February 14, 2017

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I picked up a pot of the new NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($30) at Blue Mercury when I went to see an early preview of Fifty Shades Darker with my sister and friends early last week. Which we giggled through like 14 years old boys seeing a pair of boobs for the first time, we all acted very adult-like. But it was all worth it for Jamie Dornan and his Batman-like American accent. I just have to say I’ve watched way more graphic anime and live action movies but for some reason I giggled myself silly through the entire movie.

Anyway, prior to that I hopped in Blue Mercury and grabbed a pot of NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. It was a random purchase as I planned on buying this online since the launch but for some reason I didn’t get a chance to do so. I think I kept telling myself that I wanted to swatch in store to see how the shades were looking.

Here’s my thoughts and review.

So, my hope or NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer was that it would be like my beloved Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer which is long gone but never forgotten. The promise of a full-coverage concealer with a soft mousse-like texture sounded very appealing. Even the matte finish didn’t sway me since I had such great success with Tarte Shape Tape Concealer which is also completely matte.

I was lucky enough to swatch and play with a completely new pot of the concealer in store as no one had touched it. Which meant I could actually apply it under my eyes without the fear of gross bacteria and god only knows what else. Such a rarity when it comes to makeup in stores. I ended up choosing Creme Brulee because all the other shades were either too peachy or two yellow. After trying it on I got confirmation from sister that it looked good, I also got the same from the sales reps. I trust my sis because she’s the first one that will be brutally honest about anything I ask her opinion on be it makeup, clothes, or anything else in life. She nodded her head and said, “looks good”. I was unsure myself but two sales reps came over and said, “Yeah, that’s a good match”. But still, I hesitated. Why? Because the lights in the store would have made Bette Davis as Baby Jane look like she had smooth, porcelain skin. I felt like the shade was too light but with the lighting in the store it looked perfect. Got home and yup, I was right. A smidge too pink for me. But I’ll stick with it because I felt like the other shades I tried were too peachy and too yellow which I hate in concealer. After I apply my foundation and other makeup it looked a ok so, I guess this is good for me. Although a lighter beige would have been perfect.

The bad news would be this in no way a dupe for our beloved Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer. If you want a soft mousse-like texture like Maybelline’s I’d recommend Japonesque Velvet Touch Concealer (Review) is the better option. I thought it would be softer with a whipped texture. It’s actually a light, creamy texture and it does have a subtle mousse-like consistency but not the soft whipped creaminess of Maybelline’s formula.

When I tried it I instantly thought, “Oh this is more for face concealing…” But NARS, does in fact say it conceals dark circles and works on redness, discolorations, blemishes, acne, etc…so, they do give their nod of approval for under eye use. The thing is, if you use concealer on you face you’ll like this. It has a smooth, airbrushed finish and it doesn’t cling to drier areas. It sets powdery in opinion but doesn’t cling or look unnatural. It’s even even and smooth with no patchiness. I don’t use concealer on my face but for my review I tested it on my face and these are the results I experienced when using it.

Under my eyes, well, the results are iffy. It’s a little difficult to blend and it tends to crease into m finer lines. It does brighten up my entire eye area and does fairly good job concealing fatigue, puffiness, and tired eyes but it might struggle a little with severe dark circles but all in all, the pigmentation is here. I applied both eye cream and oil under my eyes prior to application and this did help the blending process but still, I tugged a bit to get things perfect. The wear is good, I’d say I can get through eight hours of wear but in that time there’s a good deal of creasing. If you’re oily, well, I think you should do well here but drier folks sadly won’t love this.

I like the idea of NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer more than I liked the actually formula. This isn’t one for girls and guys with dry under eyes. If you’re using it on your face you’ll find the results are much nicer but for under eye use you might need or want something a bit more hydrating.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer is available now at Sephora.com.

Tried it?

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Kimmwc03

    I was waiting for your review on this one. I’m going to try to color match in store first.

    I also saw the 50 Shades movie with a group of 15 gal pals on Friday. It was a fun time! Lots of giggling and ladies rooting for “some action.” Ha ha.

    • Isabella Muse

      Def go in store but make sure you aren’t under bright lightening when trying/swatching 😀 Haha sounds fun. I went with friends and my sister, we weren’t mature at all let’s just say 😀 haha!

  • Sjofna

    Thanks for reviewing this, I think I’ll skip it. The few youtube reviews I saw on this also mentioned it’s better for covering up blemishes/skin issues than under the eyes.

  • Rebecca

    I didn’t have good results with this on blemishes and dark marks either. Blending sheered out the coverage, but the main problem was that it wore off after only a couple of hours. Too bad – a nice consistency and (for me) a perfect color match.

  • Chelsea

    I agree – I liked it for blemishes and spots, but it was way too dry for my relatively dry undereyes. I also usually need something a bit peachier in color for undereyes too.

  • kjh

    Thanks. Concealer is such a bloody bitch. I was explaining the concept to a friend who smokes Waaaaay too much weed and ordered an airbrush machine, when she hasn’t ever set foot in Ulta or Sephora, much less a counter…. first, a tinted pseudo under eye cream like FAB triple duty, then a concealer primer, if you want, then a corrector, then a brightener, then a concealer. Set with a powder, if you wish. And btw, there are at least five top choices in varying formulas for everyone in all categories. And every choice alters the appearance of the others. Virtually all Nars complexion products are too yellow f/m. Formula sounds dead on wrong for under eye. Glad I didn’t order it. Gotta apply the tape shape for real. I sighed at the too yellow aspect when I swatched it, but the dry down oxidized FOR THE BETTER! I think I have lurking red undertones. The funniest concealer mistake was the tony moly panda. Great ingredients, but unless you like yellow raccoony ( not gold raccoony, right?) under eyes, forget it. Really plays poorly with my other go-tos. But FN remains my main man for lips and blush.

  • Sal

    I just got this and I liked it under my eyes…I didn’t find it as pigmented as I’d have liked but thankfully it didn’t crease too much. Will have to play around with it more before I make my mind up xxx

  • Leela

    Hey! What shade are you in mac? Im an nc20 and im struggling to find my perfect shade. I can only purchase it online since i am from argentina and it isnt sold in stores. If you could tell me i would be grateful. Thanks!

    • Isabella Muse

      i have no idea. mac shades are dull or too orange on me I don’t use them. Sorry!