July 13, 2017

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer for Lighter Coverage Days

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer ($20) is a new concealer that launched with the revamped Boi-ing Concealer Collection. As you already know Benefit discontinued Lemon Aid and relaunched their Boi-ing Concealer in new packaging as well as revamped their entire concealer range as well as renamed Erase Paste. Lots of changes in the world of Benefit Concealer lately!

One of the newest and latest releases, packaging revamps aside, is this new Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer that I had hopes might be some sort of whipped up formula like my beloved and long gone Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer.

Let’s take a look and see if it measured up!

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer ($20/.17oz) arrives in a large hubcap-like design. The packaging reminds me of a more colorful and pink version of Urban Decay’s old eyeshadow hubcap eyeshadow pots. I see where Benefit is going with it as they want to maintain that vintage pin-up girl packaging.

This is marketed as a waterproof, soft-focus concealer that has sheer to medium coverage with a formula that doesn’t crease or cake. I hear “airbrush” and soft-focus and I automatically revert back to the brilliance of Maybelline’s Dream Mouse Concealer. That formula had a whipped mousse-like texture that applied oh so beautifully under eyes. I’m somehow conditioned to believe airbrushed automatically means mousse but sadly, Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer isn’t whipped or mousse-like at all. This is actually a thinner, more emollient and lighter textured with less coverage than the original Boi-ing formula. The lack pigment will either work in your favor or not but I’ll address that in a few minutes back to the formula for now. Even though it wasn’t the whipped up consistency I was hoping for I was still quite pleased with the texture. It’s very light, it blends easily under my eyes, and has a lightly emollient texture that gives it a certain slick feels that blends out easily under my drier eyes. Sadly, the formula doesn’t quite stick around the way I would want as it has a tendency to crease rather quickly. After application, I typically set with powder and I’m good to go with most concealer formula but Boi-ing Airbrush creases into my finger lines at around hour three. I can gently pat it back into place but if I forget or I’m having a busy work day I might just look a little weird with my concealer creases into my finer lines. Not a pretty look as we all know. Benefit does say it’ll last for 10 hours but the creasing happens fairly quickly however, I noticed that the concealer does wear for a good eight hours under my eyes! It isn’t fading, merely creasing as my eyes look quite bright and happy at hour eight. Speaking of brightening, that’s one of the nicer things about this formula. It does provide a nice brighter look under eyes and not from mica or sparkle. It’s just a brighter look after application however, it’s sheer so it doesn’t quite cover up puffiness, finer lines, and it won’t cover dark circles unless you’re using some sort of corrector prior.

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer Swatches (Shade 2)

The formula has more negatives points than positive ones unfortunately. This might be a good pick if you don’t need a lot of coverage, you’re younger, and you have less drier eyes than my own as that might prevent creasing issues. But older eyes might just find this one useful for quick makeup application if you’re head to the gym and don’t want to look tired or if you’re running errands. But for flawless coverage, sadly, this isn’t going to get you there.

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer is available now at sephora.com and ulta.com.

Did you try it?

Do share!

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Brittany

    Thanks for the review, Muse! I was interested in checking out the different lines of concealer from Benefit because I did like the original concealer Boing, in medium 4, whose packaging was revamped. But, they restricted their new shade ranges so their darkest shade is too light for me now .

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t think you’re missing much Brittany. It’s a lot sheerer than the original, if you don’t mind that maybe you’ll be missing out but if you want better coverage you’ll be disappointed with this 🙁 so, maybe the lack of shades worked in your favor! Money saved! 😀

  • kjh

    Glad I got the last pot of erase paste on sale at local S. Just tried the amazing illuminating from U. Staying power pretty poor. I look as if I didn’t wear any, after 6 hrs. Never ending search. This one won’t cut it.

  • Linda M

    I’ve had good luck with the new Boi-ing Brightening Concealer. It lasts all day and doesn’t settle into lines. It’s supposed to be the same as the original Erase Paste (which I never tried).

  • Heather

    My experience was very parallel to yours. Thankfully I received it as a freebie at Ulta, I’d have been pretty upset if I’d paid $ for this. It does go on with ease and feels great but 5 minutes later I couldn’t tell I had anything on. I added more and still looked like nothing was there! However, last week I went a little over board with my Nars so I just put a bit of this on top and miraculously it loosened it up enough then I blotted with a beauty blender & it didn’t look too bad.

    • Isabella Muse

      :-/ Thankfully I got a bit longer than 5 minutes but yeah, not really worth the $$$ 🙁 I’m going to try your layering tip! Curious! It might work in conjunction with my regular concealer to brighten the area up!

  • Moi

    Hey Isabella, thanks once again for sharing your thoughts. Always appreciated. So, have you found a replacement for your Maybelline? Moi from Canada

    • Isabella Muse

      Naaa not quite 🙂 Japonesque Velvet Touch Concealer has a nice mousse-like texture but it isn’t quite as great as my beloved Maybelline!

  • Andi

    I spent the $40 and got both the airbrush and the Industrial strength versions of Boi-ing and am disappointed as well. I thought on weekend, days where I don’t need much I could use the airbrush. Granted it does go on nicely, but the coverage isn’t there and settles horribly in the lines. The Industrial strength version also settles in the lines. I was so disappointed with both of these

    • Isabella Muse

      le sigh 🙁 Same here! It mean it’s ok on the weekends but I def don’t want it settling in my lines during a full day. It just looks icky if I forget to pat it into place again!

  • Randi MacDonald

    I tried it on some sun spots on my face and It worked great for that.

  • Kara

    I actually really like it. I used the UD color corrector in peach for a long time and I loved it, but I have developed a severe allergy to Butylene Glycol, which is in everything. This concealer does not have that ingredient! It works well for evening out dark spots and it gives me enough coverage under my eyes.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yay glad to hear it Kara. I wish I could say the same but didn’t quite work out for me sadly! But good on you that it worked out! I’m happy to hear it 😀

  • Susan

    Got a small size as a free sample. Super disappointing and would never buy it, didn’t conceal much at all. Oh well.