May 4, 2017

It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush Review

Now that I got my It Cosmetics Confidence in a Glow Review live I thought I’d do a review of the It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush ($48) since it released in conjunction with the blush palettes. They actually promote this for a number of different uses but personally I think it is an ideal pick for the use with the blushes.

Let’s take a look!

The It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Makeup Brush Collection has always been an affordable line of beautifully made synthetic brushes with sturdy handles and soft, silky bristles. I don’t think I ever took into consideration the prices of the brushes since they are always included in value sets on QVC making them as little as $10 to $12 or less when purchased in a set. So, I was a little shocked that the It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush was a whooping $48 bucks. Ouch! The price hurts even more because I feel like this isn’t really a full-size brush but more like a travel one with a lot less bristles than your typical brush. My weird a$$ mentality is thinking how it should be cheaper because of all this.

The good news is it’s a great brush, the bad news is it’s expensive, and the great news is you can actually get it practically free if you purchase the Confidence In Your Glow Set on which includes one blush palette and this brush packaged together for $35.

I loved the brush but there’s a quirk that I’ll share with you in a few seconds. First off, this is a light but sturdy flat brush with a mirrored handle that contains synthetic cruelty-free bristles which are soft and silky and not prone to shedding. They recommend it for powder, blush, bronzer, or highlighter application and that’s exactly what it excels at. It’s an ideal brush for use with pigmented products as it’ll deliver a sheer wash of natural color on cheeks with overdoing things. I’m heavy handed as we all know and this allows me to apply a nice wash of color on my cheeks without getting a bad case of clown cheeks.

The flat design works in your favor when using it on the ombre design of the Confidence in your Glow Palette as you can sweep it across all three shades easily and it’ll pick up perfect amount of the powder for application. The bristles are the perfect length to fit the contour of cheek bones which makes highlighter application easy. Considering how pigmented the Confidence In Your Glow formula is so pigmented this brush allows a nice natural sheer wash of color. This is also a great blush to apply a light dusting of facial powder. I have drier skin and tend to avoid applying powder but when I do apply it I typically reach for brushes like this as they easily apply a very light application of powder that won’t cling to drier areas or cake up.

The brush is wonderful but it has a few quirks that irritated me. First off, they don’t include a pouch or anything to store it in. Keep the box it comes in and store it in that because this isn’t a brush that’s difficult to store along with your other brushes. I had a moment where I thought they should have made it retractable but I had to remind myself how much I hate retractable brushes. Aside from this quirk, the brush performed well overall.

I do question the price of the It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush still. I liked it a lot, I think it’s a very handy brush, not to mention it applies the Confidence In Your Glow Blush beautifully. I just wish it was a little cheaper, say maybe $25 bucks. None the less, this one is a keeper and it applies both blush as well as bronzers, highlighters, and powders easily.

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  • Liz M

    How are you using the brush? Sweep across all three shades at one time or only across one shade at a time?

    • Isabella Muse

      I start on the bronzer side and sweep right across. It picks up all three shades so you can get the warmth from the bronzer, color from the blush, and just the right amount of luminosity from the highlighter 🙂

  • Colleen P.

    I agree that price is ridiculous. Even if anyone just wants the brush, they can get it $13 cheaper just by buying the blush/brush combo at QVC and then they get the blush for free! It does work well with these blushes. My mom got the nude glow one, so I’ve been playing with hers haha.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah, they should have priced it a little lower! It works fab with the blush but the price makes me cringe 😀 Haha, have fun playing 😀

  • Isa

    IMO, the less bristles a brush has and the shorter the bristles are, the lower the price should be. I understand that price for the really full face brush but not for a kind of wispy, flat brush. Also, I think synthetic bristles should cost less! Well, at least IT Cosmetics does use the best synthetic fibres, I’ve fondled many of their face brushes at Sephora because they’re just so soft! Haven’t actually pulled the trigger and bought one yet though. Kind of regretting not buying the brush set they released last holidays. Probably won’t pick this brush up because of the price tag unless Sephora also does a bundle here but I doubt it. It is a very pretty brush tho – it has pink bristles!

  • Amy

    Why do you hate retractable brushes? I don’t have any – I’m just curious.

      • Isa

        Also, if the tube the bristles retract into isn’t long enough to fully encase the bristles, I always have to be super careful when attaching the cap back or else I end up bending or breaking off the bristles!

  • Amber

    Hi there, I always loved your blog posts. I have a question about this particular brush.. You mentioned the handle being mirrored, is the handle metal or is it like a lightweight plastic/resin? My sister has one and its light and the handle is what I’d consider cheap plastic with a chrome finish.. :/

      • Amber

        I see! Well, between that and there being NO storage case; for me this brush really doesn’t make sense at the hefty price point. Appreciate your response, xoxo. Carry on the beautiful work!