September 22, 2017

The Galaxy and Space the Final Frontier Makeup Trends

So, what’s the next big makeup trend? Space, the galaxy, stars, and planets oh my! Out mermaids, out unicorns, let’s get down to space! Although, if you really think about it all the iridescent and glow products you’ll see upcoming this Fall and into the Holidays are really just re-promoted unicorn and mermaid duochromes. You know, those icy cool pinks and lilacs we’ve already seen Wet n Wild, Milk Makeup, and many other brands do.

Now, space and makeup, well it isn’t really a new thing. Milk Makeup kind of covered the otherworldly frontier with their highlighter sticks earlier in the Summer. And MAC, they had us at Star Trek Collection.

But there’s plenty more space coming your way in the makeup world. Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives for Christmas 2017 and we can all drool all over Kylo-Ren, not to mention Cargo Cosmetics is releasing an entire collection inspired by the films. How’s that for cool?

Star Trek: Discovery is premiering on TV on September 24th and I am squealing in joy. Sadly, there aren’t any new Star Trek Makeup Collections to look forward but there are plenty of space inspired items popping up the moment.

Lipstick Queen Altered Universe Lipgloss, L’Oreal Infallible Galaxy Stick, and Revlon’s stunning Holochrome Nail Enamel Collection, are a few of the stellar options to get a look that would be the envy of Number Six or Seven of Nine.

I wonder what other space themed makeup collections we have to look forward this upcoming season?

My bet? Wet n Wild is a shoo-in to release some sort of space themed makeup collection soon!

What do you think of the space/galaxy makeup trend?

To me it seems like a re-run of the unicorn makeup we’ve seen but promoted differently.