April 13, 2017

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

What comes after Q? Rrrrrrrr! Sorry, had to get a corny joke in before my Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo review! Sorry ninjas, I identify as a pirate since the day I logged into mIRC for the first time on a cold Winter morning when I was supposed to be studying but instead I was looking for ways to procrastinate.

Needless to say pirates evolved into the truly glam and fabulous courtesy the most beloved pirate of them all, Captain Jack Sparrow. Because let’s face it, pirate or ninja, we all want to grow up to be just like Jack bottle of rum, guyliner, and all.

Lorac teams up with Disney this year to bring all our dreams of plunder, booty, the high seas, and adventure to our face this Spring with a selection of makeup inspired by the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man Tell No Tales film!

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo ($26) is available in six shades each of which contains a lipstick and a matching gloss that can be cocktailed together or used individually. If you’re a fan of the films I’m sure you’ll love the matte black packaging with gold accents and the Pirates of the Caribbean logo that decorates the square barrel. There’s also a little mirror tucked right onto the barrel of the duo for touch ups on the go. The lipgloss is 0.07 oz and and the lipstick is 0.11 oz in size.

Considering metallic makeup everything is right on point for Spring and Summer these new duos will be a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re embracing the trend. The lipstick is a good deal like Lorac’s Alter Ego Lipstick formula and texture but not as creamy. They are actually quite dense at first and they drag across lips rather harshly. After a few swipes the formula breaks down and that initial “hard shell” gets replaced with a lightly creamy texture that has a better glide across lips. It’s not moisturizing that’s for sure but it isn’t drying either. The finish is a smooth, even cream one with absolutely no shimmer or glitter. Lorac leaves the shimmer portion up to the lipgloss here as the lipstick side is completely sparkle-free. I found on their own they wear for a solid six hours without migrating or feathering. Coverage is great on both shades I tried with excellent pigmentation. Both the lipstick and the gloss have a subtle vanilla flavor.

Lorac Barboss-y Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo Swatches (Barboss-y and Trident)

Lorac Barboss-y Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo

Lorac Trident Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo

The lipgloss portion of the duo is probably my favorite part. They bring me back to the days of Lorac Multiplex 3D Lipgloss and are quite similar but with a more refined metallic shimmer finish. This formula is a tiny bit tacky with a lightly hydrating texture that adheres nicely to lips and wears for a good four hours on its own. I love that the glosses aren’t sheer in the least. They aren’t just something thrown in with the lipstick for shine and can be easily used individually on lips as they pack a good deal of pigment. The finish is a sparkly metallic that has a slight shift in color under certain lighting. Used together with the lipstick you can get a really great lip look!

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo (Barboss-y Lipstick Only)

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo (Barboss-y Lipgloss only)

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo (Barboss-y Lipstick and Lipgloss)

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo (Trident Lipstick only)

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo (Trident Lipgloss only)

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo (Trident Lipstick and Lipgloss)

All in all, Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo worked out well for me. I wouldn’t say the lipstick side is my favorite part of this duo but used along with the gloss you can create some really great looks. I’m not one to rave metallics but there’s a refine sparkle to that makes them very, very wearable!

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Mod Lip Cream Duo is available now at loracosmetics.com and at Ulta.com.

Are you indulging in a few shades?

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This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Christina Tran

    LOL! I totally forgot about this collection. But more importantly, thanks for linking what mIRC is because I had no clue what it is; actually, I still have no idea what it is and how it differs from other forms of chat. I must be late to the computer chat thing–but then again, I never was huge on tech stuff except for games. Games are the one exception!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh god irc was all the rage 200 hundred years ago when dinosaurs roa med the earth. file server sharing, DnD RPG, it really wasn’t just chat 🙂 It was so much more!!!!!!! Ha, games are always the exception. Wait, you have no time for games when you’re watching dramas! haha! I am currently watching Padiwarada and have decided I’ll marry James when I grow up! He’ll make a cute boy toy hubby for me 😀

      • Christina Tran

        You’re right! I have no time for games, but I squeeze it in–whenever I take a break from drama. You’ve been watching a lot of Thai dramas lately. Are you liking them more than Koreans/Chinese/Japanese ones? I shouldn’t ask because I know you’ll introduce me to way too many shows.

        You know what’s weird? I have absolutely no interest in Vietnamese dramas even though I understand Vietnamese fluently. I know they’re out there, I just don’t watch them for some reason.

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m the same, I try to squeeze it in anywhere I can! I kind of do but you really have to keep an open mind when watching them. They are absurdly over dramatic with a lot of tension from x girlfriends or wives, screaming, throwing themselves on the floor in fits of rage, etc…Not to mention Thai dramas seem to be obsessed with rape, which I think is a sensitive topic and should be handled with care when used in films, movies, or books but they use rape in some unusual circumstances. There’s a lot of cave man mentality with the male leads, it’s like watching a Harlequin romance novel come to life. If you’re a feminist you’ll cringe in absolute horror with some of the stuff that goes down in these dramas. The heroines aren’t door mats but they tend to do some weird $h1t in lakorns like families gifting their daughters off to pay off debit, heroes kidnapping heroines, etc…! It’s not exactly a PC situation with these dramas. They are so over the top hysterical though that you can’t help but watch. It’s like a train wreck, can’t take your eyes off it. For example, Padiwarada’s story line involves poor boy (was rich, dad lost the money yada yada) who loves rich girl but girl rejects boy because she’s rich and has to marry another rich boy. Original boy is devastated, throws himself into the ocean but best friend saves him. Boy goes on with his life heartbroken, his mother decides to call in on a promised marriage from year’s ago that his father arranged thus boy meets new girl who happens to be the maid of a rich family. Rich family adopted her when she was left on their door step but she’s been a bit of a maid the entire time and now the arranged marriage comes knocking and they don’t want to marry off their precious daughters to poor boy so they legally adopt the maid girl and send her off to boy. Boy’s x girlfriend shows up an wants him back just as he’s starting to live and kind of love his new wife (who he has suspicions about her background). Boy’s x-girlfriend is LOCO! She wants him back bad, moves in next door, starts telling people she’s his wife, and tons of other lies. On top of this, boy is the sheriff of the city and on the hunt for a gang that apparently has magical powers. SO MUCH CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I think Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas are way more polished, a lot less controversial, and def not as over the top.

          • Christina Tran

            HAHAHAH! That’s some crazy $h*t! I had to read your synopsis twice to understand it–I got lost towards the end. Count me intrigued for sure!

          • Isabella Muse

            OMG dude there’s so much happening. So, now, the rich best friend that saved the boy from drowning apparently discovered his father had an illegitimate child and I SUSPECT it’s the maid girl that our hero married! So, technically she’s now really rich where as before she was just lying about being rich. OH NOES!!!!!!! P.S. watch the clip on my Insta, it made me go awwwww, he goes into this big jealous rant about how he was an only child and didn’t like to share his toys and how he wasn’t going to share her! haha! The feels! oh them feels! https://www.instagram.com/p/BSuaYb2lL4E/ The only thing had an issue with was the fact that James (he was 22 when they filmed) is a lot younger than Bella (she was 28 I think) in real life, so it’s hard to get into his alpha male stint when he has such a baby face. I should be shot because my sister watches Day of Our Lives and I make fun of her constantly for watching such crap yet here I am watching the same utter stupidity.

  • Susan

    Didja hear about the new pirate movie? It’s rated ARRRRRRRRR!

    How much do pirates pay for earrings? A buck-an-ear!

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. I like the look of these lip duos but recently stocked up on lipstick/lip gloss duos at my local Walgreens when they put all the Colour Prevails items in the clearance section. Company folded, I hear. Got a blue-red, several shades of pink, and I really like them.

  • Veronica

    I definitely want the blush palette and at least 1 of the lip duos.

  • Isa

    The only reason I watch those movies is for Jack Sparrow! Such an iconic and hilarious character.

    I like the Barboss-y lipstick, but I won’t be getting it, because I happen to hate lip gloss.

  • Ruth

    What’s a pirate’s favorite note?
    The high C!! ARRrrrr…. =)

    Whatever you have on your eyes looks wonderful!

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! 😀 Keep ’em coming! Aw thanks! It’s just some milani metallic eyeliner smudged all up!

  • Laura

    I cannot wait until these are at Ulta!! I’ve been patiently waiting so I can use my Ulta 20% on them, hoping the timing would work out, and yay!!

  • Jessica Mogwai

    Hi Muse,
    Looking lovely and since you are still, after many years, the only makeup blog/website I read before buying and actually trust I figured it worth asking if you give permission for your entries to be used by other sites. I will often do an image search of an item I’m considering and click on the photo of you to send me to the page I want after seeing a few swatches. However, when I did that today, I was NOT sent to your site but instead to http://www.glassgraden.com/news/Lorac-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-Mod-Lip-Cream-Duo-Review-&-Swatches which does mention your blog name at first, but then has the linked citation at the end to http://cosmeticclub.org/cosmeticsen/lorac-pirates-of-the-caribbean-mod-lip-cream-duo-review-swatches and that page has the source listed as http://cosmeticclub.org/fuente/musings-of-a-muse

    I’m a lawyer, so naturally, my first instinct was to admire Sparrow….BUT, I then immediately got back on track and came to see if the text was straight lifted from your work and if you had approved such use. There is only one Muse, so while you may not know me personally, I only comment from time to time, you have a lawyer makeup fairy floating about here that has your back and wants your rights respected!