August 15, 2017

Yes to Coconut Moisturizing DIY Powder-To-Clay Mask Review

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Yes to Coconut Moisturizing DIY Powder-To-Clay Mask ($2.99) is one of several new clay facial masks the brand launched earlier this Summer which can be mixed and customized to your liking. Yes To seems to have the facial mask world covered lately with the introduction of a ton of different masks for lips, face, eyes, and even hands. They have really hit the facial mask trend hard and have covered all aspects and formula from sheet, to creams, and even sleep masks.

I have to admit most of what I’ve tried from the Yes To facial mask range has been a miss. They haven’t really created anything that I’ve wanted to re-purchase and sadly, the same holds true for this new Yes to Coconut Moisturizing DIY Powder-To-Clay Mask.

I really wanted to love it but it wasn’t anything particularly special.

Yes to Coconut Moisturizing DIY Powder-To-Clay Mask is a do it yourself mix together mask that can be customized with your choice of ingredients. It’s a novel mask and dare I say even fun that I can mix it together myself or mix it with other ingredients to create my own masking experience. This takes me back to the days of Easy Bake Oven and mixing up your own little cake mix and cookie batter.

The mask is $2.99 and it comes with a small mixing spatula, the clay powder, and a tiny cardboard bowl for mixing. You can mix it with water which is what I did or you can mix it with other ingredients like yogurt, honey, orange juicy, lemon, green tea, or even avocado. I wasn’t terribly created with my mask so I just went with water.

They promote it as an intense skin hydrating mask that contains coconut extract. Unfortunately, it’s a bit drying to me and like most clay masks contains kaolin which I’ve never found terribly beneficial to drier skin types. Kaolin is more about removing shine and oil in my opinion as it does nothing in the ways of hydrating my skin.

Ok, so, easy mixing here. Pop the cardboard “bowl” open, tear the pouch containing the powder into the bowl, fill with water to the line marked on the bowl, and mix. Don’t take their advise and add water to the line inside the bowl as I did that and it was too much water in my opinion. The mask ended up being very runny and thin. Add a little water, mix, add a little more, mix, until you get the right consistency. I think a little less water will make for a thicker, creamier mask. Mine was thin and running down my face. It smells heavenly by the way! It’s a very real coconut fragrance that isn’t synthetic or overpowering.

After you mix the mask, apply, and sit back 10 to 20 minutes. I waited 30 minutes as it wasn’t completely dry at 20! It starts to dry and tighten up as it sets but didn’t feel uncomfortable. I didn’t experience any tingling or burning during the wear or even after. After 30 minutes was up I rinsed with lukewarm water.

Shrug. Nothing really visible happened after I used it and I didn’t feel more hydrated after. If anything my skin felt a little dehydrated and tight after I used this.

Oh well!

Yes to Coconut Moisturizing DIY Powder-To-Clay Mask might actually be a good pick if you have excess shine and oil but for those of us with drier skin I’d probably skip this one. It really didn’t do anything visibly and if anything at all I felt drier after use.

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