April 20, 2017

Bath & Body Works Gets In On The Bath Fizzy Business

Want to try a Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzy? There’s a slew of them available for Spring 2017 in some of Bath & Body Works’ most beloved fragrances like Beautiful Day, Thousand Wishes, and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

This isn’t Bath & Body Works first venture into Bath Bombs as they released some really fab Twisted Peppermint Bath Fizzies a few years ago!

It’s always puzzled me that Bath & Body Works doesn’t really have a lot of bath stuff. They mostly focus on body and shower but I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of stuff you can take into your bathtub with you. Until now anyway….

The fizzy or bath bomb line is available in 15 different scents with three different designs that come in small and larger bomb sizes as well as larger square ones with prices from $6.95 to $7.50. There’s no way that these convince me to give up my beloved Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars but I’m tempted to try one or two and see what I think.

I imagine they’ll be around for Spring but I don’t seeing them becoming a permanent feature at Bath & Body Works. But who knows, maybe they’ll become super popular! But I have my doubts as look at their wax melts, I hardly see those in stores anymore. They seemed to have a brief run and disappeared from most stores I’ve visited and I suspect the Bath Fizzies will go the same way.

And P.S. Whatever happened to that No Touch Smart Soap Dispenser? I never saw it at a single store!

What do you think of the Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzy Collection?

Does it interest you or is it just another flash in the pan trend that’ll die a quick death?

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  • Sarah

    Oh I might have to try these! My closest Lush is an hour away and I have a B&BW just down the street. As much as I’m willing to burn gas to drive an hour, I must say, it’s more convenient to give these a try!

    I just hope they leave my skin smelling as wonderful and feeling as silky smooth as the Lush bombs do. 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      😀 let me know if you try! I haven’t been to BBW yet but going to pick up one or two and see what I think!

  • Wiebke

    Hmmm. I think they’re too late in the game for such a high price point. At 3 for $10, maybe…

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah, a little $$ for bbw! But I’m sure they’ll have some sort of sale at some point!

  • kimkats

    Ouch! that’s kind of pricey for those. But I always wondered, like you, why they had next to nothing for the bath – after all, it’s part of their name! I feel like they’re a little late to the game on this, but I may still try one (or eight) of them…. :-}

    • Isabella Muse

      exactly my thoughts! How can you be called Bath & Body Works and not have a bunch of bath products?! 😀 They did release a bath fizzy or two seasonally during the holidays! Twisted Peppermint ones and like I remember a V-Day one but aside from that they never had a ton of them! I think it’s just passing thing, they prob won’t be perm and they’ll end up on sale at some point 😀

  • Sara

    I do want to see how these compare to Lush (probably not at all, haha), but for $7 a pop, I’ll just go to Lush! Its easier to get to in the mall compared to B&BW anyway (new Tysons VA store is HUGEEEEEE). Maybe they’ll do a promo on them where they’re cheaper, like the candles, and I’ll try them then.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I suspect not at all too but I’d like to try anyway, just to see what I think! 😀

    • Kimmwc03

      Really? They must have really changed that Lush since the last time I was there (it was a closet then)!

      • Sara

        Yes! A few months ago they moved to a full size store around the corner (across from Sephora, like I can’t walk by that section without spending $$$$) and it’s massive. The largest Lush store in North America I was told!

  • Kimmwc03

    I was disappointed in the fizzy I tried from B&BW for Christmas time. Not much to it.

  • Snowie

    I tried two of them when they were at a promo price of $3.95 (still a bit much for how small it is). They don’t compare to Lush at all. They don’t leave my skin feeling as silky afterward, don’t add much to the way the bath water looks aaaaand my water just looked dirty right after it finished fizzing. I’ll stick to Lush!

  • Nicole

    B&BW round/ball fizzy’ s are good. Not the puck style (for the same $ try the ball). Lush has more variety and personality of their bombs. The colors of both are a lot of fun, but the B&BW ball does dissolve faster. Lush’s bath bombs only have essential oil but B&BW has shea butter and sodium (to detox the skin) so that’s where the skin moisture and feel is different. Everyone’s skin needs are personalized, hence why there are so many lotions/soaps on the market. As a fragrance/perfume professional (since 1999) I’ve used every product I can afford. I like that I can match my lotion, and even candle, to my bath, but Lush’s have been around longer so I feel a little more confident with the product. Neither have ever stained my skin or tub. Lush has a much larger and a more unique selection, B&BW is more affordable and will work for a short or long soak so no worries if you only have 20 minutes for a bath. I’m constantly taking baths and have tried several versions (only these 2 are worth the money). I don’t have a favorite, there are pros/cons to each. I’d try one of each before investing money into either, but still try both.

  • Nicole

    B&BW started as a shower/bath/skin-care store. (I was a Limited Brands/VS/B&BW employee for a while, years ago). Those who remember B&BW from its origins may remember their skin care line and hair care collections. The
    company has changed its focus to fragrance because of customer demand, but changing their name would have been much more costly. As much as I would have wanted the company to stay as it was, Sephora and Ulta have done such an amazing job on their marketing and have fantastic products, there was no way for a small chain store to keep up. B&BW changed their strategy and went all fragrance; all the time, and never have ever offered a lot of bath products. Hopefully with the rise of the bath fizzy we will see the change back to actual bath & body parts of the store, and not only scents. FYI, I’ve been using their True Blue Spa line for 20 years and it’s been awesome. Some stores don’t have it, but it still exists.

  • Pam

    These were on sale for $5 today, I had a 20% off coupon, so I bought 3 for $12. Not a bad price at all! I used one in my bath and I love them! I got online and ordered more. I will be purchasing these often, hopefully they will be a regular item! ❤