December 15, 2017

Ulta Diamond Rewards Program A New Level of Rewards Coming Soon

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Ultamate Rewards are already awesome but come 2018 Ulta Rewards Program will be offering a Diamond Level to their existing reward program! Right now the highest level is Platinum which can be reached by spending $450 in your calendar.

Update: Learn more about Diamond Status and why it might just be unattainable to achieve by clicking here!

Many of you are already Sephora Rouge Members but have expressed how superior Ulta’s Rewards Program is in comparison. I couldn’t agree more as every point you earn at Ulta is converted into cash rewards which can be spent on anything you want, no exclusions. Ulta also offers early access to new releases from Too Faced, Urban Decay, and more but this perk is typically offered to Sephora Rouge and VIB Members as well. Ulta’s Rewards Program also gets you 20% off your total about two or three times a year where as Sephora only offers 20% Off once a year.

Needless to say Ulta’s Rewards Program is quite a good deal better compared to Sephora Rouge Membership which offers very little return on the investment of $1000 to retain your reward status.

There’s no word yet what exactly the new program will be about but details will be revealed in 16 days! even has a countdown calendar on their site for the big day! I suspect it’s going to be quite a great addition to their already amazing Rewards Program.

What do you think of this new Diamond Reward Level? What do you hope to see from it?

Do share!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Caitlin

    I saw that in the email and was intrigued! I hope it’s not too crazy of a goal to reach in terms of dollars spent to get there and if so there’s a decent return for it. I keep my Platinum membership, but barely- I don’t think I’d hit $1000 in a year. And agreed the Sephora doesn’t have a great reason to want to hit that level.

  • Lisa C

    This is incredibly awesome! I was one of the ppl they sent a survey to about 4-6 months ago asking what changes they could make to be even better. They were all multiple choice questions and one of the things they mentioned was free shipping, a higher tier, and many other questions. I did tell them that if they could ever get to the point of selling the same brands that Sephora carries, then I would never ever ever shop at that greedy store again! Truth!! Sephora is very tight with their purse strings and I will gladly relinquish my VIB Rouge status if we keep seeing all the new brands coming to Ulta. Sephora even changed their return policy to 60 days max. Like Nordstrom, I used to be able to return things from over a year ago. No more. I truly hope that Ulta can get to that point that I think alot of us want, you can really tell how hard they are trying!

    • Isabella Muse

      Sadly, I think the return system was used and abused which is why so many stores are changing the way returns work 🙁

          • Caitlin

            None for beauty stuff. I think Nespresso has a fast turn around, but I was thinking generally.

          • Isabella Muse

            Oh I got you! I was like WHAT WAIT A WEEK!? you know who has the worst return policy ever? Forever 21 OMG! AWFUL!

      • Susan

        I think 30-60 days for a return window is perfectly reasonable. People who treat sealed beauty products like testers (buy, return, buy, return, buy, return) drive up prices for all of us. Do your research before you buy whenever possible (and I know it’s not always possible).

        • Isabella Muse

          I think 30 is generous in all honesty but I totally understand not being able to get back to do a return. I am very guilty of stashing something under my desk in a bag with the receipt and promising to get to returning it and I never do lol! but yeah a year later for a beauty return might be a bit much!

        • Catherine

          I agree with this completely! I belong to beauty groups where gals buy expensive products, use them for a couple months, and then “trade” for the next new thing. It’s like there was never an intention to keep the product. Drives me mad.

        • Janeene

          I agree with u 100% I don’t think ppl who buy, return, buy and return realize or even care that they are pretty much throwing away perfectly great products because as u said they don’t do research. That it y they have testers at the stores. I’m platinum and love building my points. I have 2 daughters and and I will purchase anything we all need their. The rewards are amazing.

    • Isabella Muse

      I kind of am! Or at least some sort of program like Sephora has for free shipping!

  • Carol G

    Well whatever it is I’m sure I’ll qualify. I shop at Ulta constantly because their rewards program can’t be beat. That being said, maybe Diamond level will get discounted shipping! That would be awesome.

  • Susan

    If you have to spend around $1000 a year, then I’ll never get there, but regardless of how much it is and whether I get it or not, I hope it includes better and more consistent birthday rewards (some people got a full-sized eyeshadow palette, I got a rock, I mean I got a tiny crappy mascara sample), free shipping on every order, and coupon discounts that always apply to prestige brands as well as the drugstore ones.

    What do you hope for, Muse?

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t think $1000, not sure what it will be but for ulta $1000 seems high! I never even got a bday gift lol! I don’t even remember getting an email about it being offered anything. Free shipping is one I am hoping for and maybe double rewards or is that too much to ask 🙂 But honestly, if they just give me free shipping or even free shipping for $10 a year I’d be happy with that 😀

  • Maria

    I hope it is free shipping instead of having to spend $50 to get free shipping. Once in a while you get free shipping with $35 purchase

    • Kylynn

      At least you get free shipping some of the time! I’m in Alaska, no free shipping ever for Ulta 🙁

      • Liz

        Yeah, no free shipping, and it always takes about 2+ weeks to get here once shipped. 🙁

  • Lexi

    Free shipping! Their shipping is super slow, which is the only reason I hate buying from Ulta online. I hardly buy from Sephora anymore, but when I do it’s for the 2-day shipping.

    • Dee

      Sorry about your slow shipping, but Ulta gets my package to me in 3-4 days. I never had a problem with packages. Maybe I live closer to their shipping warehouse?

    • Courtney

      Lexi , do your packages from Sephora really come in 2 – 3 days? or can anyone tell me who is rouge tell me ? I’m rouge at Sephora and my online orders always take like a week or 10 days to arrive :eye roll::::: yes , I’m impatient lol !

      • Cindy

        I’m about to email Sephora. Ordered something on 12/10 and it’s marked shipped, but the package hasn’t moved. Yep, I’m Rouge. LAME!!

      • Katherine

        I’m Rouge and usually my packages get delivered 2-3 days after ordering (I mention this because a lot of people say 2-days after being shipped) and I live in San Diego. The most I’ve waited was 4 days and that was my black Friday purchase.

    • kjh

      Hey, how about 3 weeks, delivered by gents who spoke zero English, with all kinds of cross outs, and both Spanish and Portuguese written all over the package? It only took half a week more to get to me from Germany! I hate laser ship.

  • diane

    i’m excited to see what the next tier has to offer! Sephora’s reward program really is crappy in comparison for Ulta. I’m hoping where platinum gets 1.25 points per purchase, maybe diamond status will bet 1.5-2x the points or something along those lines. There are just a few brands Sephora carries that they don’t that I wish they would.

  • mylinda

    You know, I’m just gonna chime in and say free shipping! That’s one of the things that keeps me from buying more things at Ulta, that I have to reach $50 in spending to get f/s and the long wait for my shipment to arrive. And while Ulta has really expanded the brands that they carry, there are more that I wish they would sell because honestly, if they carried all the makeup I might buy at Sephora or a dept store, I’d happily spend all my money at Ulta instead. I’m glad they decided to carry MAC (they even got Patrick Starrr, yey! I wish they carried Jade Jagger too… ). I’m gonna shoot for the moon and wish they had makeup from Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and Shiseido too. Hey, let’s even throw in Shu Uemura. Bring it!!! Seriously, can’t wait to find out what Diamond is…

  • kjh

    I wish Ulta would carry Paula. ‘S Choice, not Dorf. Does Dorf still exist? I love Cosrx, and they started carrying it after two requests, and it’s expanding. I try NOT to be rouge/platinum, but have failed miserably. Never did the questionnaire, have been too busy with doggie PT and care after disc surgery, and have an 18” pile of paperwork engendered by my online recert/license renewal coursework. I firmly believe Ulta listens, and suspect everyone who responded has been all about free shipping. It’ll happen, in some way, either by small fee subscription, or through this diamond level. I see Ulta as becoming increasingly accessible, expanding their brands and stores. The unreal hair and tools, as well as DS level product distinguishes them. Not to mention that Ulta’s employees are not a coven of trend chasing, self important fools. It ought to be embarrassing that I know more about mufe than they do, just by tuning in here and Temptalia. They don’t even care that they are poorly informed! Sephora is quasi-elitist, which is a total joke, if you could see the disgusting store in the bigger mall in my area. They have little concept of customer service, and their rewards program is a testament to that. Viva Ulta.

    • Dee

      Just for the heck of it, I looked up Yep, they do exist. lol. Her Instagram page is pauladorfcosmetics.

  • Kathy Rajchel

    I’m going for free shipping!!! (I hope!) I shop at Ulta more than I do Sephora now since they are getting more brands that I like!! Also I’m hoping it is not $1000 mark for it. Sephora is getting to greedy for me. The samples are horrible.

  • Penny

    Wow, a new level! I would love free shipping as well! I love shopping at Ulta! 🙂

  • Melissa

    I also answered the survey and I’m super excited about this new program Since ulta takes manufacturer coupons, I buy all my regular items there when I can to build points. (Toothpaste, shaving cream, non-designer body lotions, and soaps, etc.) Combine that with my makeup & hair product obsession and I spend big bucks at Ulta ( over $1,000 in a year). I would even pay a little more for items like my L’oreal hg lippies and mascaras, so I can get my points because the points are more valuable than saving $0.75 . I blew some points on UD heat over the summer (great decision btw I use it several times a week), so I’m rebuilding but I fully plan to have plenty of points to use for some spring items or holiday clearance LOL.
    The way I look at it, is that Sephora will never offer me the opportunity to get a FREE $55 palette, so why not go to the store that does.
    I will shop at Sephora the same way I have for the past however many years since Ulta introduced the program and only buy brands that Ulta and Beautylish don’t’ carry. Beautylish doesn’t have points, but their service and shipping are amazing and they do have promotions (I have $40 in gift cards to use, atm). I also usually get some kind of random sample in my box. I wish they would open more stores but Las Vegas is close enough to California I usually get my package in 2-3 days.

  • moda31

    I just hope this won’t mean a downgrade to the perks of platinum status. I don’t need an entire new tier, i just want deeply discounted shipping for platinum members.

  • Catherine

    My biggest hope is that Diamond Tier starts in 2018 based on 2017’s purchasing. I went a little crazy this year! 😉

    A lower shipping threshold would be great.

    I love seeing Platinum exclusive deals, so it will be interesting to see what the Diamond exclusive deals are.

    I would love 3X points as a base, too!

    Not too much to ask, right? 😉

    • Cindy

      I like Catherine’s line of thinking! Based on 2017 I should be Diamond in 2018 too! 3x points as a base?? HELL YES!! Lol!

  • Tonya

    I agree with free shipping! My Ulta does not carry a lot of the brands that they just started carrying (like MAC) so I think it would be cool if they started selling more of the same brands as Sephora and offered free shipping.

    I haven’t shopped at Sephora in about 2 years and don’t miss them one bit. However, I must say that if the Diamond level is $1000 then I don’t think I’ll meet it. I barely held onto Platinum this year.

  • Heather

    I also vote for free shipping. It’s the one thing I really have a problem with at Ulta. Especially since the packing is very haphazard. The just toss stuff an a box and I have received damaged items several times.

  • Michelle

    I have just a request for Ulta online just in general. Sometimes the stores offer a free gift when you spend a certain amount for a specific brand. I wish that would reflect online at Ulta as well because most of the time the store has sold out and the promotion is still up, but once you get at the register you then find out they are out of stock. Does anyone run into this problem? I know they have the online promotions as well, but I wish the in store ones would reflect online too!

  • Katherine

    I can’t wait to see this new tier, I spend over $1K already at Ulta, mostly because that’s where I get my hair done. I hope they offer some type of free expedite shipping because they are super slow with their packages. I usually have to wait 10-12 days (I know I’m impatient).

  • Mary

    Free shipping would be nice but I do have a store a couple of miles from me. I would like to see the same offers in store that is offered online. I would rather get stuff in the store than in the mail but the better deals are online. Also the Platinum Perk give always in the store NEVER seem to be available when I try to get it even if I get to the store early. Either have it in stock or don’t offer it.

  • Michelle

    I have the same issue! I know they offer things online but I wish the stuff offered in stores would reflect it being online as well. I dont mind going into the store, but a lot of the time with the store promotions they are sold out by the time I get to the register so I think having it online would be better.

  • LPMarie

    I’ve spent quite a bit on the make ups this year (and last). Everywhere, but mostly at Ulta because of the reward system and availability of DS and mid range. I do go to Sephora for Hourglass and now Violet Voss. I’m Platinum with Ulta through 2018 (I was very early on in 2017…I’m addicted…I’m working on it, lol). I, too, hope that our Platinum statuses carry over. I don’t want to disclose the absurd amount I’ve spent on cosmetics, but I am Platinum multiple times over and hope that will make me this elusive “Diamond” level.

    I’ve honestly had a lot of trouble with online shopping and returning unopened, unused products in the stores, which is what they tell me to do when I call in. I almost NEVER return a used product. And only once have I returned a product that was older than 60 days, but it was unused and I had my receipt. I hate going in the stores. They get really pissed that I return from online, but there is no way I am paying to return something, which is Ulta’s policy. No prepaid label like Sephora. C’mon, nobody would pay extra if they didn’t have to. I have complained about the service quite a bit, they can see how much a person spends and sometimes I tell them that they obviously don’t care to keep me as a customer if that is the way they reward me for my loyalty. I was once accused of stealing because the service representative did not understand some items I returned were points redemptions and some were purchased under a separate web order! It was infuriating and the manager was an a-hole, too. I called in the next day and got a decent human being. But really, I don’t find the Sephora folks to be as snooty and rude as Ulta, but maybe it’s the area I live in.

    Fingers crossed that this is something good that will make us all happy.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m sooo excited for this! Free shipping no minimum would be great! And maybe first dibs on sales or member appreciation items that only Diamond members can get.

    I used to be okay with Sephora’s rewards program (because something is better than nothing at all and they do occasionally have epic rewards). But I got so annoyed with having to fight over their rewards. They go so fast that I can never get what I want anymore, especially because I started a new job and I’m at work when Sephora releases the rewards in the morning. Ugh..more like epic fail.

    Now I only get things from Sephora when I either need faster shipping or if its for items that are not carried at Ulta. But I still have almost 10k points at Sephora because I can’t get my hands on any of their rewards that I want.

  • heather

    The new level will give you 1.5x points (not great, if platinum already gets 1.25x), free ship at $25 (better than $50, but still not better than Sephora), and a $25 card for salon services (their salons have horrible reviews no matter where you look, I used to live in Vegas, and now CA, and every one had bad reviews, which is why I never went there, so this is useless to me, as well as many others). I can’t tell you how disappointing, lackluster, unexciting, and blah these ‘perks’ are. Ulta could’ve done SO much better for people spending whatever amount it is that you need to spend to reach this new level. And, I’m pretty sure Ulta won’t ‘backdate’ us for 2017, as this new level is beginning in a new year…

  • Carol G

    Well here it is January 1st and the big reveal is not so great in my opinion. To become Diamond you have to spend $1,200 a year! That is a lot for Ulta considering that half their brands are drugstore pricing. I have no trouble getting to Platinum every year but I highly doubt I’ll make it to Diamond. So no free shipping like Sephora. Just free shipping on a $25 purchase. Which would be nice but still, it should be free. I have to admit I’m a little let down. I thought the threshold would maybe, at the most, be double what Platinum is which would be $900 and then it would sort of be an F.U. to Sephora by being under $1,000. So this $1,200 is going to be very difficult for most people.
    Also, as a side note, why is this not all over their home page on their website? Seems odd to me that it wouldn’t be front and center being that this launched today.

  • Susan

    Well, they have announced the new Diamond Status and I am seriously underwhelmed! You have to spend $1200 a year (no way in heck for me, retired and on a fixed income) and you get free shipping if an order is over $25. Nope and nope. Not even sure I’ll hit Platinum again this year, as I’m trying to spend less on fripperies, and have enough makeup for several lifetimes.

  • Cheryl

    So, I see the Diamond Rewards details are now available. To be eligible, you must spend $1200/year. The paltry benefits include current Platinum benes, plus free shipping with $25 purchase and additional points for purchases. I am disappointed.

  • Toni

    I became a diamond rewards member at Ulta and I got my gift today. The girl at the store said I was the first diamond she had seen and didn’t even know herself what was in the pink box. It was a $25 card for beauty services and a full sized Laura Geller Baked gelato swirl illuminator in “diamond dust.”

    Diamond dust. For diamond members. See what they did there?