March 29, 2017

Beauty Confession: How Many Colourpop Eyeshadows Do You Actually Own?

I think if I go through my makeup and eyeshadow stash and pick out the one brand I have the most eyeshadow from it would be Urban Decay. For a tiny, heart beat of a moment, I thought my Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Collection was bigger but not really. After counting them I actually don’t have that many at all. Maybe the chunkier pots make them look like I have more than I actually do.

I won’t embarrass myself by admitting the sheer number of Urban Decay ones I have but I will tell confess I have 42 Colourpop eyeshadows. I know a lot of people don’t like them but I find myself using them a lot especially the matte eyeshadows. They aren’t dry and they apply like a cream eyeshadow but obviously sans glitter or shimmer. They are great color washes and you can really accentuate eyes with some of the darker shades like Bandit for example! Really, if you hated them for any reason in the past do try them again. They grow on you. I remember thinking some of the sparkly ones were a little too cakey and frosty but a lighter hand makes is key to getting them to look just right. So yeah, kind of rediscovering my love for these lately.

How about you?

How many Colourpop Eyeshadows do you own?

Or tell me what brand you have the biggest collection of eyeshadows from (not counting palettes)!


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  • Joyce

    Just 2! I Heart This and Bubbly. I wish Bubbly wasn’t so glittery, though. I don’t mind glitter! I was just looking for something more of a frosty bubblegum pink.

    What are you tippy top ColourPop shadow recommendations?

    • Isabella Muse

      bandit, muse, melrose, brady, ugh so many. Try applying a matte shade all over your eyes and a little sheer wash of Bubbly! I have problems as well with the crazy shimmer looking frosty. I ended up using them on the outer area of my area and kind of contrasting with the matte I placed all over my eye πŸ˜€

  • diane

    i have less than 10 of the bouncy ones, but i do love them for how easy they apply and long they last. i do have more of their newer pressed powders bc they are fantastic! i have 15 of those!

      • diane

        omg you need to! i ordered 4 at first, then went back for more and then they made that all pink palette- which, you know..i NEEDED. πŸ˜‰

        • Isabella Muse

          I wanted the peach one but I kept pulling back on it for some reason! Ugh now you made me lem πŸ˜€

  • Emily

    I’d have to go home and count; let’s see, I have a box of 6, but gifted one of the jars to a friend (so 5). Then I think 4 quads, but minus one more jar which I also gave away (15, now up to 20). Then maybe 4 or 5 singles. Oh, but then some eye and lip bundles. I’m probably under 30, but definitely more than 20. And I love them. But don’t desire any more at this point, free shipping notwithstanding. I wish I could master the art of applying a liquid lip, because they make some awfully pretty ones, but I find the application to be way too tricky. I still try once in a while, and always feel self conscious.

  • Agona

    I’ve been curious but haven’t tried them. My eyelids are oily (even though the rest of my face is painfully dry) and hooded so cream shadows (unless they’re the primer kind) never work on my lids. But I’ve heard that Colour Pop’s aren’t a true cream so I’m tempted to try them.

    • Diana

      I have super oily lids, and these are the only kind of cream eyeshadows that last on me. I’ve been really impressed! I still use UDPP under them though.

  • blee

    Just 3! πŸ™‚ But in my loose collection – well, okay I’ll admit over 350. I Know I like to try them all, but I’m on a pallet collection and I found my self using them up faster than my loose collection of eye shadows. πŸ˜€

  • Sarah

    I have five, it used to be six but my beloved Bae dried out and crumbled. I didn’t close the lid tight enough. πŸ™ So that one will have to be replaced!

    My only gripe with ColourPop is that they’re so hard to apply unless you use your fingers or a really dense synthetic brush. I don’t mind using my fingers for maximum sparkle when I use their glittery shades on my lids for extra dimension, but their mattes turn me off a little because then I have to use a brush and the product doesn’t always cooperate. Still, their shimmery shadows like Nillionaire are a staple so I do love them!

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah, I think fingers are essential with their formula, way too difficult to apply with brushes. Sometimes sponge eyeshadow applicators work but fingers are def best!

  • Isa

    I don’t have any! Until fairly recently, they didn’t ship to Singapore. But also, I don’t like cream eyeshadow/blush in general. They always seem to dry out or go off before I feel like I’ve gotten much use out of them! I’m eyeing their new powder shadows though!

    • Isabella Muse

      no no seriously don’t feel that way! They actually store well! I have some for nearly a year and they are still super soft! πŸ˜€

  • Liz

    Whoa 42?!! I have zero colourpop – I don’t know why. Do they end up drying out after a while? I seem to collect L’Oreal infailables, have 21 of them.

    • Isabella Muse

      No! I was JUST thinking about starting a post about that today! I never had an issue with dry out thankfully! As long as you seal them tight they are good to go! πŸ˜€

  • Chanty

    I just bought like 12 or so a couple of weeks ago cuz everyone rants about them. I personally like them for the few I have used thus far!

  • Heidi

    You know, I do not own any ColourPop shadows. Until today. I saw the free shipping offer and went and finally ordered Bae, which I’ve been wanting for ages. (Plus I had to order one of those newish blotted lipsticks and something that’s supposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay’s Gash.)
    Probably the most shadows I have by anyone are from some Etsy company called MBA Cosmetics. She used to offer generous samples of loose mineral eyeshadows so I ordered a bunch of them so I could experiment with different colors. Then I found I liked most of what I bought, especially when I foiled them to use as eyeliner, and got several more samples. Now I have tons of little sample pots of all these greens, purples, duochromes and more. Way too many.

    • Isabella Muse

      I can’t get involved with minerals because I start obsessing and wanting to own them ALL!

      • Heidi

        That was my issue. I was curious about some colors and this lady offered samples (she does have a cosmetics website, too, where she sells her brand and others), but I had a gift card so I’d be ordering 10 colors to try out. Let’s just say I went a little crazy, but damn if I don’t love a lot of the shadows I ordered.

        • Isabella Muse

          haha at least you love ’em that’s all that matters right?! πŸ˜€

  • Christina Tran

    I used to have around 30-40, but I gifted a lot away, so now have somewhere around 15. I like them as single washes of colour, but I like to use a lot of colours in my looks, so I don’t reach for them as often. Plus, they’re a little harder to pick up with a makeup brush, and I end up having to switch to my synthetic brushes when I normally use natural bristles. For me, the powders are just easier to use, unless I want a really strong pop of shimmery colour. I love those ones the most!

  • Kimmwc03

    I have about 30. I love them! I also have 6 of the pressed ones.

    CP is probably my largest collection for loose shadows.

  • Dora

    Zero! But have been toying with getting Bandit since you posted about it. Waiting for a good deal — free shipping (with no minimum) or a coupon or something. Want to try a couple other shades but I don’t do glitter.

          • Dora

            Nah, that’s OK. I am responsible for my own spending! Excited to try them!

          • Dora

            Oops, four. I decided I needed Cornelius too. The free shipping needs to end before I do more damage.

  • Christina D.

    None, mostly because I do not like the cream-to-powder texture. I’m also not partial to individual shadows since, as you know, I love eye shadow palettes.

    On a not entirely different subject, I’m stalking your blog to see if you review the new NARS Loaded eye shadow palette which you mentioned you went ahead and purchased. I haven’t had any good experiences with NARS eye shadows, but if you give it raves, I just might reconsider (like I need another warm, neutral palette).

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh sorry! I’ve been sick so I’m a little slow getting reviews out this week sis! πŸ˜€ I’ll get to it shortly!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina D.

    Oh no! I’m sorry that you’re not well. πŸ™ Don’t worry about it, just feel better.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh don’t worry xoxoxo! I have a bad cold and I’m miserable because of it πŸ˜€

  • Sarah

    I have over 50. Colourpop is my absolute favorite “drugstoreish” brand out there. There pots are amazing, but I do agree that if you are someone who uses multiple colors for your eye looks, they can be kind of annoying. Partridge, Cricket, So Quiche…all oldies but goodies. I haven’t ordered anything in a while because it seemed like their customer service was lacking based on a lot of posts I’ve seen, but I have never had a problem with an order. I haven’t tried the pressed eyeshadows yet…but this free shipping is calling my name. I will say that their highlighters are holy grail for me. Absolutely amazingly creamy. Hated their blushes, though. And their eyeliner pots…incredible. I’m so sad that it seems like most of those are discontinued. I am curious about their brushes too. I haven’t seen a review on those from anyone that I follow.

  • Chris

    I don’t own any of the Colorpop shadows but own lots (26) of Urban Decay singles. I own 9 of the LancΓ΄me singles. I am trying to be very good! πŸ˜€

  • Elise

    None! I put Colourpop in the category of “check out lane candy!” or drugstore brand. If I start down that rabbit hole it will get out of control too fast. I am on a low buy for 2017 and one of the things I heavily restricted is any type of drugstore cosmetics. I know Colourpop gets good reviews but I already have too much good stuff in my stash. Marie Kondo anyone? πŸ˜‰

    • Isabella Muse

      this is me with mineral eyeshadows! I will NOT go down the road! πŸ˜€

  • Bethany

    Haha I wish I had more… but I only have one. The one I have is Cornelius from the Kathleen Lights collab. I love it so much! I need to get more. The reason I don’t buy them is probably because they are online and I have that less convenient to have to order them and wait.

  • Sarah

    I have 20, and they are a go to for me, especially the matte shades. They apply so well with just a finger and I don’t need to use a primer of any kind, so it’s quick and convenient.
    I have a few sparkly ones as well and they are great, but I’ve found that I prefer matte over any other type of shadow finish so they don’t get used as often as say Bill or Hanky Panky.

  • Jane

    Zero! I kept just missing the specific ones I wanted to try (cowboy or taco and girl crush) so I just never pulled the trigger.

  • rings90

    I keep wanting to try them, but have no idea what eye shadows to start with. I prefer matte over very glittery shadows.

    Also I know everyone loves Bae, but I don’t think I would wear it very often. I am thinking of starting with Drift & Porter.

    Any other recommendations are welcome. πŸ™‚

  • kjh

    At first, thought I’d estimate. 3 boxes with six, get the box. The box is heavy. Oh, oh. Good, there’s something else in there. 29, but I do have an order coming w/at least 2 super shocks, and am trying the pressed powders. Faves seem to be my current colorways: Brady, Bill, Tang, Mixed Tape. I think they are easy with synth or duo fiber brushes, though I’d like to get the Rae Morris cream brush, if B’lish ever restocks. The only one that is too OTT for me is Koosh, so I’m going to avoid the ultrametallics from now on. Use koosh very sparingly. And don’t do much glittery, either. There really is something for everyone at CP.

  • Kelly W.

    I have 185 super shock shadows and nearly all of the pressed shadows! I may have a slight addiction

  • Yelena

    I think I have all of ONE! Nillionaire πŸ™‚
    i do like the formula, its my fun glittery shadow. I apply it with my finger to control the application, a brush may be too messy.

    i’ve never tried the mattes tho: which shades would you recommend apart from bandit
    (which by the way, if you watch The Office, that name made me chuckle)

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I do wonder if that’s what they were thinking when the named the shade πŸ˜€ bandit, muse, melrose, brady so many shades to love! πŸ˜€

  • Felicia

    Colourpop is my favorite. Great formula and So cheap which is why I’m way overloaded. Probably between 40-50 shadows plus 8 of the new pressed shadows which I’m loving. Don’t even get me started on how many of their lip products I own.

  • Kimmyyy

    Wow, and I thought I had a lot! I see someone on here has me way beat though. I have over 50, probably closer to 60, and mine are all the Super Shock formula. I also have a ton of the eyeliners in both the pot and stick formulas, along with quite a few different lip products (even though I never wear anything but lip balm, ever). I have yet to dip my toes into the new pressed powder formula, but I have pretty much all of the new pink collection in my cart, along with a few other pressed power singles in various shades. I’m really sad I apparently missed the deal they were running where you’d get a free empty palette when you bought 4 single pressed powder shadows, so now I have no idea what I’d do with those… -_-‘ I guess I’ll have to break down and buy a z-palette or something since I couldn’t find empty palettes to purchase on the Colourpop site anywhere! I have oily hooded lids and I personally love the Colourpop Super Shock formula. I find they don’t crease much on me and I like applying with my fingers. My only gripe about those is that I kind of hate the glitter shades, which I own a ton of. I don’t know if my eyes are just really sensitive but those shades make my eyes feel crappy, plus I get a lot of fallout. It breaks my heart because I absolutely LOVE So Quiche! I guess I need to try a glitter base. I also love Colourpop because they give free shipping after only $30 and they used to do a decent amount of sales and freebies with orders at certain times. Some stuff is over hyped, but I like most of it.

  • Jaclyn

    I easily have over 100 CP Super Shock Shadows, not counting back ups of discontinued shades. CP is definitely one of my most favorite brands! I really need another set of acrylic drawers as my CP collection is overflowing now…i love CP highlighters (well highlighters in general, and like you have dry skin) [my other favorite brand for highlighters and pressed powder shadows is an indie brand Looxi Beauty, she’s very affordable too and had blue, lavender, green, and pink highlighters more than a year before bigger brands like ABH, WnW came out with them] Back to CP, I have a few blushes, probably at least 30 highlighters, and lots of lippies too. I prefer their SSS formula to their newer pressed powder formula because the first is so much more unique than the latter. I think I have about 2 dozen of the pressed powders, but haven’t tried their newest pressed blush and highlighter powders just yet. I dislike free shipping promos because they always disable coupon codes, so i personally prefer either no promo, flat 20% off, or free product with purchase to free shipping since I’d prefer to use a coupon code with a purchase of over $30 which qualifies for free shipping anyways. I love the newer UML formula (Sunday, Monday, etc) as i find it much more comfortable and less drying for my desert dry lips. I also love the HK UML Ribbon and want to purchase backups but hoping the free shipping promo actually ends Friday night but I’m predicting it’ll be in place until Monday since they almost always extend such promos . I do want the newest SSS shades released as part of the spring collection along with the new pink highlighter, pink blush/highlighter pressed duo, several of the pressed shadows from the nectar release, most of the pink shadows, and only a couple of the shadows from the sand release. As much as i love naturals, most of the sand collection didn’t excite me. I was surprised how much of the nectar collection i liked since I’m not typically an orange, peach, or coral fan (specifically on me as i am quite light skinned with extremely pink undertones) but i actually really like the TF sweet peach palette i bought in December, so i wouldn’t mind having similar shades from CP! I do wish they would release more SSS and highlighters, especially in sparkly, duochrome, holographic, iridescent, and reflective shades! And more tie dyes! I absolutely LOVE their tie dyes and would love to see more of them! And more colorful ones!

  • Silvia

    I don’t own any but gave my email and they are offering free shipping and I know I’m in deep trouble! Lol! My daughter loves them and the highlight she showed me wearing looks gorgeous very natural. I have been collecting WetnWild ones but would like to try the Colorpop creamy non shiny ones, matte I guess for a change since I’m getting old ☹️. I have great skin but I see a few wrinkles showing up. I also workshop the sun as an avid runner and gardener. I think I’m switching to everything cream especially blushes in my next purchases. Actually for Summer they look nice very natural sinks in your skin giving a glowy healthy look.
    I’m studying them before playing an order. Not sure which to get? Any suggestions? That bright purple looks so pretty!

  • amy

    None. I don’t own a single item from the brand. For a while, I planned on checking out the brand, but when I order anything online, I prefer to place one large order; however, too many of the shades/products I wanted were LE, and it never seemed worth the effort to place multiple orders, especially for a brand with such a low price point. Eventually, CP fell off my radar, and I moved on to other comparable brands that actually allow me to get the shades I want.

    As for single shadows, I would have to say MAC, or NARS if I can include duos (well over 100 of each brand, with at least 90% of permanent range shades). I also have more Maybelline Color Tattoos & L’Oreal Infallibles than I care to admit…

  • Gabriela

    But not for lack of wanting. TT_TT One of the big draws for them are the price
    Since they don’t have an EU distribution center i have two options:
    Place a small order and deal with high delivery prices
    Place a big order for free delivery and then pay import fees .
    Both options result in the shadows moving into the MAC/UD price class…

  • Jaye

    Definitely at least 42. Probably more. ColourPop is without a doubt my eyeshadow go to. I like color quitems a bit and got spoiled to the color payoff. They have a learning curve, but once you get it it can be hard to go back to powder. Lol

  • Silvia

    I’ll be receiving 8 shades soon this week. Ordered Mama’s Apple Pie lightest peachy colors and pink and Studio 1400 has a beautiful emerald green, more into Winter colors. They sure look beautiful. Yikes! Can’t wait to get them! If they would apply the supposedly $5.00 gift they send for fittest time order I would have order the Superchick Four also all sorts of soft nude and peachy tones. But no! I emailed them and no bingo! (No answer so far). πŸ™