January 5, 2018

NYX Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

NYX Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick ($9) is a new creamy matte lipstick available in 12 shades that launched with NYX’s Spring 2018 Collection. I know what you’re thinking, “Not more matte lipstick!” Yes, more. Sorry. I had hopes that Spring 2018 would be about shine but so far were off to a rather horrible start.

I probably would have avoided this purchase but I got two requests to review these so, I ended up purchasing one for review. I have to be a negative Nancy here for a second, apologies in advanced for turning into a grumpy old lady but this marketing is absurd. “Raise your squad goals with Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick!” Ugh please. Really? Squad goals? Just for the record I do not call my friends “my squad”. Maybe if I was twelve that would sound cool but not at my age. Sorry, rant over, hopefully I didn’t offend anyone.

NYX Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick is likely an unnecessary release for the brand. Why? Because aside from some nifty new packaging this isn’t a groundbreaking formula that brings anything new or unique to the brand’s permanent collection. Really, at this point NYX has any number of matte lipstick offerings and really didn’t need to do a new one. However, that’s what NYX does. Each season they bring out a round of brand “new” items and you can’t complain about that as at least you’re getting variety but sadly, not affordability anymore as the prices haven risen quite a good deal. This is 0.05 oz in size and $9 which makes it quite an expensive lipstick.

There is something new about it though. The packaging which may or may not be a gimmick depending how you view it. This is a click style slanted lipstick. So, basically it gives you control over how much lipstick you’ll use. You can click it once and a small sliver will rise up or click twice go get more. In theory, swiveling a lipstick up and down does the same thing but I guess this sort of keeps things neat and tidy. The packaging doesn’t really add any great value to the overall, lipstick but I guess it’s sort of a “cool” idea.

NYX On the DL Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick

NYX On the DL Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick Swatches

This is a fragrance-free formula (it does have a cardboardish taste though) with a powdery creamy consistency that glides on lips very easily thanks to the soft texture. It provides pretty much full coverage on a single pass with a wear of around six hours however, during that wear the color dries out and flakes up on my already dry lips. It also falls into the natural lips of my lines giving me a dry look. I’m prone to dry lips so this formula really isn’t flattering and ages my lips a bit.

If you’re successful with matte lipsticks and like them this formula might be for you! It applies very nicely with a light, creamy, comfortable formula however, if you’re prone to drier lips or have aging ones it might not be flattering on you. I personally didn’t like the way it looked on my dry lips. I also felt it was an uneventful, expensive launch for NYX.

NYX Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick is available now at drugstores or get it at ulta.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    I don’t use “squad” as reference for my friends. In the first place, I only have a very few of them. And I’m old school. Last point is that I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks, although not completely against it. It’s just that almost every brand focuses now on matte lips. During Christmas season, I was looking for a lipstick in L’oreal and rarely I found a cream-finished one. I’m just sad with less variety of products to choose from.

    • Isabella Muse

      Thank god because if real people are going around calling their friends “their squad” I’d be worried lol! it’s matte everything 24/7 365!

      • Christine Joy Luikuo

        The only mattes I enjoy are the eyeshadows. With foundation, I just have no choice because I’m extremely oily. It’s crazy to see almost all lip products are matte and unfortunately, the prettier color selections are instead focused in mattes.

  • Andi

    OMG – you’re squad comment cracked me up! Kind of like posse

    Anyway – it’s a really pretty color, but like you I have dry lips, especially now so this would not work for me

    • Isabella Muse

      I never ran around calling my friends posse either lol! Me too! It’s totally gets worst in the Winter so yeah, not good for me either 🙁

  • Sara

    I just ordered the new NYX Powder Puff liquid lipstick to try it out. It looks intriguing that it dries down to like a powder finish. I found a CVS code on Retail Me Not for 30% off and free shipping so I picked up 2 colors (side eyes at Ulta for their lack of free shipping).

  • Deb

    Ok, I’m just going to say it since no one else will. Matte lipsticks almost never look good on anyone. I know a lot of people love them to death and won’t give them up for anything. But for the most part, that’s what they make your lips look like. Pruned, scrunched, puckered up death. I see them everywhere I go and on very young girls, young women, older women, and even older women their lips look like they’re dying. Dry, caking, cracked. Maybe it’s just the formulas I see everyone wearing and maybe there are ones that don’t make you have lips of the crypt keeper. I just haven’t seen them.

    Muse, I wanted to put this comment in the makeup trends that need to die post. And then I decided the trend doesn’t need to die, the companies just need to give us other options every time they release a new matte collection.

  • Rebecca

    I’m completely with you – I don’t have a “squad” either, and I resent having to wade through marketing and packaging for teenagers when I shop for makeup. Like 90% of people who wear makeup, I don’t wear it so I can get the perfect selfie or make a YouTube video. I put on makeup to go to work, or to dinner with my husband, or to coffee with a friend, or to the grocery store or a meeting at school or a hockey game. And I think young women with tiger-stripe contouring and greasy glittering cheeks look ridiculous, though no more ridiculous than I looked when I was their age with my tiny 90’s eyebrows and brown lipstick and chalky matte powder. I don’t understand why cosmetics companies ignore the largest section of their consumers – the ones with the most money to spend – and focus on trendy, teenybopper Insta-culters. I want to look like the best version of myself, not a Kardashian.
    And I’m so ready for matte liquid lipstick to die. It’s drying, smeary, hard to apply, and it looks terrible on most people, especially me. Can I please get a smooth, long-wearing, unstinky lipstick in a pretty color (not blue!)? And a creamy full-coverage undereye concealer that doesn’t crease or clog pores, while I’m wishing?

    • Isabella Muse

      I mean I get they want to garner the attention of teens but I’m with you about not applying make so I can create youtube videos and upload selfies to instagram. Makeup isn’t solely about social media and that seems the way they market everything lately.

  • Susan

    I love many, many Nyx products but they have so many different lines (that aren’t actually different) of lip products that I think they need to scale back and consolidate. Their large displays, especially at Ulta, are so confusing.

    And matte? Nope. Die. Speaking o’ which, I got one of the new L’Oreal lip glosses yesterday in the Burnished Blush shade. It’s nice but after a while my lips felt dry, so it’s not quite a new fave.

    • Isabella Muse

      Susan you nailed it, “Their larger displays are so confusing” YES YES YES! because they have a bunch of products that are literally the same thing with the same finish but under a variety of different names. They must have at least 4 different matte long-wear lipsticks that just have different names. Jesus!

      • kellly

        I’ll find a color I really like and the next time I’m at Ulta, it’s gone and a whole new set of color names are there instead. And a lot of the actual colors themselves are the same or so similar that I can’t distinguish them from one another. I enjoy seeing new products but Ulta in my area takes so long to get the new products in, they’re almost replaced with newer stuff by the time they finally show up in my store! I like to see the actual product when it’s new before I buy it, so I don’t buy things online as often as some people do. I want to see if I like how it looks in real life first.

  • kellly

    I have a double problem with their slogan, “Raise your squad goals”. With a LIPSTICK? Are we supposed to think that young women (the kind that have “squads”) really only aspire to interact with each other over LIPSTICK? (Well, we do here, but we also have real lives that we wear really great makeup to pursue). It sounds too gimmicky for my taste. (I’m not going to mention some of MAC’s more cringe-worthy stuff lately or some other unmentioned companys’ “cute” names for their colors, either.)
    Not that I want to trash NYX b/c they have been a big go-to brand for me for at least 20 years, even before they got so high-profile. They had unusual colors and any time I wanted something fresh and new, I’d go straight to NYX where I could try out a dramatically different new look for under $10 before I committed to buying a pricier brand. They still fill that role for me if I want to see how a new color will look on me and not break the bank doing it. And I would recommend the brand to any of my WOMEN FRIENDS since I don’t have and have never had a “squad”.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol preach kelly preach! I’d also like to agree, I have used NYX for ages and have always loved it however, they seem to have lost there way a little like many brands do with round after round of the same type of product with some new name. I’d also like to say the name of this lipstick is stupid as well, “On the DL” really?!?!?

  • kjh

    Yeah, ‘popular’ teeny boppers…cheerleaders have squads. At least the ‘cliquey’ is a tad more oblique. Bec squads are always cliques! I find a neg connotation to all the SM (social media, not the other SM, that also gets more than its share of makeup names) derived names. Reminds me of the old, gagworthy line, ‘Don’t hate me, bec. i’m beautiful.’ Put yourself up there girl! Best selfie 2017, blah blah high school. But, if we’re sticking to that metaphor, DL is Disabled List, not Down Low. We bitch about HE brands issuing at hurricane pace…Nyx might even be worse. There….gone! Replaced. Before I can even formulate a firm opinion! Too much revolving door. The color looks decent on you…for the time being…. Thanks for your straightforward, humorous approach to all this. They all need skewering.

  • Rachel Runyan

    LMAO at your “squad goals” rant. Amen!

    I hadn’t heard of these till now. Nyx has been pushing it with its prices lately. First $30 eyeshadow palettes, now $9 lipsticks.

  • Leslie

    Happy New Year my muse! Just wondering if you’ll be reviewing the NYX love you so mocchi palettes. I’d be very interested in your opinion. All the best for 2018!

    • Isabella Muse

      Happy New Year Leslie sorry for the delayed reply 🙂 Yes! As soon as I have a sec will def get those swatched and live 😀 Happy and healthy for 2018 to you!