May 2, 2017

Garnier Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I picked up the soothing formula of the Garnier Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask at Harmons recently and decided to give it a try. You know me, I’m a sheet mask junkie so, of course, I had to try out Garnier’s newest line of sheet masks. Garnier launched these in three formulas but it isn’t the first time the brand ventured into the world of sheet masks. Some of you might recall the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask which launched a few years ago. At the time, Garnier was one of the first drugstore brands in the US to have a box of sheet masks available. Surprisingly they never did continue with the trend and it sort of died away.

At this point, there are plenty of different sheet mask options available at both the drugstore and higher-end stores like Sephora. But Garnier hasn’t launched one since 2013 and needless to say, it’s nice to see them getting back in on the game again.

Let’s take a look!

Garnier Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask are available for $2.99 each or has boxes of six available for $14. I haven’t personally since them available in six packs at stores as of yet.

As I mentioned above they come in three different formulas the one I have her is a soothing formula that’s free of mineral oil and petrolatum. It contains chamomile extract which apparently soothes skin. This is a water based and glycerin formula which is where it gets its hydration factor from but a quick glance at the ingredients is a let down because it does also contain p-Anisic acid which isn’t particularly great for sensitive users and also, lower on the list you’ll find Sodium Hyaluronate. According to Garnier, the mask contains Hyaluronic Acid but it’s not listed and considering Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate are used interchangeable in the beauty world I assume that’s where they base their Hyaluronic Acid off of. It’s a little disappointing to say the least.

Apparently each mask contains half a bottle of serum but I find that questionable considering my track record with using a variety of sheet masks that have much, much more essence. This mask was nicely saturated but I don’t think there was an entire half a bottle of serum in it. The mask is made from a durable cotton fiber that didn’t tear but the mask fit a little poorly on my face as it didn’t adhere well under my eyes and was a little too big around the mouth area. I typically like my masks to fit like a second skin and particularly like them to fit well under my eyes. As hey, I want to get good moisture under my eyes as well as on my face when I’m wearing a sheet mask. This was kind of held away from my eyes and no matter how much I patted they’d just pop back up again.

If you’ve never used a sheet mask they are simply a cotton fiber mask that has cut outs for your eyes, lips, and nose which are saturated with essence. You place them on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and let them work your magic (no need to rinse after removing the mask, just pat your skin to absorb the excess essence). This particularly formula was created to calm and sooth skin while hydrating skin. But you can buy any number of different masks that address a slew of issues. The mask has a very, very, very light barely there fragrance but in all honesty, if you have sensitive skin they should have considered eliminating the fragrance all together in my opinion. It provided nice hydration and the envelope contained a good deal of essence which I squeezed out and patted on my skin after I removed the mask.

It was nicely hydrating but I wouldn’t say it it provided intense moisture. I’m a little bit of a mask snob and a lot of my Asian Sheet Masks are way more hydrating than this was.

All in all, it’s nice to see Garnier back in the mask game. Although, I wouldn’t say the Garnier Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask in the soothing formula isn’t quite perfect for sensitive users. It is a nice budget friendly option that will hydrate skin in a hurry but if you’re curious about sheet masks you might want to try this one out! It’s a good introduction to sheet masks and easy enough to find at drugstores.

Garnier Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask is available at,, and

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Cindy

    I’ve been looking for these masks at CVS and haven’t seen them. They are pushing their Beauty 360 masks. Maybe I’ll get one to try in my next Ulta order. My skin is rosacea/sensitive though, so maybe one of the other varieties will be better.

  • Melanie

    After reading this review I am curious to what your all time favorite moisturizing sheet mask is… can you please share??? I am a big fan of asian sheet masks also!

  • Amber

    I bought the hydrating mattifying one with the green tea. I actually really liked it. I have combo skin so it was enough moisture for me and I didn’t break out. I have really sensitive skin and I have more luck with garnier skin care than most drug store brands. The fit was a little bit of a problem for me and unfortunately my husband had the day off from work so he was pretty appalled at how it looked lol

    • Isabella Muse

      lol cute! I know I look like Michael Myers with mine on haha! I’m glad you liked the mattifying one ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Carol G

    Muse I agree with you. I, too, am a sheet mask junkie and I was excited when I saw these so I tried one and it was just ok. I agree with you saying you doubt there is half a bottle of serum in each mask. Usually after you take off a sheet mask, your skin is nice and plump and bouncy and hydrated. This mask didn’t provide much hydration at all. I would not repurchase especially since Ulta carries many of the Korean ones.

  • Silvia

    I tried a cheap Korean mask from Daiso store my daughter gave to try and it worked wonderfully! I think I’m sticking to those. I like Garnier shampoos & conditioners not bad at all on my wavy cults but tried their Garnier clean balancing daily exfoliated with grapefruit & pomegranate and don’t like it at it won’t be repurchasing. Should try the mask if it moisteruses well I guess? Hmmm? But the Korean ines are excellent wantcto get more of the pricey ones don’t know which brands are good though, working on my research.