August 16, 2017

Sephora $50 Gift Certificate for 2000 Points

I have two million Sephora Reward Points burning a hole in my virtual wallet which I’ve never used but today I was tempted by the Sephora $50 Gift Certificate for 2000 points reward. Sadly, it sold out in a blink of an eye. I hope they bring it back because up until now not a single thing has interested me enough to splurge my points on but I’d be willing to give over 2000 points (basically the equivalent of $2000 dollars) for a $50 Gift Card.

You see, Sephora is obviously listening to people rant about how much better Ulta’s Reward System is as Ulta offers cash rewards. Sephora is obviously in direct competition with Ulta but that seems more evident than ever before considering some of the changes they have made recently. For example, this new development of offering points for gift cards and also the new Sephora Weekly Wow deals which is a lot like Ulta’s Hot Deals that offers discounted products for one day only.

Whether you’re Team Ulta or Team Sephora you have to admit some of the new programs Sephora is establishing are a step in the right direction. Of course, there is the fact I had to spend $2000 to get that $50 card……! But hey, it’s still the best reward I’ve seen since they started up the weekly Reward Bazaar.

What do you think?

Are you hopeful they’ll bring back the gift certificate reward?

I sure do!


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  • kimkats

    “sold out”?!?! How do you “sell out” a gift card? All you have to do is have them printed up!! Sephora is trying to compete with Ulta’s rewards system, but they’re not doing very well…..Gotta give ’em props for trying, but c’mon….

    • Lisa C

      Exactly, Sephora is trying. They know the competition is real, but they def need to step it up. I like that they’re trying but they’re very tight with their purse strings. Even though its great to offer the $50 GC, I still think they have a way to go. Ulta 2000 = $125 No brainer for me!

    • Kaitlin

      Ha! Good point! Not to mention spending $2k to get $50 back seems bogus.

  • CoralBunny

    I think the new Sephora rewards will make people more disappointed. Especially, if they are limited.

  • kjh

    Def yes. I think S puts some things up as sold out, just to make folks sorry they missed them! Deluxe vapor samples. My mistrust for Sephora knows no bounds. Certainly did not look in time for this one.

  • Jennifer

    Sephora has really been stepping up their game this summer! I’ve been loving the promotions and coupons they’ve been releasing these last few moths. And it’s working-I’ve definitely been motivated to place orders when I might not have otherwise. Looking forward to tomorrow’s weekly wow release!

  • Chelsey

    My issue with Sephora is anything even remotely tempting they only offer 2 of. Maybe 7… and they sell out immediately. It ridiculous. This gift card would be perfect. I have 2500 points and I don’t feel like buying 25 little 100 point perks because they’re all useless to me. I hope they bring this back. Or just revamp the whole program to be more like ulta!

  • Megan

    I redeemed 1000 points for a Benefit set with a full size Watts Up and full size Hoola quickie contour which is about $60. It also had a really cute Benefit beach towel and passport case!

    Seems like some of Sephora’s rewards are getting better. I still don’t understand how they’re trying to exchange 500 points for a single month’s PlayBox though (10$ value). I guess if the items really interest you it might be worth it.

    I still prefer Ulta! Today I redeemed 2000 points along with my 20% off coupon and got $156 worth of free makeup! All Muse recommendations of course 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      haha megan I really liked “all the Muse’s recommendations” 😀 HEHEHEHHEEH!

  • Francesca Zawaydeh

    Ive decided I’ll only shop at sephora for things that ulta doesn’t have.. if ulta has it..I’m there because of the rewards system I was able to get the new Subculture palette for free. The best thing I ever got for free from Sephora was a sunscreen that cost me 100 points.

    Also, 2000 points for 50 bux?! and it SOLD OUT?! the hell is that?!

  • Diane

    I am so pissed I had this in cart and then it sold out right as I was checking out!!! How do you sell out of a gift card?! I e-mailed customer service. Such BS

  • Deb

    Sephora… step forward, two steps back. They may be listening but they really appear to just be making a minimal, token effort at improving the rewards system. The fact that these gift cards were gone as soon as they were available is so ridiculous, and transparent. Who do they think they are fooling? The reason such a limited quantity was available is because they don’t want to lose out on full price sales. If they allowed more rewards folks to obtain the gift card, then they would be giving out a lot of $50 discounts. Why would they do that? Cuts into their profits. I really have my hate on for Sephora these last few months. Their rewards program is utter crap. Yes, I said it!

    • Lisa C

      Very well put! Minimal token effort at best. They’re so afraid to loosen their purse strings. Ditto to everything you said!! I only buy at S if Ulta doesn’t have it.

  • Michele

    I would get that reward in a minute! There’s never anything I want to trade in my points.

  • Linda

    Sephora would be more competitive if they weren’t so stingy about offering 20 percent often. I literally get a 20 percent from ulta every 2-3 months.

    • Megan

      So true. But Sephora has brands that tend to be more expensive (and rarely go on sale anywhere else). The VIB sales also have no exclusions, whereas the ULTA coupon sometimes excludes certain items or categories of items. I’m totally with you though- I haven’t purchased from Sephora in a hot minute because I’m holding out for November

  • Carol G

    Had to look through my email trash to find the email, but they had sent one last week listing the gift card as a reward for 2,000 points. But…the kicker is there were only 1,000 available. That’s why they went so fast. The reason I remember this so vividly is because literally two days before I received that email I blew all of my points (I had 2,029) on a bunch of random crap I really didn’t want just because I wanted to unload all my points and be done with Sephora. Then of course two days later I get the email about the GC for 2,000 points and I was furious because of course I would have rather have had a GC but then when I saw “only 1,000 available ” I thought, Well I wouldn’t have gotten one anyway so it was ok. I am pretty much done with Sephora. Their rewards suck as we all agreed in your previous post about this topic. They definitely need to revamp their reward system!

  • Ashley

    I redeemed for the gift card, kind of mad they are sending it with standard shipping Should have had the option of a code.

  • Ashley

    I really wish they would adopt a system like ultas. I like Sephora more regardless though, not sure why more loyal to them . I’ve already made rouge a couple months ago when I haven’t rehit platinum yet at ulta.

  • Ashley

    I totally agree, there is litterally no way they could have run out of gift cards. Rather than say “sold out”, this perhaps should have been “out of stock”, if Sephora indeed put a short limit to the number of cards they set aside for this reward option. But also, that doesn’t read well to its customer base. THIS kind of reward, and many more like it, is what would make their point system feel more…rewarding. It would be good way to strengthen and keep up the customer loyalty, whether or not they are directly or indirectly trying to compete with ULTA. There’s still so much room for improvement. Play by Sephora should be free once you’ve acquired a certain number of points, for instance. It shouldn’t require an outrageous number of points, if every point is worth $1, to get many of the deluxe samples. Those should also be free, really and truly. But there has never been a sample I was dying to get my hands on that I couldn’t try in store. But I guess we should just be happy that it appears someone in the Sephora tower is listening.

    • Kaitlin

      I agree that you shouldn’t have to spend $100 to get a deluxe sample, many of which are under 1 oz. Sephora hasn’t even been able to provide requested free samples on online orders lately–my last few orders either had none of the samples I requested or I requested three and they only end up sending one or none.

  • Tabitha

    2.5% return on the investment? Lol at least they’re trying. I’d rather get the gift card & choose what I spend my points on. Honestly. High 5 Sephora. They misworded the details section of the gift card in the rewards bazaar so I called customer service & by the time I got off the phone it had sold out of course. I expect they’ll be offering gift cards in the rewards section from now on. I like it.

  • Michelle

    I think the rewards bizzare has be such a HUGE let down. They are always “sold out” of the items. It is foolish. I prefer Ulta now with their new system and my Ulta credit card. I have traded in 2000 Ulta points for $125 off your purchase probably 4 times now. If I can get my items at Ulta over Sephora I do (which was never the case until Ulta switched to that great reward system). Sephora for sure needs to offer more 15-20% off days, get a better reward system or they just won’t be able to keep up with Ulta (which is crazy for me to say as Ulta was not my favorite place a few years ago, but they have improved their stores, staff, and offerings).

  • McRachel

    I wish they’d get on board with the cash back like Ulta. The only one up they have, imho of course, is the samples. I have to drive an hour to the nearest Sephora store, so even that doesn’t help me. Nordstrom seems like an equally good source for “luxury” products as well. They better get to steppin.

  • Wiebke

    it’s BEYOND RIDICULOUS that a $50 gift card is sold out. Sephora simply sucks (IMO) when compared to Ulta. Yeah, they ship faster and have a couple brands I do like (KVD, Bite, Huda), but I do 90% of my beauty shopping at Ulta. Getting $125 off every few months at Ulta vs. “oh, a .0002 ounce 100 point smashbox primer” sample is just more compelling 😉

    (made me mad that the $50 card is sold out… can you tell? LOL)

  • BabyBeans

    Ulta now has another 20% off coupon (including prestige and fragrance) and they just had one a few weeks ago. Competition is stepping up and overall Sephora is not doing as much to excite people.

  • Alexus

    I have not been happy with Sephora especially within the past two-three years, but have to support the unpopular comments that they do carry prestige brands that Ulta does not carry. Tom Ford, Tatcha, SKII, etc. all come to mind. Not to toot my own horn, but I was Rouge for a few years, and this year, I will not make it past being VIB….and I don’t care. How I shop with beauty retailers has changed drastically because Sephora hasn’t rewarded customers who have stuck with them for years as their primary beauty supply source. I will most likely turn to Ulta for brands that overlap with Sephora, or buy directly from the brands themselves. Nordstrom’s also has decent sales that have been catching my eye as well.

  • Jing

    On another note, Sephora customer service is terribly disappointing. I bought a YSL foundation from in Nov of last year, have been using it for a few months now and today I realized that it expired May 2017! Only a 6 month window to use the product. That’s just not proper practice. The woman at the Rouge VIB line said there’s nothing they can do since its past 90 days since purchase. There goes $60! And will definitely limit how often I shop at Sephora going forward.

  • Nina Bennett

    Wondering, were there ever gift cards given out.???…..I have over six thosand points…..tried to gift a 50 dollar gift card…….This is a bad way to do business….Promise consumers something and never deliver…Has anyone complained to better business bureau?.Consumers should be rewarded …with all there gift cards they SELL…. they cant gift them to consumers……THEY RAN OUT….PLEASE BAD BUSINESS