September 18, 2017

J. Cat Beauty Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

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J. Cat Beauty Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner ($5.99) is one of those handy little tools to have around for color switching during eyeshadow application. Some people use like ten eyeshadows in a single look but I’m not one of those people. Still, I find this little Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner quit handy as I can easily switch shades during the blending process without the need for water or brush cleanser.

Here’s how it works!

J.Cat Beauty’s Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner is a sponge that comes in a resealable tin. Think of it as a Brillo pad for your makeup brushes! When you’re applying shades on your lids things can get might muddy fast if you have to switch colors between uses. Perhaps you favor one particular brush during the blending process and washing it during a color change is kind of hard as who has time for a brush to dry while you’re mid-application of eyeshadow right? I typically swipe it on a washcloth but let me tell you something, I’ve been through so many washcloths because of this! Eyeshadow is NOT easy to get out! I used to use a dry brush cleanser that Sephora had for this purchase. Actually, it was wipes which dried fast and allowed you to quickly switch shades without any downtime. Sephora no longer makes them though.

I guess in reality you don’t need any special tool. You can just swipe a used brush on a paper towel or tissue. But I actually like this Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner a heck of a lot more.

The pad has a brittle texture that allows you to brush off eyeshadow quickly. I was concerned the texture of the cleaner would ruin my brushes or I’d end up with split hairs but I had no issues. I can gently swipe back and fourth the pad without any damage. It quickly dusts off eyeshadow and allows you to switch shades right away. I can’t express how great this is. It prevents your look from going muddy and it allows you to quickly switch our shades on the fly without water or cleanser.

I know a lot of bloggers recommend getting one of those bun donuts from the dollar store as apparently it works great as a brush cleaner. But this just seems nicer with the tin for storage and all!

Do like!

If you use one or more shades during eyeshadow application this can be a handy color when switching our shades and keep your eye look looking pretty.

Loves it!

Muse Approved.

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