March 9, 2017

Wet n Wild Queen of my Heart Megaglo Highlighter Powder Review & Swatches

Lilac to Reality and The Sweetest Bling are two new, limited edition Wet n Wild Queen of my Heart Megaglo Highlighter Powder Palettes that are launching now at drugstores for Spring 2017. I got suckered into these because I adored the cute heart design that reminded me of MAC Quite Cute Blush that launched a few years ago.

I’m not a huge highlighter girl by any means and like many of you I’m tried of the endless highlighters. I’m also not one that embraces unusual shades of highlighter like lilacs and purples or even greens. But here I am with two brand new highlighters in my possession beause I’m weak. I’m so very weak 🙂

Wet n Wild Queen of my Heart Megaglo Highlighter ($4.99) come housed in white plastic compacts that hold 0.19 oz of powder each. These are made in China for anyone concerned with such issues. Each palette is made up of a dominate shade of color with a tiny heart embedded in the center that’s a shade lighter. I don’t know if anyone would actually go out of their way to use the colors individually as you’d need a hell of a small brush to get at that heart shade. I just swirled my brush in both shade and dusted on.

Neither shade is very flattered for my skin tone because although I’m lighter I still have warmer undertones. I consider my skin a medium fair and these are both cooler shades that will likely look best on fairer skin with cooler undertones. They make me look like an ice princess when I apply them in all honesty. It’s just a little tool frosty and cool for me. The most wearable of the two shades would be The Sweetest Bling which is what I’m wearing in my photos below.

Wet n Wild Lilac to Reality Megaglo Highlighter Powder

Wet n Wild Lilac to Reality Megaglo Highlighter Powder Swatches

Wet n Wild The Sweetest Bling Megaglo Highlighter Powder

Wet n Wild The Sweetest Bling Megaglo Highlighter Powder Swatches

The texture of the highlighter is soft and velvety but also every so slightly crumbly which makes it a little difficult to blend out. I have drier skin but I’m beyond proud of the fact that I prep so well you’d never know that. I’m mentioning this because even with proper prepping these cling horribly. I consider the texture of my skin fairly smooth but after application this formula just sits unnaturally on top of my skin. Blending helps considerably but I fear you have to build more during the blending process because the formula is one that dusts away as you blend which means you have to apply more and build layer after layer to get the most glow. They swatch incredibly but I’m somehow missing a beat during the application as I can’t get that sort of color pay off anywhere else but on my arm. A little setting mist helps refine the finish and create a smoothest that isn’t there during the initial application. I don’t feel like I get a glow or a luminosity in the finish but more of a “I dusted shimmer on my face” look. As you can see below in my photos.

Wearing Wet n Wild The Sweetest Bling Megaglo Highlighter Powder

Overall, Wet n Wild Queen of my Heart Megaglo Highlighter Powder is a highlighter that you’ll say to yourself, “You get what you pay for!” They aren’t terrible but they aren’t great either or at least not as great as the Internet would have you believe. I’m hearing major raves across the board about these but personally, I thought they were a bit of a miss.

Wet n Wild Queen of my Heart Megaglo Highlighter Powder is launching now at drugstores.

Have you tried them?

Do share your thoughts!

I purchased this item.

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  • Wendy

    ZOMG!!!!!!!!! I don’t even wear highlighter and I want these! ROFL

  • Maria

    Thanks for your review. I was interested in the entire kit for $30 from the website. Now I will pass. HSN is having Too Faced today special next week on March 16. Curious what is included. Do you know anything Muse?

  • AJ

    I just Googled “wet n wild peta” and found a pretty solid post in support of Wet n Wild’s animal testing policy. This info is almost 3 years old but the way it’s written, it still seems applicable. And they have increased their bunny branding on packaging. It’s enough for me but I’ll admit that any info older than a few weeks should probably be double-checked. I’ll post if I do anymore research.

    Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 2:53 PM

    Hello Kitty,

    Thank you for contacting wet n wild!

    We are happy to inform you that we do not test on animals at any point of our production nor do we purchase any materials from vendors who test on animals. Our products are made in China but not sold in China so we do not have to abide by their laws of animal testing. We love our fury, hairy, scaled and winged friends and we do not plan to animal test in the future.

    We hope this helps and please feel free to contact us again!

    Thank you so much,

    wet n wild Beauty


  • Wanda

    Was wondering—-Would these be good to use as a shimmer eye shadow… maybe? I was thinking, I could swipe it with my finger and apply in my eyelid for a bit of a metallic shimmery affect?

  • Aneiren

    I can totally see myself taking the lavender one, crushing it up into lipgloss and smearing on my lips. Plus, it’s super cheap, so if it doesn’t work, big deal! Although I think I’d like this on my eyes too. I’m sick of highlighter too, but putting an ethereal iridescent shimmer on my lids and lips I love.

  • Annie

    Now THIS is right price point, pigmentation, and difference in shades for wacky highlighter

  • Heidi

    These are beautiful but I don’t see myself getting much use of these. The lilac is gorgeous in particular, but I have a lavender highlighter and rarely use it.
    Are you going to review any of the other items from WnW, like the eyeshadow palettes?

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise, I got suckered in my the cuteness but they aren’t something I’ll likely use daily. I’ve reviewed the entire collection and the eyeshadow palettes should be live today or Monday 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Well….you make a lovely disco ball, Isabella. But this is a pass. Thank you for being the guinea pig of glitter phobic ladies everywhere!

  • Carol G

    I just bought these but have not tried them yet. They do look frosty. I guess if they don’t work as highlighters I will use them as eyeshadow topcoats (over black or a dark eyeshadow) or even eyeliners over black liner to make an iridescent liner. I was suckered in by the packaging too so don’t feel bad. It’s a shame they are crumbly. Their highlighters from past collections always seemed nice.

  • KatJ777

    Not a fan of products made in China and Wet&Wild, Elf and some Tarte products are made there. I am concerned about the ingredients used and their safety as what we put on our skin absorbs into our blood stream. Do you ever do reviews of LUSH beauty? They have some lovely products, animal cruelty free, divine smelling and excellent ingredients. They do use tiny amount of parabens but that is to preserve the cosmetics from going bad. Your reviews are great, I look forward to your e-mail every morning!

  • Silvia

    Hmmm? I already have all previous WnW highliters including the rainbow one which I wear as a hint on eyeshadow sometimes as well. I have two from the past LE collection the dessert named ones they are light but actually go on soft and nice not patchycat all they are still available on the website. I wanted to get my hands on the pinkish one but no longer available. Those I like and the Crown of Canopy and the other one and the three Fergie ones are lovely.
    Thanks so much for the warning on these ones. Although the cuteness kills this curious cat! 🙂

    • Sairbearbaby

      They just added the singles on the website! I love all their highlighters too ❤️❤️

  • Rouge Ell Gould

    I just bought one today and I have to admit that the application process is a bit promising, until you begin blending in.It is quite frosty and I find it difficult for it to blend because it just “fades away”.I will do a review on this on YouTube (Rouge Ell Gould).I am absolutely in love with the Essence (I ♡Runway) highlighter stick (liquid)…it is absolutely gorgeous.It blends so evenly, creates a long lasting glow that illuminates and it is so affordable.I love it.Hope you keep an eye for my videos on YouTube.Also been one of the best writers on Quora (Ziyanda Venter).Thanks for this review I loved it and I adore you so much.Please keep up the great work!!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thank you Rouge! Love ya back 🙂 I’ll have to try the Essence Highlighter Stick, I remember trying one in the past but I think they have a new one for Fall or am I nuts? I’ll def check out your vids!