December 18, 2017

L’Oreal Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Collection Takes You to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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The new L’Oréal Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Collection has arrived just in time to prove my prediction about the galaxy and space being a major trend for Spring 2018. It feels like iridescent space themed luminous makeup is the next unicorn trend.

Fact of the matter is though, you’re either really hyped about that icy cool Frozen look or you’re like me cringing at the idea of frosty duochrome whites and lilacs gracing your makeup stash.

I can’t pull the look off, can you?

L’Oreal Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Lipgloss ($9.99) might just be a far cheaper option Lipstick Queen Altered Universe Lipgloss in far more shades. This limited edition formula is loaded with iridescent pearls that create a prismatic transforming finish on lips which can be worn alone or over any of your favorite lipstick shades.


  • Polaris Pink (lavender with cool pink shimmer)
  • Ethereal Gold (gold with iridescent white pearls)
  • Sapphire Star (icy blue with ultra-violet pigments)
  • Opal Light (champagne with a rose gold sheen)

I’m positive no one will care if you use L’Oreal Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Eyeshadow ($12.99) on your eyes or your face! These twinkling twilight and moon dust infused shades add a beautiful iridescent shimmer to your eyes.

L’Oreal Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Highlighter Stick ($9.99) takes your look into the next galaxy with a radiant glow that’s available in four pearlescent shades that transcend time and space.

What do you think of L’Oreal’s galactic look?

As a sci-fi geek it doesn’t even appeal to me a little bit as I don’t think my warmer undertones can pull off frosty, chilly pastels like this. But they should look great on a cooler skin tone.

Do you think you’ll be embracing the galaxy look for Spring or is it as weird as the unicorn one?

Do share!

L’Oreal Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Collection isn’t available in a galaxy far, far away thankfully. It’s as close as

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jane

    I was a teen in the 90s, Muse. I am ALL IN on Delia’s realness.

    And bonus: finally something for the cooler gals.

    • Isabella Muse

      I just can’t pull it off sadly! I feel like I’m way too old for it 😀

  • Kristin

    The eye shadows are actually $12.99…
    What is it with these drugstore prices?? They’re gorgeous, but I’d probably only buy if they got stellar reviews and on sale/coupon eligible.

    • Carol

      Kristin, that was my thought too! $12.99 for a drugstore singleeye shadow? Puh-lease.
      I’ll wait until they go on clearance!

    • Magenta Wilde

      $12.99! For drugstore eyeshadow? I may as well head to Sephora or Ulta and earn points and snag samples!

  • Kish

    I feel like I’m way too old to wear this stuff. I certainly couldn’t wear it to work without frightening the patients lol

  • Bethany

    Does that mean the Cosmic Lip Smackers will comeback and the Sponge-On Sparklers!? I’ve been waiting years for Martian Mallow, Gumball Galaxy and Strawberry Kiwi Comet to comeback as well as Pink Lemon Moon and Grape Gravity in the Sparklers. I miss those days.

    • Erin


      Gimme back all the Lip Smackers of bygone eras, honestly.

  • Linda Whitener

    Oh, Muse…this takes me back. To 1967, and Yardley Slickers – frosted lipsticks that were all the rage. Being British, Yardley capitalized on the British Invasion and “swinging London” in a major way: their ads featured top British models like Jean Shrimpton, wearing “The London Look”: lots of mascara and those frosty, pale lipsticks. To American teenagers like me, it was the coolest thing EVER. My mother, on the other hand, was appalled. “It makes you look dead,” she insisted…and she was probably right.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol yes I get the make you looks dead vibe too but some models and some skin tones can rock this stuff. Look at Twiggy, all that frosty goodness really works for her ;-D I can’t do it but she did it and did it well hehe!

      • Linda Whitener

        That frosty look really worked for her…and Shrimpton, and Julie Christie (my nominee for Most Beautiful Woman Ever), and all those fabulous Brits. What a time it was…

        • Isabella Muse

          Julie Christie! Yes! ;-D These shades would be fitting for Doctor Zhivago yes? 😀

    • Char

      …YES! Mary Quant vibes! I’m a chocolate beauty, and I can’t believe that we used these type shadows back then. NOT NOW honey! Take those Galactic trends Far Far away from me now! LOL!

  • Sleepybird

    I might grab a gloss to use as a topper if it goes on sale. Since UD Vice isn’t much more it would have to be a good sale. ;). For the eyes and face …not on this old gal. I went all in with the futuristic/space-y stuff in the 80’s. I had much smoother skin then.

  • Magenta Wilde

    In theory I love this, because shimmery pastels are so pretty, but they don’t work for me. Highlighters are a fail because I either don’t apply enough or it’s not worth it because I often wear glasses. Pale lips make me look dead (but I like a tiny bit of that ColourPop crystal balm sometimes, paired with a matte lipstick,) and pale shadows make my eyes look kind of weird and sickly. I love the reference to Twiggy and Julie Christie, and they could pull it off, but the only place I see any galaxy looks happening is on my fingernails. Plus, I remember the 1980s, and I’d rather not go frosty!

  • Joyce

    Yea, no, not a fan of frosty, holo makeup or the unicorn/mermaid/other mythical creature trends hahaha. I have very pale, neutral to warm undertones, and I agree, i don’t think this would work on me. Plus I like the natural look, so….

    I do like holographic nail polish though!

    • Isabella Muse

      I like the holographic nail polish too ;-D That’s about the only thing I can do though because the unicorn, mermaid thing def doesn’t work for me plus I personally found the unicorn stuff a little silly.

  • jel888

    I’m over 50 and an Trekker (not hard core, but still), and everything that shines or glitters draws me like a candle draws a moth, so rock it or not, I’ll very likely try something in the line. Like I heard in a film, I’ll make it work! 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      Trekkie too! ;-D Def love the shimmer just not sure on the pastel iridescent shades!

  • amy

    I want all 3 of the eyeshadows, but I think I’ll pass on the glosses. While the highlighters do appeal to me, I will have to give it some thought, and see swatches, as I’ve literally just picked up both ABH Moonchild & Aurora Glow Kits.

    I’m pretty fair, and I don’t care much for the ubiquitous warm-toned, gold highlighters, but these shades really seem to work for me. Besides, I kind of like that “dead” look…

  • Brandy

    Lol. The blue lipgloss looks like a lipgloss that I bought at Icing or Afterthoughts in the 90s. It made me look like I was suffering from hypothermia but it smelled so yummy and I felt so cool wearing lipgloss. I can’t remember the brand, but the name of the color was “Cloud 9”. I cant believe I still remember that.

  • Sarah Ferguson

    This collection reminds me of Revlon’s Street Wear collection from the ’00. And I think Physicians formula was all up in the space theme at the time as well. 14 year old me loved it but I’ll have to pass this time around.