January 17, 2018

Tarte, Why Are you Trying To Make Shape Tape 12-Hour Eye Primer Stick a Thing

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Tarte Shape Tape 12-Hour Eye Primer Stick launched yesterday and I was sitting here thinking, “Wait, are you guys still trying to make lid primer a thing!?” I swear Tarte must release at least two eye primers a year. They literally just launched Tarte Lid Lock Clay Eye Base a few short months ago in May.

Plus we already had the Tarte Colored Clay CC Eye Primer Stick which appears to be what the new Tarte Shape Tape 12-Hour Eye Primer Stick looks like. There are literally dozens of eye primers that Tarte has tried to make happen over the years. I mean come on guys, a little creativity here. How many eyeshadow primers do we need?

None the less, it’s a new season and Tarte Shape Tape 12-Hour Eye Primer Stick is the “latest and greatest” launch for Spring 2018. Available in a single shade this promises a 4-in-1 formula waterproof and creaseproof protection with a brightening formula that corrects as it primers and highlighters your eyes. Apparently it’ll keep your shadow wear strong for up to 12 hours.

Today, Tarte posted a mini video of a WOC wearing the single shade on Twitter and a lot of people took to calling them out on it since the fiasco with the lack of shades Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Foundation caused quite a controversy yesterday. There are ten additional shades launching which I think Tarte had to scramble to produce after many people called them out on the serious lack of shades.

I was actually not paying attention yesterday as I was traveling, tired, and a little off my game. I wanted to apology as I did post about being interested in trying Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Foundation but I did not address the lack of shades which was insensitive. After seeing the photos of the foundation swatches last night I realized how ridiculous the launch came across to woman of color.

Brands need to do better to say the least and I need to do better as well when discussing new base launches! Makeup is not one size fits all.

And as for Shape Tape 12-Hour Eye Primer Stick, what do you think?

Do we really need another eyeshadow primer from Tarte?


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kjh

    It’s another case of reinventing the wheel 15x/mo, and Tarte is certainly leading the charge. What I think they are capitalizing on, is that people are dissatisfied with their existing product, how everyone and their RIP grandma needs something new and promised to be better, and the pressure on the industry for the churn. Ugh.

  • Dani

    I don’t know about this in a stick form, but if I want to have any shadow last more than an hour on my super oily skin…I eye primer is a must!!!!

  • Deb

    We may not need another one from Tarte because I’ve tried all of theirs and they suck. But what we do need is one that color corrects, locks down shadow, doesn’t crease, and isn’t so dry that it makes your lids look like crepe paper. My upper and lower lids have a noticeable red undertone that I need to neutralize or my shadow doesn’t look right. I’ve tried so many primers that promise to hide or neutralize the redness and have had only minimal success. If somebody could get this right I would give them all my money.

  • wendy

    I think I’m just about done with Tarte sadly. They were my favorite for awhile, but with all these “mess ups” AND they way they tease about launches (I mean the way they do it is so obnoxious), I think I’m going to move on. I passed on the Shape Tape Foundation anyway because of it’s price point.

  • Carol G

    No we don’t need this. Another case of them just churning out “new” products to make more money. Same sh*t, different day.
    Getting really tired of all of it. This year I am seriously cutting down on what I buy. It’s completely out of control what these companies are launching, almost on a weekly basis. Just like your post yesterday about the Tarte Maneater Vol II palette being the same damn thing except for one change.

  • wendy

    I think they are taking advantage of the success of Shape Tape and hoping lending the name to new products will make them a smash hit.

    • Susan

      Exactly, Wendy. At least they are getting a huge pushback from people pissed off at their lame color selection for POC in the new foundation. Their “apology” is so insulting.

  • Agona

    Too bad consumers/social media are driving the industry to push these ridiculous near-constant launches of re-inventing the wheel to generate FOMO; I think if people in general cut back (I know I am on a low-buy as my New Year’s resolution; I had to tighten my budget to catch up on some savings I had to dip into), it might cause them to re-think this marketing tactic.

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed. It likely won’t stop because the industry is so huge right now and there are so many outlets creating fomo that they will continue to churn out sub-par releases! Makes sense, makes them money, but sometimes it pisses me off as a long time fan!

  • Maria

    I have the Cc primer stick from Qvc. It looks the same. Probably same formula with new packaging and new name.

  • diane

    i was going to say this looks exactly like their CC Eye Primer stick but saw you mentioned it. Their new brow gel with the tiny brush also looks exactly like the CC Brow Gel they had- just redecorated components. Do they think we’re really that dumb to not realize all these relaunches with new names and designed packaging??

    • Agona

      I wonder if the formulation is different and they’re just trying to save money on packaging??