August 25, 2017

Early Access for Too Faced Peaches & Cream at Sephora

Get your credit cards ready because early access to the the Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection starts on August 28th to August 30th on Sephora app with an official release date of August 31st online and in stores. already has the entire collection listed on their website and it looks like they plan on revealing a product a day for purchase on the app. As you can see from the screenshot I took of the app they have little peaches with question marks in them and dates underneath. I think this implies they’ll be one item offered that day for purchase. I’m doubtful it’ll be the entire collection but I could be wrong.

Remember, the Peaches & Cream Collection is exclusive to Sephora stores and No worries though, later this September Ulta and get official exclusivity to the I Want Kandee Collection.

I love they are giving us early access but I find the teasing one release a day thing slightly annoying. EEP! Sorry! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful it’s just I hate jumping through so many hoops for makeup lately. Can’t things be cut and dry, simple, and easy. It would make my already complicated, busy life a lot easier 🙂 The marketing is great because it causes a mad frenzy but for most people it proves a little irritating to log in daily to buy one product.

Anyway, let’s take bets what they’ll release on those days.


Perhaps the Setting Powder, Finishing Powder, and Eyeshadow Powder on the last day.


Do share!


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  • Susan

    I loathe releases that are exclusive to one store. I like to see before I buy, and we have no Sephora even remotely close. Nearest one is almost 4 hours’ drive away. The absolute worst is when a company releases X colors at Sephora, Y colors at Ulta, and Z colors only on their own web site.

    Makeup is getting too complicated and too gimmicky for me lately. I’m thinking of going on a no-buy except for skin care, until I use up what I have or it expires.

    • Carol G

      Susan, I could not agree more. I’m sick of these stupid games. I really am quite serious about just saying to hell with it all and walk away. I have enough makeup to last two lifetimes anyway. This is taking all the joy out of makeup. I remember when I was excited about a new release, now it’s like you have to PLAN to purchase makeup. I’m over it.

      • Susan

        Carol, I think we are twins. I seriously have enough makeup for three lifetimes at ten faces each.

  • Christina D.

    It’s annoying, no two ways about it. Typical TF. I do want the eye shadow palette but it should not be so complicated a task to purchase it.

    • Isabella Muse

      phew thought I was being ungrateful. It just seems so much work to buy makeup!

    • Isabella Muse

      I have flash so I’m ok with that! But still annoying to wait for 3 different shipments!

  • Christina D.

    Don’t get me started on Sephora shipping — and I’m VIB Rouge! I almost hope TF puts it up for sale so I can get it from them. Are you listening Sephora?

    • Isabella Muse

      don’t laugh I think they are lol! They have it on their site as well as Sephora’s 😀

  • Daisy

    This is the exact reason why I don’t purchase from MAC anymore. I can’t tell you how many times some items are only available from the website, while other items are exclusive to Nordstrom, etc. I understand that companies try to prevent selling out of items all at once, but instead of tatics like this why don’t they just forecasting correctly by manufacturing more products?

  • Christina

    I agree with you totally about jumping through hoops in general being utterly annoying.

    However here specifically I am just so over Too Faced lately. 🙁 Makes me oddly sad but it is true. I feel like they need a total rebrand and stop with the saccharine sweet over the top cutesy crap. Just give me quality makeup! Thank you.

    Guilty though! – I jumped through total hoops though to nail down the three Lorac Sunset palettes and couldn’t be happier with them!

    So what do I know?

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah, it’s ridiculous! :-/ TF has been a brand that has gone completely overboard lately. I totally understand how you feel! LOL! Certain brands make us crazy! No regrets right?

  • Maria

    I think this is a crazy gimmick just for makeup. Plus, the quality of too faced seems to have declined since TF company was purchased. I want to see reviews and swatches first.

  • Holly

    Ugh! You either want my money or you don’t. I’m not tracking down stuff to buy!

  • Tammy

    My thoughts are that I’m going ignore Sephora and go to Ulta to spend my points on the Kandee Johnson collection .

  • kjh

    Daily release + FOMO+ $50 shipping threshold for non rouge = $50 /day for more days. The plan is so transparent. The consumer reviews on S are crucifying shipping at present. How the mighty are falling. It is hard to keep who has what straight, like the Vice lipstick launch, especially. At least Tarte seems to have 2 neatly divided lines for S & U, as you so kindly informed this dunderhead. I kept looking for ROTS color splash at Ulta, until you set me straight. People really do not all have access to specific stores, unless they are in a major metropolitan area. Dedicated MAC store is a schlep for me. It could be easier, if all stores had complete lines. Local Nordie’s has no Nars, and that Mustang set SAID red…all red…by name, but two were pink. Had I been able to look, would not have bought it. exclusives kind of force you into buying from them…side eyeing you, Nars. Many .coms have no loyalty program, only an f&f once a year. The hunt is real. Exclusives are like LE. Create the scarcity, sell more, more quickly.

  • Ashley

    I hate to go there, but Sephora quite pissed me off (and countless others) with this botched machination that should have been a successful Moschino collection release. I was one of the “unlucky ones”, who now just feels stupid and angry for working so hard trying to get something that was never going to materialize, that any upcoming releases just don’t generate the excitement they should – and perhaps this could be gimmick exhaustion as well. I mean, I could really give Sephora a tongue lashing right now, and if this TF release starts to become anything like the bear collection release, I will be leaving Sephora behind. This “dangle the carrot” marketing approach does not sit well with real world folk who realize there will always be ( better) alternatives.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! I don’t even understand what happened with the Moschino release. It was like they had one of each item!

  • Jan Kelley

    I think I’m going to pass. I’m saving myself for Tom Ford’s new lippies, Boys & Girls! At least I can advance order. I sick of playing the makeup game. If they want my money, don’t make me work for your products

  • Joan

    I agree…totally annoying that they tease you with new products making you wait. And now three different days for the new items. I’m on an e-mail request for when the products are in stock. I thought I could just order what I want in one purchase…now three separate orders and shipments…Ugh!

  • Kish

    I agree with everyone, I’m so tired of the gimmicks. I’d rather have three or four solid releases a year instead of new ones constantly that you have to track down like some kind of animal. Plus, the prices on this collection seem a bit high to me. $30 for blush and bronzer? Too Faced has been more mid-price quality for me lately, certainly not paying high end prices for their stuff unless they improve greatly.

  • Bren

    I don;t like it either, unless they offer free shipping but even if they do that it still bugs me. The shipping you have to keep track of for each and every item is a pain, probably won’t arrive on the same day, just a waste of time, shame shame TF

  • genevieve

    I agree with all of the comments above about brands being finnicky about what they retail too. I can remember looking for the bareMinerals Soft and Smoky palette – which was only available at Ulta. Well, I don’t live in the US and Ulta doesn’t ship internationally. I had to get it off ebay a year later with awful shipping costs. Lucky I love the palette.
    For those who don’t have a Sephora nearby to check out the new TF palette yourselves, you really are in a bind because knowing TF the palette could be ordinary anyway.

  • Tabitha

    the foundation and setting powder are the other 2 releases for the next 2 days I believe. They are listed in the “use it with” category under the sweet peach bronzer they are selling today.