November 6, 2017

Beating a Dead Horse with Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2017 Makeup Brush Sets

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I hate to say it but the Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2017 Brush Sets launched and I was thinking to myself, “I’m good!” Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of her makeup brushes sets but that’s the problem right there. I have a lot of her brush sets! Her sets are a pretty good value with quite soft bristles and well made handles but I just have too many of them.

It’s been a while since I purchased a set because of this but it doesn’t make them any less tempting.

Here’s what the Holiday 2017 offerings are looking like.

P.S. It looks new seasonal color collections are gone for good since Sonia left!

Sonia Kashuk Marble Brush Set $39.99
A ten piece makeup blush set with marble handles.

Sonia Kashuk Dia Brush Cup $9.99
Store your new marble brushes in this matching marble brush holder.

Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2017 Cosmetic Brush Set $34.99
A five piece brush set featuring cool, metallic aqua handles.

This is a great round of brushes and I’d totally indulge if I didn’t have a slew of Sonia’s brushes already! I do feel they might be beating a dead horse though with seasonal brush sets. It’s too much and it’s killing off the image of the brand. As we commonly associated Sonia with makeup and accessories now it’s just accessories which is rather sad.

But hey, if you’re in need of a new brush set you might want to explore these.

Get ’em now at

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jennifer

    Nothing tempting. Glad I don’t have to rush to the store to get these. IMO, Boring as hell.

  • z

    LOL I’m good also. I haven’t bought her brushes in about 5 years. I have her black brushes, but none of the holiday sets. I always seem to wait for a super clearance and then I always miss the product that I want. But, having her black handle brushes that are not limited edition are okay for me.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s been a while for me too! I used to haul all her brush sets but it was overkill lol! How many brushes does one face need!

  • Shana

    Im glad they killed off the colored brushes! The dye on the brush actually isn’t good for your skin! Also every time I would wash them… you would see pink dye coming off. They also turned more expensive brushes pink and ruined them. So I hope they don’t bring them back

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no! that sucks! I don’t have any of the colored ones thankfully!

  • Randi MacDonald

    I just bought a set as a xmas gift for someone. It was 11.98 reduced from 40.00. Its inevitable that the sets will go on clearance. I wait for that.

  • Kaitlyn

    I was hoping to see some new bags. Right around the time she left, I really felt like the quality suffered. I left a review on the site stating the problems I had with the bag (mostly details like the mini bags that were supposed to fit on one side of the inner bag didn’t have velcro or any way to attach, which wasn’t functional). When I saw the latest collection of bags, I checked and they had fixed all of the problems! I was hoping to start seeing good things again. I really would love to see another cream blush palette, highlighter, or a full-face palette. This is so underwhelming.

    • Isabella Muse

      It seems like they are concentrating on accessories only. Brush holder, brushes, makeup bags. There are two new bags from the Fall I think but nothing else sadly. I agree about quality. They should have just axed the line when she left versus decreasing the quality and selection!

  • Megan

    That’s weird that the set with half the number of brushes is only $5 cheaper than the larger set. I wonder if there’s something special about the bristles or handles?

  • Jay

    The last brush set with pink, spiral handles (currently marked down of course lol) was great! They were the softest SK brushes I’ve purchased in a very long time. The color ollections were so fun! I rarely stop at that section of Target now…the beauty products are all so stale.

  • Amy

    I want to get a set of makeup brushes for a friend. She expressed interest in the e.l.f. Holiday Brush Collection, which has 7 brushes. I think the marble brush set would make a nice gift and I suspect this is a better set than the e.l.f. set. Do you agree – or have any other suggestions? I’m hoping to not stray too far past $50. Oh – the marble brush set is currently $29.99.

    I’m not sure all 10 brushes will fit in that marble brush cup…

  • chibi639

    So my local Targets have been clearancing out their entire Sonia Kashuk sections. Have you heard anything about the brand completely going under since Sonia left the company?

    • Isabella Muse

      from what I heard they are planning on carrying to brushes and makeup bags only now. Makeup is going!

      • chibi639

        The 3 Targets I’ve been to are clearancing everything, ie Sonia Kashuk display is bare and stuff is in bins on an endcap . I grabbed some backup brushes for 50% off. The cosmetics were already picked clean. πŸ™