January 3, 2018

Which 2017 Makeup Trend Do You Hope to See Die in 2018?

2018 is here and hopefully it brings us new, unique, and interesting makeup trends! Which 2017 makeup trends do you hope to see die in 2018? I mean the ones you really hated and just wish they’d disappear off the face of the planet forever?

I think you know the ones I’m going to list below but before I get my knife out and start stabbing them in the heart let’s look back and think about what sort of makeup trends we saw happening in 2017.

I wouldn’t call 2017 the year of innovation by any means nor were there any very unique or interesting trends that grabbed my attention. In someways, you could say that makeup actually seemed to take a step back with brands like Too Faced somehow re-inventing themselves into Lisa Frank. There were unicorns, cute puppies, and sweet little peaches too that Too Faced did their very best to market to the makeup world and some of us really fell in love with where as others of us shook our heads in bafflement. And let me tell you now, Too Faced is not nearly done with the “cute” as they prepare to launch their new entirely unicorn inspired makeup range for Spring 2018. You’re either overjoyed and throwing glitter in the air or you’re slumped in a corner muttering sarcastically about death to all unicorns like Daria.

In the Spring of 2015 contouring took center stage in the beauty world and here we are nearly 3 years later and brands are still promoting shaping, contouring, and chiseling you to perfection. Contouring isn’t a new trend by any means but I think it became a lot more common outside the world of magazines, models, and photo shoots. Suddenly, anyone could easily contour at home with a simple palette and a good brush.

And of course, we can’t forget the all mighty long-wearing matte liquid lipstick. Truly a longstanding trend that continues into Spring 2018 considering Covergirl has already launched an entire range of new matte lipsticks with their latest collection. Just when I thought glossy lips were making a come back!

So, which make trends do I hope to see die in 2018? You guessed right if you said unicorn makeup, contouring, highlighters, and matte liquid lipsticks.

Listen, when I was 12 unicorn anything was stupid awesome but right now, at my age, unicorn (or mermaid) anything is a little too juvenile for me. I just don’t want to be a mermaid or a unicorn anymore. I grew up. The magic is gone. Killed by adulthood. No but seriously, I just don’t get the unicorn thing at all. I’m weird though because I’ll squeal over cute Japanese makeup but throw a unicorn into the mix and I’m mentally rolling my eyes.

Let me tell you something else….I have highlighters, I have a lot of highlighters. I have pretty highlighters that are stashed in my makeup vault which I take out just to whisper to them how pretty they are. However, every single brand launching a highlighter every few weeks is OUT OF CONTROL. How many highlighters does one person need????!!!!!!! Ok, cool, glowing is nice! A nice touch of luminosity is pretty. However, it’s not New Year’s Eve ever single day and it’s unlikely I’m going to be using all these highlighters in my daily looks. It’s all too much.

And please for the love of god would someone bring back shiny lips? I’m tired of all the drying, long-wearing lipsticks.

Anyway….about 2019!

I hope to kill off the space/galaxy makeup trend that’s going on in 2018 as well because I dunno about you but I can’t pull off that shiny iridescent I just stepped off a space ship Danger Will Robinson Danger look.

Have at it!

What’s on your makeup trend kill list?

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Miradan

    “you’re slumped in a corner muttering sarcastically about death to all unicorns like Daria” — that would be me. I really wish this trend would go away.

    • Isabella Muse

      me too! I hate to be such a hater but I feel like unicorns are overused and abused at this point.

      • Justin

        I think the unicorns and mermaids and everything else over the rainbow is just ridiculous. I’d rather have crappy or understated packaging with quality product inside. I only hate that companies think they’re innovative when they’re just reinventing the wheel

        • Isabella Muse

          likewise! I hate to trample all over what people like because I def have some interests that others might feel are utterly stupid but really the unicorn mermaid thing is just dumb to me. It feels so very childish! And this coming from someone who is crazy immature!

  • MN Diamond Girl

    I have seen enough sunset-themed palettes to last me a lifetime! Every “new” palette that was released in 2017 featured the same eyeshadow shades: warm brown, burnt orange and purple. Another trend I would like to see disappear is the quantity over quality trend. Brands do not need to release a new palette or lipstick every month. And, as you mentioned, let’s move on to hydrating lipsticks and glosses.

    • Isabella Muse

      yes! I think a tiny break inbetween releases would be fantastic! It’s just so much new, new, new right away. I mean they launch one palette and within three weeks it is on sale and they are announcing the next new palette at that point. It’s TOO much!

    • MN Diamond Girl

      Another trend that needs to disappear: eyeshadow palettes that cost over $100

    • Tamah

      Yes! MN Diamond Girl!!
      also I need hydration on my lips, also, the matte lip trend is not my friend!!

      I hate to say this, but, I really love pastel cosmetics!!

  • TropicalChrome

    You’ve pretty much mentioned everything I was going to say, but I’ll say some of it anyway :): please, let strobing/contouring/glitter highlights die. I see the before and after pictures and I like the before so much better! A light highlight, great; the greasy face look, not so much.

    Same with matte lipstick: I’m done. It’s so horribly aging on me, especially nude/light pink matte. It gives me that “recently embalmed” look I’m trying to avoid.

    Overly done eyebrows (with perfectly square corners).

    Please, also let these die: warm, nude eye palettes, “nude” eye palettes that are anything but, most eye palettes in general (whatever happened to single shades?), lip palettes (all I see are huge messes waiting to happen), BOGO50% off (just give me 25% off and stop trying to make me buy more), and the ridiculously rising prices of drugstore makeup.

      • Christina

        Ha! Me too I laughed out loud at that line. Tried wearing a matte liquid lip again yesterday and I was like …um no. It’s not for me. Ending up washing off and putting on a nice glossy hydrating lip velvet instead.

        I hate to utter out loud, but I think I am actually reaching the point of being over new makeup. I just don’t NEED ANY MORE!

        Unless someone come out with a new range of beautiful blushes…maybe

        • Isabella Muse

          gosh I wouln’t mind some new blushes! ;D That would be nice and a refreshing change!

        • CarrieAnne

          Ooh, Christina, I would really love to know what your preferred lip product was that you put on. I am also way over on matte liquid lips. Liquid lipstick in general looks terrible on me because my lips are very textured (not chapped, LOL). 😉

      • Katy

        I think it’s time for really bold 80’s eyebrows to go away again. If everything in right now is 90’s throwback, give me a nice arched brow please! I see some of these close ups on instagram and I just want to pluck these girls stray hairs. Help. Haha.

  • Susan

    How much time do you have to listen to me rant?? Please die:
    — unicorn anything, unless you are 5 years old.
    — contouring (I do think that’s becoming less common or at least less painfully obvious)
    — over-highlighting. Large globs of white glitter look ridiculous on the end of people’s noses and on their upper lip bow.
    — stenciled black Instagram brows, same extreme arch for everyone. Look so harsh and so fake.
    — a red and an orange and a black eyeshadow in every palette, which is also warm-toned and looks like a thousand other palettes.
    — blue, purple, gray, or black lips except for cosplay. I don’t get why people want to look like zombies.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think you’re right. Contouring seems to be dying off slightly but highlighting, nope, still crazy amount of that going around!

    • Charlotte

      Omg the crazy nose highlight drives me insane! A tiny glow is pretty but why does your nose have to glow like Rudolph?
      You should see Wayne Goss’s video on exactly that! Really funny

    • amy

      Well, the same can be said for “bright” lips; who wants to go around looking like a clown?

      The market, both mainstream & indie, are inundated with lip products that span beyond both ends of the spectrum. If one prefers looking like a zombie, so be it. If you’d rather have clown lips, that’s your prerogative. Why look at either as a “trend” as opposed to a personal choice based on one’s own aesthetic?

      • Jane

        Because Muse asked, “What’s on your makeup trend kill list?” and Susan answered. It is a legitimate answer given that makeup has long been about making people look better and rare is the bird who looks better in the grays and purples. And that’s okay, makeup is temporary, but it’s a trend she wants to see go away and that’s okay too.

      • Susan

        I called it a trend because it’s something that’s become faddish in the last year or so. Of course it’s existed before, but not at the levels we’re seeing lately (IMO). If someone wants to look like a zombie or a clown, that is indeed their prerogative, but that doesn’t mean I have to find it attractive. I think it’s gross. YMMV. The question was which trend(s) we hope will die, and I answered.

  • Charlotte

    Needs to go away: purple/blue/green weird colored highlighters (who wears those anyway?), rainbow highlighters (wtf?), only warm toned shadows (what’s wrong with cool tones?), first impression YouTube makeup videos (I never base my thoughts on wearing a product 1 time!), and the constant message of needing to have a super caked, overly contoured, crazy heavy face with false lashes! Whatever happened to the more simple and elegant looks?
    On another note though, I love matte lipsticks. Glossy ones are pretty but they don’t last long on me and they end up on my teeth! Matte ones you can usually put on and forget about for a while.

    • Suzanne

      And when you are more mature, the glossy ones slide all over your mouth. I like Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks!!

  • Kish

    Preach it sister! No more matte lips, especially nude matte lips. So gross. No more unicorns. Less glitter, especially in skincare! And highlighters? People need to look at themselves in natural light before they leave the house. Disco balls are judging you. No more quick as lightning releases that you must have because they are super LE OMG HTF…until they are on sale next week.

    I *may* be asking for too much 😉

  • Lala

    Man, you nailed it. I am so over everything unicorn. But all of my clothes are variants of black & gray, with no pastels to be found, so I was probably never going to be the one squealing over cutesy stuff. 🙂 But fun TonyMoly banana-shaped lotions and stuff are fine by me! I don’t know what the difference is other than it feels like a lazy money-grab gimmick to do the unicorn trend 2 years after it started.

    • Isabella Muse

      I try to understand it, I really do because I’m sure I like things that others find stupid but the unicorn thing just gets under my skin. It’s just so silly and immature! LOL agreed on the Tony Moly fruit shaped everything ;-D I don’t get Too Faced marketing in all honesty, obviously they are doing something right though considering their success so I guess I can’t judge them for releasing a unicorn themed makeup. I don’t understand it in all honesty, it feels like it is alienating long time fans who actually really liked the brand prior to them going all weirdly Lisa Frank on us. But I guess they know what sells?!

  • Jay

    The OVER filtered selfies, the glow on the tip of the nose and the freakin duck/pucker/pouty lips . The over filter selfies just show woman a goal that is not really real and sets a bad example for teens everywhere. Teens are so impressionable and face after face of perfect filtered skinm,bodies and makeup makes them feel like they can’t messure up. I would love to see all these influences show unfiltered pics because none of them do. Even the nomakeup makeuplooks are cleary filtered. It’s actually very sad.

    • Katy

      I totally agree with you about the lip fillers! I was binge watching youtube beauty videos recently and it just made me feel really bad that so many of these lovely young ladies feel the pressure to alter themselves when they are in the prime of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, do what makes you happy but I feel as if I definately see way more “with work” than without. A lot of these girls are like 19!! We are living in an episode of Black Mirror.

      • Jay

        Yes I agree. I wonder how they will feel when they are older. It’s also hard watching all these perfect looking people and not feeling like crap about ones self.

        • Isabella Muse

          You should never ever feel crap about yourself. Everyone is unique, different, and beautiful in their own way. There’s something in everyone that is beautiful!! Don’t ever feel bad about yourself or make anyone else make you feel bad about yourself.

  • Maria

    No more highlighters and mermaid / unicorn palettes. No more matte liquid lipsticks. Every brand has highlighters and liquid lips. It is an overload.

  • showkjk

    I’m sick of limited edition of makeup. Why can brand launches regular line?

  • Sara

    I’m really tired of seeing the same burnt-orange, reddish, warm brown toasted toned palette from every brand. Bring me some cool toned palettes!! I have green eyes and pale skin, how about some green shadow, or silvers/greys, or taupes or…. you get it? Cuz all the red-tones make me look like I have an eye infection.

    I do admit I like the sparkle (hello Stila Glitter/Shimmer and Glow shadows) but the unicorn stuff is getting a little much. I have the Make Believe in Yourself palette, I’m good.

    Something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of is more comfortable long wearing liquid lipstick. I’m a Lipsense junkie, so I like the combo of having a color and then a gloss for maintaining moisture. The pure matte ones like KVD or Stila are super drying on my lips and I can’t wear them without a gloss, which then breaks down the color.

  • amy

    So many things are referred to as “trends”, but outside of the internet, how many people actually follow them in real-life…? I live in L.A., and I very rarely see anyone with “extreme” makeup, and if I do, it’s mainly OTT highligher, Instagram brows, and false lashes, all at once. Still, it’s rare, maybe once every couple of months.

    I personally don’t mind trends of any sort. If I like it, I’ll try it. If not, I skip. I happen to like thin brows, dark, matte lips nude “corpse” lips, and a good highlight/contour combo. The fact that there is such a vast variety available should be celebrated, as it gives us all a choice. I don’t like glossy, bright lips, but if they do become a trend, it doesn’t mean I have to wear it, just like noone is being forced to wear campy matte liquid lipstick. There was a time when women were lucky to have 3 shades of lipstick offered by any given brand, of which there were only a few, and even those were “assigned” based on ones hair color. Instead of griping about trends we don’t like, let’s just be grateful we have options.

    I grew up in the 80s, and until Bobbi Brown & Kevyn Aucoin came along and started making rules, there was so much freedom in makeup, and it seemed more women actually wore it…

  • Sarah

    *clears throat*
    *takes deep breath*

    All right, time to rant.

    I hate, hate, hate the matte liquid lipstick trend. Especially the brown-based Kylie-esque shades that are everywhere. They are SO unflattering on almost everyone I have seen them on. Unless you were blessed with naturally full lips and the right coloring, there is no way 99% of these shades and formulations are going to look good on you. I see these 20 year olds wearing a thick layer of orange-brown lipstick while they’re working the drive-thru at Panera and all I can think about is how anyone can find it flattering or even comfortable to wear.

    The strobing/all-over highlight trend. Another trend that might look ok-ish on Instagram but absolutely ridiculous in real life. I saw a woman at a winery this fall with highlight allll over her face and it looked…bad. A little subtle glow on the Cupid’s bow? Pretty. Highlighter that is so thick and heavy you look like you have a silver mustache on your lip? No thanks.

    I’m so tired of the overall trend of heavy makeup for every day. Like Kardashian-level foundation, contour, lips, eyes etc. just to go to school or work. Makeup has become weirdly competitive over the last few years to the point that I don’t even follow any beauty brands or most bloggers anymore, because the fun has just been sucked out of it. And I agree that the rate of product releases has become absurd. Do we even have seasons anymore when they’re talking about spring in September?

    I guess that’s probably enough griping for one post, lol. Thanks for the space to rant, Muse! Glad I got that out of my system.

  • Bonnie

    Contouring. I did that in the late 70’s – yes I’m giving my age away, but young at heart! Contouring once in a lifetime is enough.
    Brown palettes.
    Flat matte lipstick. Let me count the wrinkles.
    Large long eyeliner lines, and worn outside during the day (gasp!).

  • Jane

    I’m echoing much of what has been said here already:
    – die, extreme makeup, die! I worry about the wearers. If people need to obliterate their faces that much, every day, that’s very sad.
    – warm warm warm warm. I am very pale, blue green eyes and dark brown hair. Warm deep colors do not look good on me, and sooooo many options are warm. It’s a lot less fun to twirl around the makeup department with fewer options
    – fewer options. That’s not a trend so much as now that it’s been pointed out to me (thank you, Jackie Aina), I can’t unsee it. “Deepest” foundations that are dark tan at the most? How is that fair? I’m at the other end of the color spectrum, such that the palest option is too dark, but my chances of finding a color are so much better.
    – seasonal collections. Remember when there were seasonal collections of a few new colors three-five times a year, including drug store brands? I loved that and I miss that.
    – matte lips and glittered skin. Go awayyyyyu
    – there’s too much. Of everything. I have cut out brands that release products in enormity and at the bargain level, especially. Yes, there are makeup buyers who genuinely love makeup and don’t have a lot of cash, but I suspect that the main targets of these gobs of cosmetics are the same people who shop recreationally and frequently.

    I guess I have some feelings. I have more, but this ain’t my site.

    • CarrieAnne

      Jane, have you checked out any recommendations from YT thataylaa (I hope i got the name right). It sounds like you have very similar coloring. I am very fair but pink and yellow fair, LOL, so usually if there is a pale neutral foundation or concealer in a line, it will work for me. I agree I’d like to see more cool toned eye shadows in the mix. Teals, lavender, taupe, silvery kind of pewter (in much better quality offerings than the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Yeah, I’m talking to you, overpriced Naked 2 that disappointed me so greatly) Nyx has some pretty palettes but the shade combos are so odd sometimes. Ergghh.

  • Linda Whitener

    I’m with you all the way where matte lipstick is concerned, Muse! Not only does it look awful on those of us middle-aged and up, it really isn’t flattering to ANYONE. Every woman looks better with glossy, moist and (dare I say it) inviting lips!

  • Chris

    I agree matte lipsticks in liquid or bullet tubes are a no. Highlighters should come in mini sizes — if done right it will last for years! Unless I was a tween, the unicorn/mermaid themes left the building for me ages ago.

    Too many companies in competition with each other — if they put out a desert colored eyeshadow palette, we must too! Crayon waxy pencils in 10 different colors? We must do the same and charge $3 more because we are a big department store brand— that’s you Lancôme!

    Definitely prefer quality over quantity. Not a fan of LEs or Holiday items unless they become part of the permanent collections.

    Thanks for the observations & the chuckles.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m done with all the red/orange/heat/warm/toasted eye palettes. Can we do some cool colors for spring and summer?

  • CL

    Overdone eyebrows, especially when they appear to have been made with stencils.
    Overdone highlighting – when you live in a warm climate, it makes people look oily or sweaty.
    Orangy eyeshadow palettes. It’s long past time to create some decent cool-toned palettes.

  • Gabriela

    I’m with you on the unicorn/mermaid trend! The difference with what too faced or the Asian brands is that while cute, those products don’t promise to turn you into a peach/puppy/Pokemon. It’s a theme. Like sailor moon themed make up is a cute yet grown up way to signal fandom: themed packaging with a normal, wearable product inside and not some random unwearable combo of bright pastel highlighters.

    I’m hoping the big brow trend dies out! It’s either drawn on stencils t’s either out of control caterpillars. Balance people, balance!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol I laughed over “they don’t promise to turn you into a peach, puppy, or pokemon!” haha!

    • Christina

      I agree with you on this, and I think that’s the KEY difference. When Asians brands do the cute, it’s mostly just a light inspiration and the colours are still very wearable. The packaging is where the fun is at–and it’s oftentimes cute but not cartoon-ish (there is a fine line). When brands like Tarte and Too Faced do unicorn, they take it to the extreme, from packaging to makeup with less wearable colours.

      I don’t mind iridescent and shimmery eyeshadows, I don’t even mind iridescent highlighters and glosses. Heck, I like pastel tones! They can look really magical and fun! They’re all “pretty” in the common sense. What I do mind is thick, metallic rainbow highlighters, lips, and eyes. I consider these types of products more for artistry than everyday makeup–they look great on camera and in photoshoots, but definitely not for everyday.

  • Christine

    Love the unicorn makeup — got to have a little fun. Could do without contouring, overdone eyebrows, heavy eyeshadow – who wears looks like that? — expensive poor quality eyeshadow palettes — are you listening Too Faced? — and Weekly Wows for mediocre products.

  • cecilia

    Matte liquid lipstick! I can scrub my lips like a crime scene and moisturize them to death but no matter what I do, I still get cat butt lips, not cute. Pretty sure you need fillers for them to look nice.
    The super over drawn lips need to go too, as well as the huge sharpie instagram brows.
    Palettes with 50 shades of brown in them and not much else.
    Huge palettes that cost $$$$$! (Or just super expensive makeup that’s expensive for no real reason, Natasha Denona and Pat Mcgrath I’m looking at you…)Would love to see more quads, or 6-9 pan palettes, I really liked the look of the Huda ones for example.

    I actually wouldn’t mind some more mermaid-themed stuff, but not the cutesy pastel stuff, give me the kind of mermaid that looks like a monster fish and eats people. Deep teals, murky yellows, rich greens, think deep sea creature, that would be so cool! I’d be happy with any fantasy creature-inspired makeup that didn’t look like it was made for tweens tbh.

  • Mimi

    I am so with you about matte lipstick!! For us ‘mature’ women flat,
    matte lipstick shows every line we have – not good!
    I need the moisturizing effect of a lip gloss – the light reflects back
    and is more forgiving and I think it is more comfortable to wear.
    Thank you for all you do – it is always a joy to visit!
    Best wishes, Mimi

  • Kris

    Lipliner and overdrawn lips!!!!!!! We can tell they’re not really your lips!!!!!!

  • Amy

    I agree with most already mentioned and don’t have anything new to add. But I wanted to thank you for broaching this fun subject. I have really enjoyed reading the replies. 🙂

  • Liz

    Matte lipstick. Just no. Uncomfortable and unflattering.

    Brown lipstick. It makes everyone look like they have terminal heart disease.

    Highlighter you can see from space.

    Giant-ass palettes. What happened to the 2- and 3-shade sets we used to see all the time?

    Eyebrows that look drawn on with a wide sharpie, square and solid.


    Deliberate scarcity of limited edition products, created to whip people into a FOMO frenzy.

  • Emily

    #1, heavily drawn-on eyebrows. They make so many pretty girls look funny, not in a good way. Totally distracting.
    Then, matte lips.

  • Magenta Wilde

    I agree with your post and so much of what folks commented on above.
    With things like more unusual lip colors, I sort of like those because it’s kind of eccentric, but there are many things I wish would at least get scaled back.
    – Matte lips: I love a good matte lipstick, but it has to be a lipstick and comfortable. Not the ones that you apply wet and they dry and just look and feel awful. They look like flat latex paint, and that’s not good. Glittery glosses and lipsticks are a pass for me, too.
    – Overdrawn lips. It’s pretty obvious, so please, no!
    – Contouring: It’s too much. Do a bit to play up features, but the girls who redo the planes of their face: No!
    – Highlighters: In theory I love them but I just can’t when I see someone with a beacon of light glaring off the tip of their noses or when they try to look like plastic.
    – Unicorn/outer space: It’s sort of fun, but I’m in my 40s, so I don’t really want to go there. I’ll leave that to teens and twenty-somethings. A pop of shimmer or something is cute and fun, but anything cotton candy-adjacent looks like death on me.
    – Drawn-on brows: When it looks like you drew your brows on with a Sharpie, please step away.
    – Warm eyeshadows: I’m missing cooler shades and gem tones. I can’t take another orange/red/caramel/cinnamon palette. Someone must be loving them, but not me. They make me feel like my eyes look bruised.

  • Teresa

    What happened to make everyone hate mattifying face powders? I have oily skin and adding dewy/radiant anything just makes me look like a hot mess. Some of us need the matte look to control things and a primer alone is just not enough. To make matte last it takes primer, foundation, concealer on the bad days, and setting powder. Sometimes a matte compact powder for touch-ups if the day is long. If you are over 25, the grease ball look is not a good one.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

    • Isabella Muse

      us dry skin girls just like to hate all over matte, don’t feel offended we are jealous of your greasy, oil skin. TRUE story! Think about it, when you’re 60, you’ll look 30! When we’re 60 we’ll look 99!

      • Teresa

        I understand and look forward to a slower wrinkling process. I just want both matte and radiant options so we all can look good.

        PS: The downside to oily skin is pimples and getting gray hair at the same time.

        • Isabella Muse

          Don’t worry we’ll always have both options available 🙂 they’ll never be a shortage of products to give us both ;-D haha I think we all reach the gray hair point no matter our skin type. I have a rather weird one that grows on my left brow. I keep plucking and it keeps returning with a vengeance!

  • Dee

    I just have a question – what if it’s a Japanese unicorn? What then? 😉

  • Brandy

    Thick eyebrows, greasy highlighter face, matte lips, unusual colors on face during daylight hours, high prices of drugstore brands, and Instagram makeup in general. I’m tired of girls looking like they’re about to compete in a drag queen competition (no offense to drag queens). I just don’t think anyone needs to wear so much makeup every single day. What’s so wrong with a fresh face and lighter makeup?

  • Jean

    I agree with the overly done square eyebrows, especially if the color is lighter than their hair color. I see it in real life, doesnt look flattering. Eyebrow palettes need to go. You just need one, maybe two colors and you can use eye shadow or contour shades for it. Green, blue, gray and black lips. They’re great with costumes but they bleach out your skin and make you look like a sickly gray copse. I like matte colors so I don’t mind matte lipstick, but I prefer solid since I can clean them. Overly saturated makeup. I like contouring but it’s over done now and everything is overly applied. Youtubers have too much makeup on; they look like drag queens.

  • Stephanie C

    Amen to everything you said! The whole unicorn/mermaid thing needs to go, and while I ooh and aah over highlighters, I find that in the end they mostly look the same on me, so why do I need more than one or two highlighters?

    Personally, if I see one more completely warm-toned eye palette, I’m going to scream. As a cool-toned gal, warm tones on my eyes make me either look sick or like I have pink eye. Not a good look.

  • Christina

    I think what I’d like to see less of is just heavy makeup in general and using a lighter hand for everything. Highlighters are great, but why are the formulas so thick nowadays? Unless you have perfect skin, it just brings out texture and makes you look like you have metallic cheeks. That’s not highlighting, in my opinion.

    I love wearing colour and rarely wear neutral eyes, but that doesn’t mean I always like to wear the thickest, most pigment rich eyeshadow formula. You can have colourful makeup that isn’t so heavy looking. It’s interesting that a lot of these “trends” are fueled by social media and everyday people, but when I read/watch actual well known makeup artists, none of them actually follow these trends. When they’re doing photoshoots or runways, the creative looks they do aren’t quite what we’re seeing on social media these days, either.

  • Heather

    Reading the comments here, I am definitely in the minority since I’m totally into several things that people want to see go away lol.

    Love matte lips – they wear so well! Maybe others would disagree with me, but I think the shades and formulas I use are really flattering on me. Granted, my lips feel dry at the end of the day, but it’s nothing some lip balm won’t fix.

    Still obsessed with highlighters, though I only do my cheekbones.

    I wear false lashes every day (yes, even to work), and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. I like a full face look on myself, and that sort of makeup looks incomplete without false lashes. Of course, my own lashes are rather sad, so maybe others could get away with skipping them.

    I also still love contouring my cheekbones. When done correctly and paired with blush and the cheek highlight mentioned above, it gives my face a nicely sculpted look. I am sick, though, of all the ridiculous body contouring and over-the-top face contouring that is popular on Instagram these days.

    • Isabella Muse

      Heather all I can say is don’t apologize for loving those things! 🙂 enjoy them! and ignore us for hating on them! I’m just a grumpy makeup lover sometimes ;-D <3!

  • Ashley

    Glitter (we aren’t 7 and our faces are not arts & crafts projects)
    Nude lips (why do you want to look dead or cold?)
    Warm neural eyes (no ones eyelids are naturally burnt orange or burgundy)
    $100+ skincare (my mom’s skin looks fantastic and she buys a $7 bottle of Oil of Olay 1-2x per year)

    Just give me simple, natural beauty enhancing make-up.

  • Judy

    No. More. Disco ball highlighted noses. Stop. Just STOP. It looks good on NO ONE!!! And enough with the IG videos showing you applying your skincare from the dropper like they are tears, dripping down your face. It was probably cute the first time anyone did it, but it’s been done. Move on. Same with unicorns, mermaids, puppy dogs, kittie cats, or the like. And lastly, for the love of all that is holy, no more sharpie eyebrows that look exactly like the last 12 sharpie eyebrows. Let it go! Wow, I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol yeah the dripping down the face thing with skincare is weird for me too and they APPLY SO MUCH! I never apply that much face oil/serum.

  • genevieve

    My wishlist for trends to be gone include:
    Contouring – very few can do it properly
    Highlighters – tired of the ‘new’ releases every other week
    Sunset themed eyeshadow palettes – there are other shades than red, orange, pink and burgundy
    Nude lipstick – rarely suits anyone
    Matte lipstick – so drying
    Sticky lipglosses – need I say more

  • GlamourMom

    I am totally with you that the current highlighting obsession needs to calm down! I hope we see a trend toward light and fresh makeup in the future. I feel like all this heavy contouring, cut crease eyes, and highlight bedazzling has me feeling a little claustrophobic. I can’t help but think we are in a modern makeup re-mix of the 80s when makeup was rather extreme. Is it too much to hope the K-beauty trends could expand beyond skin care to help us freshen up our makeup?

  • Tabitha

    Ok this isnt really a makeup trend but it seems those girls with some extra jingle in their pockets are foregoing a light contour and just going full-on facial fillers for chipmunk cheeks to create a shadow on their face- that is so gross looking to me. Just my own opinion.

  • Andrea

    False eyelashes.

    It’s fun for special occasions (I guess?) but you’re not fooling N-E-1. Fake eyelashes are the Lee Press on Nails that does not die. Boo.

  • Kirsten

    WoW are we passionate about what in 2018 needs to slink off and die in the beauty world! I agree with most of ya, but am adding my 2 cents for catharsis.

    Continuous new releases and LEs: I’d rather have fewer, more innovative products instead of brands churning out similar or ill conceived stuff with different marketing.

    Matte lips: on normal lips these products look flat, lifeless and aging. So basically the opposite of healthy, hydrated lips with a bit of dimension.

    Me thinks some of this craziness is due to/propagated by social media/beauty influencers/celebrities. Celebrity endorsement and youth culture have been driving trends for ages, so the unicorns are prob staying until another trend comes along.

    There must be oodles of $ out there buying up all these trendy things, but there are plenty of us non-teenagers who have the cash to buy quality skincare and cosmetics. So why is all the marketing toward/using teenagers and 20-somethings?!? It’s cool there are so many great options for the younger demographics, I just wish there was more of an effort by companies toward the rest of us.

  • Jen

    The Daria reference killed me–that was literally my nickname in jr. high and high school.

    And I agree with everything. Tone down the unicorns and glitter… I love my ABH Glow palettes, but I use them with a VERY light hand and fan brush. I know someone mentioned colored highlighters in green, blue or purple–my only justification for these (as they work for me personally) is when used correctly, they can color correct in a different way.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol no kidding ;-D I can’t use those shades at all but I’ve seen some people use them with great success. In particular, Asian skin tones look amazing in blue or purple highlighter. So, I def agree, with a lighter hand you can do wonders with highlighter 😀

  • linda luttrell

    You are on a roll!!! Good for you and us.I agree with your observations and want to add mine.I am so sick of dark smokey eyes and nude lips.Granted it was gone for a bit but I see it coming back. Lips are already nude and I don’t get the black eyes. Looks like a horror movie. So I have bought every BM NFSW lipstick I can find because I fear it will be gone.I love a pretty eye with a discernible actual lip color. There are many beautiful lip colors out there.Finally who came up with blonde hair with 4 inches of dark brown roots? I want to buy those girls hair color for a touch up. I think it looks trashy.