September 6, 2017

Lush Jelly Mask Hopefully Better Than Jelly Cleanser

Lush Jelly Face Mask is a new jelly facial mask that launched in four formulations. These basically are the same consistency and texture as Jelly Cleansers or Shower Jellies but in a mask formula. They have that squishy, gelatin texture. As you know I’m not a fond fan of jelly cleansers or shower jellies. I just think they are horribly wasteful and end up down the drain.

These new masks have a fighting chance though as you pinch a small amount out of the jar, work it between your hands to form a paste, and apply it to your skin. So, at least it isn’t completely going down the drain.

Here’s the details on the masks!

Lush Just To Clarify Jelly Mask $13.95
A mask filled with papaya, orange and grapefruit juices to brighten your complexion with fruit enzymes which act to break down dry skin cells.

Lush FOMO Jelly Mask $13.95
Inflamed, red skin? This gentle calamine infused jelly contains rose absolute and neroli oil to sooth and soften skin while calming your complexion.

Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Mask $13.95
Feeling sensitive? This golden mask with sooth and soften skin with honey, rose, and vanilla to calm and clear your complexion.

Lush The Birth Of Venus $13.95
Balance skin out with refreshing mineral-rich sea water that tones and lavender oil as well as fresh rose to sooth redness and irritations.

I’m eager to try Just to Clarify! The interesting thing about these masks is they are available for purchase on Lush’s website. Typically fresh masks are available in store only. I’m quite happy about that as Lush sales reps are aggressive and making the shopping experience in store very unpleasant. Not to mention everyone is opening and touching stuff all the time at Lush which makes me squeamish to buy anything.

Yay for online shopping!

Get these now at and soon in stores.

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  • KimMWC03

    I won’t buy unless you give this a glowing review. I abhor the shower jellies.

  • Sarah

    Omg I’m not alone! I grabbed my first jelly up this past spring and about 1/4 through it it turned into a gross mess. Wouldn’t break down and chunks just ended up in the drain. Thought it was just me. I like the concept, but that the execution is worthless. And Muse – I’m glad I’m also not the only one that finds the SAs at Lush aggressive. It’s too much. Sometimes I want to go in, wander around, smell half the store and then decide what to buy. I do love me some Lush, but I limit the amount I visit the store.

    • Isabella Muse

      le sigh! I love the texture and the idea but they are just such a horrible waste ๐Ÿ™ I run in and I run out of a Lush store because they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aggressive. “Have you tried this? You really need to! I love it! You try it! Want to see a bath bomb demo? Smell this! How about trying this?” it’s like please leave me the eff alone and let me shop in peace!

      • Sara

        Man…I’m not the only one! I love Lush, but HATE going in for those reasons! It’s the kind of place you want to just stroll through sometimes and they won’t leave you alone!!

  • Jordana Schmier

    These look like fun! I’ve found that the trick with the shower jellies is to take a glob and put it inside one of those sponges with an interior — mitten-ish ones. Then you work it into a lather inside the sponge, which means you get the exfoliating from the sponge and you don’t waste product. Now that I figured that out, I am a fan!

  • Sara

    Man…I’m not the only one! I love Lush, but HATE going in for those reasons! It’s the kind of place you want to just stroll through sometimes and they won’t leave you alone!!

    • Isabella Muse

      IT’S horrible! And I also hate how everyone is touching everything. people with kids who have their hands all over bath bombs and rolling them on the floor and stuff and proceeding to not buy them! Opening opening up stuff that isn’t a tester. The lush store experience is just bad bad bad!

  • Victoria

    I agree– the shower jellies were a total mess for me too. But after getting an in store demo, I picked up Bunny Moon and tried it at home. Sooo much better than shower jellies! Spread it on dry skin– no problems with 2/3rds of it going down the drain. And doesn’t expire as quickly as their fresh face masks. Bonus!

    • Lauren

      Awesome Victoria! Sounds like the face make texture is more spreadable than the shower jellies? Perhaps more like what we call jelly in the US versus UK jelly (which is jello).?