August 23, 2017

I Feel Slightly Disappointed the Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III Didn’t Sell Out

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Ok, I have to admit that I feel slightly disappointed the Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III didn’t sell out. Hear me out for a second.

So, if you ever meet a New Yorker you’ll find we like talking about the weather. Well, actually ranting about it. When it’s Summer we bitch about the humidity, when it’s Winter we complain about the cold, when it’s Spring we rant about the pollen, it’s a pretty never ending cycle. You see, I’ve come to the conclusion we are NEVER satisfied. You can give us a picture perfect day and we’d still find something to hate on about it. Come to think of it, maybe that’s just human nature and not just a New Yorker thing!

The same truth applies to makeup. If the palette sold out I’d totally be ranting about it and now that it hasn’t I’m still ranting about it.

If I placed a bet on Tarte’s Big Blush Book 3 selling out I’d have lost big time. I expected this one to go really fast. Now, it’s only available today only but don’t worry I’m positive it’ll be back for Holiday 2017.

However, I thought, like year’s past, that it would disappear fairly fast. And I have to admit I’m a little disappointed I was wrong.

I have a theory the reason it didn’t sell out is because Tarte was clever enough to limit the purchase of the palette. Part of the problem with many newer launches is people are purchasing several and reselling them on E-bay for crazy prices. This is the case with the recent Sephora x Moschino Collection.

I wouldn’t say that this is for ever limited edition launch but for products like the Big Blush Book it does apply! I imagine if Tarte did allow people to buy more than one it would have disappeared by 12PM EST (it launched at 9 AM EST). But since they did, it’s still very much available.

What do you think?

Are you pretty pleased that the palette is here to stay and likely will be around again come the Holidays?

Or just a little bit disappointed it isn’t as limited edition as the last two?

Do share!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • araceli

    I think by this time people are broke too many releases of products and hints about holiday items to come some might be broke other are waiting for holiday sets. Plus its nothing new we have seen tarte release this several times in different shades.

  • hope

    i’m glad a makeup company is taking a stand against resellers who markup prices by limiting how many a single person can buy. it reduces people using bots to quickly buy up inventory, reduces the risk of people accidentally buying fake makeup off of reselling sites, and keeps cost for the average customer low. i want to see more brands doing this actually.
    i think makeup can be too competitive with limited releases selling out within a matter of minutes. so this is a fairer way of distributing. product sells slower off the original website but you can assure more of that product is going to people buying it for themselves and not buying it to rip off others with an up sell.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! There should be a limit because people take advantage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kjh

      Well put. Scalpers and knock offs are serious issues. There has been a lot of press recently on people getting sick from k/os and the ingredients found therein…including horse urine. These issues show pure sociopathy and narcissism. Who cares who gets a horrendous infection, when I stand to make a few(lot of) bucks? Kudos to Tarte for limiting. I suspect another factor in the non-sell out is increasing the overall number of units produced. Their forecast must have suggested they up the number, based on how many more they could have sold on 1&2. Admit it was surprising to me as well, that it was not a flash….gone situation.

  • Jennifer

    I am in total agreement with you. I thought for sure it would be a sell out too. And the colors are really nice. But as far as people buying up the Sephora x Moschino, I have to say that really pisses me off. ( sorry about the language). I for one love whimsical fun stuff and I would be willing to buy these items from Sephora. eBay sellers and buyers are out of their minds to be selling it and buying it at these prices. But I guess, supply and demand. I want the Moschino Bears, just not at those prices. Sephora should put a limit on the amount purchased. But, that is never going to happen. They just want their stock sold out.

    Ok. Done ranting. Thank you, Dr. Muse.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! The moschino thing boggles my mind! With the sephora collaboration track record one would think it wouldn’t even sell out but it did and before I even BLINKED! And you’re right, they won’t limit purchases in the future!

  • Krutika Puntambekar

    Hey girlie! Thought I would comment on my reason for not buying the palette– I’ve come to the point where even though I am a makeup hoarder, I only have one face lol. So it just doesn’t make sense to keep buying makeup and these huge palettes and leave them to sit. I’d now rather have one good quality blush that I know I will use often than have an entire palette where I might have dupes of the colors or the quality can be a bit meh.

    • Isabella Muse

      I agree! I’m weak and ordered it but I completely agree! I’m never going to use all these palettes up!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emily

      Yes, exactly this! I’m rarely tempted by palettes anymore. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I had no makeup, but it is what it is, I have a cabinet full of palettes that I have to force myself to use, and I’ve come to realize that most palettes will either get majorly marked down one day, or else they will sell out and I will never miss them, because I already own something almost identical. So many products, so few faces!

  • Maritza

    For me in Canada I was jus t appalled by the prices; even with the current exchange rate the pricing in can is ridicolous hence the no buying…

    • Randi MacDonald

      I lived in Ontario, Canada for 7yrs. I kept a post office box in Michigan( I was only an hour drive away) so I could place orders from the US and not pay crazy Canadian prices.

  • Susan

    It’s nice, but too many orange-toned shades for me. I’d use maybe 2 or 3 of the colors, and so it’s not worth it for me. I bought enough blushes lately to last me for quite a while. Overall, though, I think there are too many releases being shoved out the door too close together.

    • Deborah

      Pretty but I am the same – I would never use most of these shades so it’s a no go.

  • Jules

    I’m so glad they’re limiting purchases… I imagine most makeup wearers aren’t stalking out and setting alarms for the minute something launches…just a hardcore few. Who probably do it for every launch. So it’s refreshing to see that more people will be able to purchase it than the same 12 people that purchase every product launch.

    My rant about this is that every tarte blush palette seems to be a medley of warm pinks and corals. Finally one I have a chance to buy, and it would look terrible on me!! I have like 4 blushes from them, and that covers about 75% of their palettes. (ok, I know this isn’t quite true, but it FEELS that way)

    • Isabella Muse

      Setting an alarm and waiting up at ungodly hours to haul maybe is beyond crazy! I can’t believe brands expect us to do that! lol!

  • Shelly

    It could be (gasp) that the market is oversaturated with product and consumers are getting wise to the fact that a lot of holiday releases are inferior quality. Could be a bad time of year financially for folks, too. Those with kids just went through back-to-school spending and now have to budget for the holidays.

  • Adrienne

    Here’s my two cents-the weather it’s not a New Yorker thing it’s a northeastern thing (Ohio too). In regards to the LE maybe they over estimated the popularity and made more available. I have read your blog enough to know that LE always come back during Christmas or when they do big beauty promos and most retailers participate (Nordstom, Macys, Sephora, HSN) so that could have lessened interest and by the time they come back you have provided a review so it works out well for me

    • Isabella Muse

      lol good to know we all sit around and bitch about the weather 😀 Could be! Maybe they were actually prepared this time around 😀

      • Randi MacDonald

        I’m in Socal and everyone here talks about the weather too. Every day. They b*itch if its too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

  • wendy

    I was pretty surprised it didn’t sell out. But I bet you’re right — they limited it to one per customer. I’m still totally excited to get this!

  • Susan T.

    I’m just happy I could finally pick one up. The others sold out too quickly! I’m in Canada and it’s $78 Canadian with free shipping and samples. For 8 full size blushes it seems like a good deal and I’m super excited to finally get a blush book!

  • Jay

    The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette hasn’t sold out yet and I rushed to get it at 11am yesterday. I’m happy the brand did an adequate restock but still oddly disappointed lol. And yes I did get one

  • Carol G

    Yeah, I agree with Maritza. The price was too much for me even though I know they are full size blushes and if you price them out individually, yada yada yada but I can’t spend $60 on something I am blindly purchasing without seeing the colors in person. I may not like or want some of these colors or I may already have dupes of them. Then there is the storage issue. This is awkward to store with my other stuff. I think I am just burned out right now. Too many releases this year so far and I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard. Going to really start picking and choosing palettes going forward instead of buying things because of hype.

  • ChynnaBlue

    I like that they limited the purchase, too. I looked at it today, but the two blushes at the top scared me. I’m super pale and those colors look super intense. I need to see this one swatched. It’s still a great value even if I can’t use two of them, but then it’s about the space it takes up.

  • Danielle

    Thank you for this post, Muse. I ordered mine this morning and thought something was wrong because usually this sells out in a blink of the eye. Maybe because they didn’t have a promo code this time around? (Didn’t they have a sale or something and people got theirs for less than $60? Or am I just imagining this? It’s Wednesday and my brain is fried.) Anyways, I’m happy I ordered mine- just expected it to be more of a challenge.

    • Isabella Muse

      I dunno maybe but I’m doubtful as last time around they didn’t either (they had one for Book 1 though). But I think maybe it was just because they limited the amount!? But maybe I’m wrong!

  • Scarlet

    I actually purchased this item. And then was a little upset to hear that it’s made in China (not like Tarte to do this, I thought anyway). But I really just decided to splurge on this since I’m a makeup newbie and only have one other blush to my name. After getting a makeover with Tarte products just last week and changing all of my makeup as a cause, I fell in love with their blush and ethics. So decided to purchase this since I really want to play around with my look and creating looks that match what I’m wearing/feeling. Tarte being chemical free and bunny friendly just added to why I will be a long time customer.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh it’s very like Tarte to do this 🙂 All their holiday releases and gift sets are typically made in China sadly! 🙁

  • MJ

    I saw on instagram that this has different ingredients than the single blush compacts. Also it’s made in China? Idk. I have enough blush anyway. The only blush palettes that I like are from NARS.

  • wendy

    Muse Ulta has Naked Smokey for 27 dollars today (I wish I could email or PM you cuz I’m all over the internet during the day and find good stuff lol)

  • Agona

    I’m on a no buy until the holiday releases. 🙁 I still have untouched palettes in my “to try” pile from previous hauls.:-\

  • Val

    I really want it, but I can’t justify $60 on blush when I probably already own the shades I want already. Who am I kidding, I just can’t afford it with all these crazy Ulta sales, now 21 days of beauty coming up!? God help my wallet!

  • KatyCT

    Usually I would have jumped on this one but I just moved house and after packing up all the makeup I own I realized that I have way too much – more than I even thought I had. It was an eye-opener for sure. Before it was so easy to just stash things away as I got new things but now that I had to really face it all at once it was astonishing. Nothing like that to put the brakes on spending.

  • Randi MacDonald

    I’m at the point in my life where I say ” How many blushes does a person need”? My favorite blush is Cargo swimmables . They are HUGE. I use them almost everyday( I have 2) and I just hit pan on one of them. I have a few tarte blushes that are in various eyeshadow palettes and I seriously forget they are in there, unless I reach for those palettes.

  • Janet

    It drives me nuts when companies sell new products as limited edition; it creates a feeding frenzy especially when resellers buy tons to sell them at an exorbitant price. Personally, I am glad that this blush set is still available, who knows; maybe I will buy it…?

  • Nicky

    I bought it. I could not help it. Orange and Peach blushes are my favorite. With my promo code, $50.00 was a steal for 7 blushes and a highlight. I just hope the formula is not a let down.

  • M

    I just went to the tarte website and now it states..limit 2 per customer. I guess it’s not selling as well as they thought it would.

  • Amy Hoeh

    Book 2 had horrible reviews while Book 1 had glowing reviews. I think more people are waiting to hear reviews before purchasing a $60 palette. I wanted Book 1, but missed it. I missed Book 2 but with the negative reviews I was happy not to get it! Now with Book 3, idk what to think. Their overseas manufacturing has made quality control suffer and I’m not footing that bill.