  • Caroline

    This is my first year being into makeup and checking out the holiday releases, so, well… everything! The Tarteist Paint Palette is at the top of my list, and everything by Too Faced is just adorable. I’ve seen negative reviews of basically every holiday release this year, but since I’m so new to makeup in general I think everything looks great! Love your blog, Muse 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      ah caroline I so miss the magic of being new to makeup 😀 You’re lucky! I’ve become a little jaded lately when it comes to Holiday releases! But I do not blame you for enjoying and having fun with the holiday releases! Enjoy it! 🙂 have fun shopping! xoxoxoxoxoxo! Love ya back 😀